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  • OtakuGeneration (show #3) with Where's the Buffet online 2005-06-29 19:20:53 Okay.. so it's been no secret I've been wanting to do someting like this for a very long time... but then podcasting (downloadable internet web radio) came along.. and I knew it was time to make it all happen.

    So now... enters.. the "OtakuGeneration Podcast".

    The Podcast, is for otaku. We have reviews, news, guests, and much more, every week, released every Wednesday.

    So download us... every Wednesday, at:

    This week our guests, is: Where's the Buffet an adult panelist group, talks with us, sharing their experieces.

    This is only our 3rd show, so we only have 2 prior shows.

    Show #2 :: Vic Boruta (Vicbond007)

    Show #1 :: Matt Pyson (Otakon Staffer and Ex AMV Contest Coordinator)

    Check us out, feedback is welcome.
  • New AMV (uploads) 2005-02-24 11:18:41 Okay so I finally succeeded with one of two uploads today.

    For the last few days I've been trying / attempting to upload and then get the .org website to confirm the uploads. That process still seems to be in a development / testing mode. Regardless the Zaion video is now up. I haven't confirmed the LOCAL download yet via my profile. I also uploaded and confirmed the TIRO vid, and hopefully it will show as being available for download.

    Anyhow.. if all things go well.. in a few minutes both videos sbould be "online".

    Okay.. back to life... =)  
  • New AMVs.. 2005-02-20 23:07:20 Katsucon 2005 is over.. so now that means I need to upload the new AMVs... hopefully I will get arounf to this... this week. Most liekly sometime tomorrow. 
  • Katsucon 2005 2005-02-17 11:25:53 I can't wait.... I can't WAIT!!!! =D

    BE THERE OR BE I guess I'll see you all there!!! 
  • th elatest vids... 2005-01-26 10:21:21 okay so here's the deal... when I entered my latest vids into one contest, I also entered them into another. so the 1st of the 2 contests has passed... but I don't know if i made the final cut for the 2nd contest. if I don't I'll release whatever videos don't make the cut, otherwise, if I do.. I will wait until the 2nd contest is over.

    so there you go.. for those who care.. I'm sure they can figure out which is the 1st contest and the 2nd contest... as well as what videos I'm not mentioning. =)

    but no one what does it matter =D 
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