JOURNAL: Sakuramboo (Mike Richardson)

  • Updated profile today 2002-08-05 15:13:10 Updated my stuffs today, just finlly getting around to doing some things that have be getting ignored. My editing machine is down for the time being as Studio KZ borrowed the monitor and SVHS for his new editing rig to capture some of submissions for AWA's various contests. Spent a good part of the weekend or at Quu's place encoding stuff and generally helping to get some the VAT ready for AWA. And got a chance to see Vlad's new video that one that won at Otakon.....if his masters entry at AWA is even on a par with this he will own us all if he doesn't already; my god.

    Went to Six Flags on Friday, and had a great time. My folks were never ones for amusement parks so I ended up riding more coasters and thrill rides in one day then I have in my whole life. My father has never forgiven me for tricking him into riding Space Mountain, which as most people know is pretty tame.

    I am still having my concerns with AWA this year after having talked with some folks it looks like we will have plenty of people. But my main concern is with a supposed "SUPER SALE!" that will be taking place right in the middle of us. I'm dreading the fact that the general public will start wandering into our convention and cause problems. In the past I have been to cons that have had other events going on at the sametime. But those usual are business or church related... both fairly well behaved groups of people. However these Super Sales tend to bring in the lowest common denominator of humanity..... and their cars, parking will be hell. I dread working the video rooms during this thing as they are bound to have unattended rugrats running around. "Hey boy.... why don't you go watch them thar cartoons while yer daddy buys us a new spitoon.... yeh haw free at last!", god help us. At least in later years I'll be able to say to new staffers "I worked AWA 8.... you know down in the shit!". *sigh*
  • Lets get started.... 2002-04-03 16:48:25 Well Its a slow day at work figured I would start writing in the thing as everyone else seems to find it carthatic. Anyway, got some serious work done with my DDR video over the last couple of weekends. Seems to be flushing out nicely I say I got about 40 seconds done of a 1:40 video not including padding for the opening and ending.... oh well they just called me out to make run here at work. I might add more later. 
  • Test for Quu 2001-11-19 20:24:44 Howdy ya'll, just making a quick post to test this for Quu..... Later! 
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