JOURNAL: Krahn Riosto (Krahn Riosto)

  • A thought of things to come.... 2004-02-17 19:18:01 Well, these last two videos have gone over well enough....both See Ninja Run and Zabuza's Legacy are averaging in between 3-4, which is what I roughly expected. I've got a few ideas for future of which was proposed to me by a friend, which was a Big O video. I also thought up a character profile video from Samurai Jack. Of course, after seeing "Bleed The Sky", which was one of hte nominees for Action Video of the year, I feel compelled to make something along that line, using video from the matrix. I absolutely MUST make at least one matrix video soon, but all of my ideas require clips from Revolutions, and that stupid DVD isn't coming out until april. Well, until then, expect to see some unusual works. I hope to have my own fanbase by then!

    Holding his breath, this is Krahn Riosto, signing off for now. 
  • Fear of things to come.. 2004-02-12 06:35:47 Hmm......I'm new to this video-making. My first one came along extremely well, but I am worried that making them will only get more frustrating from here on out. See Ninja Run is a piece of work I am very proud of, and I think that I will make yet another Naruto video, since I have more video of it available than anything else. I have other video ideas in mind for the future, but most of those ideas are not attainable until I have the DVDs that I need to make the video (Such as Matrix, Revolutions, hint hint) So for now, anyone who reads this, I hope you loved See Ninja Run, and I hope you like what's yet to come! 
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