JOURNAL: KillDieMurder

  • Fuck-ups 2004-01-21 21:23:03 I got some Wendy's today. And they messed up my order, but in a good way. They gave me two extra burgers. See, fuck-ups are a good thing sometimes. 
  • 2003-10-10 18:58:13 Ok well I got that harddrive in. It only took me 5 hours and one headach but I got it in. At first it saw the 160Gb as only 33.8GB -_-
    But after some persuasion it got working and I was able to move over the data from my 60GB without any problems. I didn't get to work on any AMV's though. But I did get some learnin' done in photoshop and various other image altering programs.

    Hopefully i'll get some work done on the AMV's this weekend. 
  • so far so good 2003-10-03 22:03:03 Well just like every other cool person I decided to get me some photoshop skills. The program is a bit intimidating but the more I fuck around i'm sure the more i'll learn. I'm not daft and tend to understnad things reletively fast.
    I attempted to make one of those spiffy banners and it came out looking less like ass than I expected. I don't know if it's "worthy", but I subbmitted it anyways.

    I'm up to Bebop Ep8 in the ripping process. I'm gonna be pretty happy once that's all over with.

    I dunno how much or if i'll get to any editing this weekend because I got a new 160GB harddrive(JOY!) to install. Although I have to try and install it into a computer with all the bays already full, then try to move over all the data from E: and THEN take that E: drive and put it into my other comp so I have room for the new 160. -_-

    Hopefully I'll still have a computer after the weekend. 
  • 2nd 2003-10-02 19:14:24 Ok, lets see how long i'll keep this journal thingie goin' here.
    hmm, some thoughts then...

    Well I saw the AniMix pt1 today, good stuff. Woulda watched pt2 but I had to goto work. which sucked.
    Because work sucks, a lot.

    I'm gonna try to get some editing done over the weekend since I have no school issues to deal with. Hopefully i'll rip the rest of the bebop series and the movie so i'll have some decent footage to work with. The damn process takes forever though. 1 1/2 hours for smartripper and another 1 1/2 hours for vidomi to encode. -_-

    I pretty much have "Sum'n Spike Said" all planned out (god knows why I decided to do it) except for a couple scenes. But I wanna get some work done on the FFVI project since I think Pie Row will be giving a deadline soon. 0.o;

    Well, thats about it for my braindump. 
  • 2003-10-01 22:42:03 I farted like, 5 minutes ago and it still smells like spagetti sauce. 
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