JOURNAL: Warheart (Alexander Otto)

  • Hm ... 2009-07-05 08:42:29 New video 60% but on a hold.

    Started another one today though, you knew this was coming. ;) 
  • :O 2009-04-21 16:50:23 New video almost 45%

    Also I watched Skycrawlers. Gonna edit that one for sure. Best movie I've seen in ages. 
  • Addition 2009-02-25 21:33:16 I sometimes miss the good old amv days when I was on conventions and skypenights RDS-Radioshit was going on and I was still young and eagerly. I miss all my amv-friends I used to hang out with, those who I met, those who I only talked to via skype and IM. It's funny what way things went after Oblivion ... I wonder if it was for the better ... 
  • Alive and Kickin' 2009-02-25 21:28:36 Thought someone might be interested in the fact that I have finally got the money for a new pc and actually already storyboarded a new video.

    I hope to get my CS systems and the amvapp (and most other programms) running on my xp64 and start capturing tomorrow. Expect something different, something that seems to have evolved for ages now ... I just never had the will to tackle it because it didn't feel quite right. I guess now that I have alot of time spent since my last project it somehow feels natural and I guess I can work without any pressure and I won't give a fuck about any expectations people might have. It's not metal it's not even action nor is it anime. Yep, be disappointed; but you'll have to wait for the next metal amv a little while I guess. For the WoF project has not yet been planned due to rumours about a indie record deal and debut albums and stuff.

    And if you want to blame someone, then blame AtomX; I think now at least some of you can imagine what I'll be working on. Now go and edit some kickass action videos on my behalf for I have to do something for myself first before delivering more kickass action in your favor.

  • WoF 2009-01-16 07:06:13 I would like to invite you all to give the new WoF material a shot. :)

    The songs will be downloadable soon enough. Hopefully in mp3 and wav. But for now I'd really appreciate if you were so nice and leave us a comment. :) 
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