JOURNAL: odian0 (Matt O'Neill)

  • return? 2006-09-24 23:53:30 having drank enough in the past few weeks, i found myself in a place i haven't been in a long time, Adobe Premiere. Well, it seems i have been working on some videos, none that i've really enjoyed, or will ever post, but i'm working again none the less. We'll see if any of it makes its way onto this site. peace.

  • bored bored bored 2005-12-04 21:30:36 now i've taken to giving out as many free ops as i can.......

    i really need something to do...... 
  • recent trend 2005-10-28 22:24:17 to follow the recent trend, i've decided to make an advent children video. we'll see how it comes out. projects i'd like to do:

    Anime: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
    Artist: Novasonic
    Song: ???? (i can't pronounce it)
    (yeah, it'll suck, but i wanna do it none the less)

    Anime: Kare Kano
    Artist: Stephen Lynch
    Song: Classic Rock Song
    (i made a crappy version, but i wanna rodo it and do a better job)

    Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion
    Artist: Fountains of Wayne
    Song: Stacy's Mom
    (i wanna make it with Shinji singing to Auska's dead mom) 
  • FF7: AC 2005-10-26 13:28:50 i bought Advent Children the other day, amazing. I'm so dissapointed that they're not releasing it yet here, but whatever, i still got to see it. 
  • woo 2005-10-12 00:05:41 downloaded all of scoobs nets game 1

    gonna watch 'em soon! 
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