JOURNAL: MisterFurious (Brad DeMoss)

  • Whew! At last! 2005-10-10 03:41:03 After Apple finally decided to reward its .mac members with 4 times the storage space, I took it upon myself to store more of my videos on my web site. Now there are 24 available for viewing at:

    Although most of the videos there are the same MPEG-1's you can download from the org, it does have a few that are not available here:

    My live-action videos - "Bruce Campbell: Man of Action" and "Tim Thomerson - Deth Rebirth".

    The commercial parody I made with Dave Peterson and EK - "Anime Music Video".

    "Steam" - This was available on the org at some point, but for reasons that escape me at the moment (something in the back of my mind says, "in order to qualify for the VCA's"), it was removed.

    Anyway, if you're looking for those videos, go to my site, and please feel free to send me comments. 
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