JOURNAL: Prodigi

  • Sunshine 2009-05-16 04:08:51 I've picked up the project again.

  • osnap 2008-08-01 11:09:54 As of tonight I have 3 new (unreleased) videos. 4 if you count that other one... 
  • 3.5 2008-07-31 15:21:17 =o 
  • Zombies. 2008-05-29 11:25:21 Latest snippet from an ongoing (7 years and counting) zombie survival discussion.

    Afsin: I have thought up a new strategy. Air ballons.
    Cal: Of course! Balloons! Over time their natural state of decay combined with the rising temperatures due to the lack of natural life to sustain a balanced eco system would eventually create a strong enough updraft to keep us afloat for however long necessary. 
  • Name Change. 2008-05-27 11:50:13 This is madness.

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