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  • My New AMV: Thy Golden Mirror of Glass 2005-06-28 12:58:26 YAY! I made another one! This one is super good!

    I did it 100% pictures.

    You see Journal, I was using Windows Movie Maker.... I know it's evil.... ANd it decided that it hated film clips... But, allowed me to take snapshots of the film... So, I ended up making a Music Video made of 100% screenshots.... Amazing...

    My sister... Who isn't really into Anime. Was amazed that I'd done it.

    Some parts don't go excalty to the music but still make it good.

    So, if you're reading this and Love/like/don't mind Sailor Moon... Then please go watch this super cool AMV.

    Thanks for your time dear reader.

  • New AMV YAY! 2005-04-05 07:52:00
    Ok, last night I thought I'd retry Windows Movie maker cause I freed alot of space off of my computer and IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!!

    Besides It freezing like 5 times but that's pretty good for my computer.

    Anyways, I made a music video in about an hour, from 10-11ish.

    I can't wait to put it up on the site!

    I put clips from the new Anime "Reservoir Chronicle Tsubasa", which is coming out in Japan very soon. :) Tho, the clips are just pics from rthe trailer cause I wasn't sure how to download the trailer blah blah blah. But, I'm so excited!!!!!

    I also included, Pretear, Key the Metal Idol, Full moon wo Sagashite Master of Mosquiton '99, Maria-sama Ga Miteru and Steel Angel Karumi.

    I'm not sure if this'll be a hit cause I haven't had it audience tested :p Thought, there are spoillers in it. Sorry had to use the kissing, cuddling scene ;)

    Oh, Duh! The song is called Second Element by Sarah Brightman
  • *Sigh* 2005-02-13 08:41:59 I've made at least 10 good looking banners and they've all be 'Unworthy' by like 30 votes. What do you guys see in a banner or do the people here just like clicking unworthy on all the banners?

    It's not fair. My Vash one was my best one.

    It was a figure of him, so it looked more real like and his gun was pointed at the Logo and there were 3 holes in the logo with black around them and everything.

    Sigh. I can't believe all the banners getting threw. They're bad quilty and they look werid.

    That's my opinion.... Sigh 
  • NOOOO! SOMEONE MADE A PEGASUS MUSIC VIDEO! 2004-11-26 12:10:40 NOOOO! I've had the idea to make a Pegasus Music Video to "Face up, Face down" Off of the American Yu-gi-oh sound-track but I had to wait to buy the un-cut verison of Yu-gi-oh (Which you CAN BUY AT WAL-MART!), and get a good working Music Video maker.

    I'm somewhat upset. Tho, if this music video is really bad, I'm going to go on with my idea and make a PEGASUS MUSIC VIDEO TO FACE UP FACE DOWN!!!!!


    P.s. I am NOT crazy over Pegasus.....ok not insane over Pegasus....much...

  • Rule breaker 2004-06-03 16:32:12 Well, today I got 2 new messages. One was telling me that my Signature pictures were to big and another saying DON'T ASK FOR PLACES TO DOWNLOAD CLIPS!... Tho, I didn't REALLY ask for a place I was download or something.

    So, I just broke 2 rules of the Forum and I can't FIND the rules to fingure out what NOT to do...I'm doomed 
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