JOURNAL: ShodanKid (Keith Bunish)

  • None. 2014-02-12 03:29:54 Registered for Big Contest 2014, which thank god means I have so little time to finish micromanaging my damn video. About the dangers in online dating. Eh, funnier if you watched it ^_^

    Even though I barely touch it, it zapped so much energy out of me and in combination with wanting to cosplay come AX I may not be working on a new video for a while...that along with intended source material that is turning into rubbish as I watch it and an absolutely strange other idea that will pretty much end my caring about contests. Frankly, if I get in a finalist slot for Big Contest and get videos into AX I'll pretty much end my competition caring and just do some weird awesomeness.

    Which sounds glorious!

    Plus work is becoming too interesting... 
  • Not So Sure 2014-01-15 22:29:08 It's been crazy making small changes which is entirely more manageable than the insanity that seems to have burned me out. Taking my sweet time.

    But as I look into a new project it's hard to want to get started. I have a weird idea that to me will rely heavily on tone, and another idea that my intended source doesn't have enough fighting and I need lots of hand to hand combat. Or just come up with a new idea.

    My patience to hold off on release means I haven't posted anything in a while and won't for the very near future. Unless I decide to jump in again soon. Which cuts in on anime watching time. FOR SHAME. 
  • Sigh 2013-11-20 02:45:40 I swear, even though I've logged 150+ hours, losing 3 hours of work pisses me off to no end. Oh well, not like I'm releasing it soon anyway. Still. Sigh.

    At least I have a weird ass esoteric project to work on next. Neat. Sigh. 
  • 2013-10-25 03:35:53 Week 2 as I slowly make progress on my new video that will probably take me a couple more months to complete, especially when every bloody thing I do I take a 2x4 and smack myself in the head shouting about how absolutely useless I am. Then suddenly I look at the final product and think, huh...that looks fucking sexy as hell. Rinse. Repeat. I love editing <3 for work and play.

    I sure hope it comes through, it looks so beautiful in my head. That's all it's supposed to be. Hundreds of hours later. Sigh.  
  • Redux 2013-10-10 04:03:18 Having solved a quality pinch point in my workflow, I considered then got over the thought to redo a couple videos. I'd rather move on and make new ones. Then of course, as I ran into an idea my initial thoughts on it conjures only one feeling...

    Kill me. Kill me now. Kill me dead.

    Wait, dammit, then I'll never finish it! Shit. Mine as well, since one project is on hold as I work to complete the series and nowhere near enough FIGHTING and another project that needs to finish already.

    The downtime is getting to me. Relax, sheesus.  
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