JOURNAL: Kenshin8518 (Jon Johnson)

  • finally 2003-10-17 21:27:11 Well, today i was able to finish my love hina video, and add it in. I am very proud of it, and am gald that my first reply was one saying they liked it. I was sick for 2 days, and didn't feel like going on the computer those days, so was glad to finish it today.

    Had one of my friends over, and reviewed some vid's as well. Pretty good day, but now i am going to get off for a sec... be back on later. 
  • hard work 2003-10-12 16:56:31 Well, today i continued working on my Love Hina music video. It is turning out to be my best video. I think i've found a solution to a part of the song that was casuing me troulbe. The part of the song says "We've got these chains hangin round our necks, people wanna strangle us with them, before we take our first breath"

    I have put in a clip of them all depressed, and i think they were studying in this clip. for the part "people wanna strangle us wit them" I put in him being strangled (him being keitro, the main character). I'm just glad i got through this problem. Now i am working on the part of the song that is talking about being afriad of change , but not wanting to stay the same. The next part after says that temptation calls but we look away (we want to love each other, but don't). I'm probably going to have clips of keitro and Narusegawa staring into each other's eyes, and the her looking away, or hitting him or something. Well i'ts almost time for me to eat dinner, so i am going to get off. Hope you enjoyed reading about my video! 
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