JOURNAL: Bakadeshi (Kareef Huggins)

  • AR2 2005-03-02 22:51:26 Well, the long awaited sequel to Angels Redemption 1 is finally out on local... While this was actually my most taxing of the projects as far as cpu intensity, it was actually easier to edit thatn Eternal Sky since I had a clear idea what I had in mind for the story, unlike Eternal Sky. This video was a pain in the stableness of Premeire department though. all those text effects and blur/glwy scenes gave Premeire hell, and one export took nearly an entire day. At least it was all worth it in the end since its getting alot of good response. Holding a pretty high option and star rating at the moment also :)  
  • heh heh heh 2004-06-16 09:16:15 me and my experiements in video editing.... (no pun intended)
    I just got myself neckdeep in my AWA project entry, although daunting, mostly because of the time it takes to render the darn thing on my computer because of the amount of filtering going on. Its a funny thing how this came about. The concept is an old one I tought up a long time ago and said I was goign to do it for awa. I had the idea to use a bird flying through the clouds type thing as a sorta sureal feeling at the opening of the video to a Maxwell song, it was to his Symptom unknown song, to Angel Sanctuary to make it kinda feel like how its going through his mind, in sorrow for the death of that girl. Unfortunately, Blockbuster stopped carrying AngelSactuary, wich was what i was counting on for my source, and I wanted to edit the bulk of it on my Trip to newyork to catch up on time, so mail order was out. Then I noticed they had Escaflowne the movie, and so I rented it since I hadn;t seen it in a while. Watched it and Bingo! Ideagasm. Escaflowne, + dreamy state, + dreamy sounding Yohko Kanno song = Theoretical AMV success to this idea! So I'm doing it.

    It is turning out mostly how I invisioned it. Lots more work needs to be done to it though. Its kinda hard to get the dreamy feel i'm going for, wich ultimately took up about 10 seperate sequences in primiere doing stuff then adding them all together in a main sequence with multiple overlays with diferent blur/ brightness levels. THe final project actually doesn't look like much as done to it, but it looks clean and profesional like I want it. I'm going for a very diferent aproach at the concept in this one, and tring for originality. THen i just had to pick Escaflowne the movie for the footage, Thats originality for ya ^_- hopefully the concept is original enough to make up for it. I'm going for AWA pro for this one, but it might end up in expo if I don't finish it in time.  
  • 2004-04-25 21:40:17 Ah I am happy, thanks to AR, I got to enjoy my first 5.0 star rating average.... though it was short lived ;p now its even lower than my second worse vid on the site, "When I'm with you".... go figure ;p my vids keep swaping spots on the starscale alot. awell, stars are relative anyway, no need to worry about them so much. Can't wait to see how it does at Otakon infront of a live audience.... ^_^

    Speaking of AR, I'm now trying to tone down those white flashes some since enough people complained about it, and at the same time going to try to bump up the quality of the encode. ver 1.1 will be out shortly, after I figure all this encoding mess out ;p Its hard to follow the guides exactly when they are not updated to the new settings in the latest Xvid release.  
  • It has been accomplished. 2004-04-24 23:49:33 Ah yes, at last, I have deemed AR as complete and ready for Premiere on the org. So far it has been received well. But only afew have commented on it, so we have yet to see the big picture. I can't wait to see if it is shown at Otakon, and how the Audience will receive it . This was my first attempt at an action/drama vid of this scale, and i must say I am quite happy with the outcome. Special thanks to all those who helped on betas and such.

    For those who are interested in seeing it, And like a good Original song your guaranteed to have not heard anywhere else on the org yet, Here is the link:

    Still havn't desided if or not to submit it to Acen... I won't be going there, And I want to see the audience reaction. I guess there should still be alot of viewers at Otakon that didn't go to Acen though... Maybe I should still submit it for more exposure. Well I have a few more days to deside.  
  • 2004-04-17 02:09:32 whew.... finally putting the finishing touches on my most ambitious project to date... Angel's Redemption. although in hindsight I think i should have named it something more like Angel's Rath or something.... There isn;t much Redemtion in this video. Awell the name sounds cool. I also found out Primiere doesn't quite like 10 Video tracks with layered effects on each one all at the same time. Expecially on only 512 megs of ram with Photoshop CS also open in the background with numerous images being edited. Not to mention a few Firefox windows open to forums.... I'm just asking for a crash. Fortunately i;ve been pretty "save" button happy, and havn't lost more than a few minutes of work on a Primiere crash yet.... I better not jinx myself, if I get a HD crash I'm gonna cry. 2 months work down the drain. Anyway time to get some people I can drag into being my beta testers... hmm who to PM.... 
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