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  • Please deposit money NOW! 2007-02-05 01:32:22 Well, I'm still unemployed. It's not that I haven't been trying, I've just been searching in a limited range. I've decided to go for just about anyone who will take me, except for food service. I mean, lets face it, I don't want to be broke.

    Been rehearsing as part of a musical. The cool thing about it is that it's done by local talent, and it was first produced back in '78. It's about prohibition in Dubuque. I'm in the chorus, but I also have two short scenes worth of lines. Starts in March and we've been coming along just great. Can't wait.

    I've been working with FrontPage for a while now and I'm making a website featuring edits in video games. Basically, stuff that was cut from the original Japanese games and what we got for the American versions. I'm going to wait until I get a job so I can host it myself before putting it up on line.

    2/3 of the way done with my video. Let the...procrastination commence. 
  • I'M BACK! WITH A VENGENCE!!! Or, or not. I don't know. 2006-10-05 02:30:19 Well, it's been about two or three months since I wrote here, and I won't promise that I'll get better at it. I apologize to everyone who's journal I use to read, because at this point, I probably won't anymore. Sorry madbunny, you still kick ass though.

    I am clearly not a fan of punk, nor do I think I ever will be a fan of punk, but after a recent trip to Madison to help my uncle get transported from surgery, I decided to do some light shopping. I went to a music store and while looking for something from my favorite bands, I couldn't find anything that I didn't already have. I decided to get something different then, a Misfits album. I heard a few songs of theirs off the internet and kinda liked them, so I got the band's first compilation album. I listened to it, and I couldn't stop listening. It's not poetic or really professionally made (it's punk) but I just love it, not counting a few songs like Devilock or Earth A.D. If you're looking for something totally different and heavish to listen to, give it a shot. Becareful though, it's not metal, it's punk.

    I graduated from college back in the middle of August...and I lost my job at the end of August. In a way, I'm glad because I was really getting sick of my deli job. So I'm unemployed, but I have been job hunting ever since. I'm really hopeful because I had an interview last week at the newspaper. If I get the job, I'll be maintaining the website that the newspaper currently has running and I'll also get a little training in Cold Fusion, something they never even tried to teach me in college. The interview process should be done by now so I should be getting a reply about it really soon, I can't wait.

    I have a e-mail pen pal. My aunt and uncle from South Dakota told me about her. Her name is Nastya, a 15(?) girl from India. We usually talk about anime, books, art or whatever comes to mind. I never had a long term pen pal, just one I had to talk to in grade school, so it's really nice to get in touch with someone, especially since she lives on the other side of the globe.

    I FINALLY have all of my scenes picked out for my video. After I conferm something with AbosluteDestiny, the editing shall begin. Prepare yourself, it, IS, coming. 
  • Out of Storage, the Bike is Back. 2006-07-10 02:32:22 After a couple months of waiting, and a little bit of lazyness, my dad has finally gotten around to riding his motorcycle. It's pretty much his number one form of transpertation right now, for good reason. Getting on that thing has really lifted up his spirits a lot; he isn't as cranky when he comes home from work, and he just looks like he's having a lot of fun when he's riding it. It's kind of like he's reclaiming a small bit of his youth, being able to relive something that he experienced a long time ago. One of these days, I want to take a little ride with him and feel what it's like to be on a motorcycle. Maybe it will determine whether or not I'll decide to get my own bike.

    The Juggernaut Bitch 2: Juggment Day is online. Watch it now, or, you know. Whenever you have some free time.

    I think I found myself my new geek crack, torrents. When I first got my computer, one of the things I did was download a few fansubbed anime videos via a bit torrent client. But now I think I'm hooked on the stuff. A week ago, I completely spaced out on taping an episode of Eureka 7. I was kinda bummed out about it. But then I thought to myself, "hey, what if I can get it online?" When I discovered Adult Swim took off the episode from their website, I thought, "hey, what if there's a torrent?" Sure enough. Surprisingly, people were seeding the episode I needed up the wazoo. So now I'm all caught up, but now I'm downloading everything from torrents, and I can't stop. Some of the items I'm trying to get (not everything I want is being seeded at all) aren't legal to download and I feel like I'm going to get busted like some 15 year old on Kazza. I a way, I'm doing it to see if it's even possible. It's not something I'm going to keep up, I still buy stuff legitamitly, but seriously, I should stop.

    The local library has been trying to expand it's graphic novel collection, so I checked out a copy of the Contract With God Trilogy by Will Eisner, escentially the first American graphic novel. Pretty good for what it is. It's about life in the Bronx, set in the Depression Era. Pretty mature with some very serious topics, I could see why a lot of publishers didn't want to carry it back in the 70's. It's kind of all part of my broader reading regimne, adding graphic novels to manga and and a couple of novels here and there. The library also has Strangers in Paradise. Looked at a few pages and it is hilarious. I need to get that one at some point.

    We had a Guilty Gear XX Slash tournament a while ago. I did well enough in the finals to get two of my matches taped. Neither of them are online yet, but I'll put up the web addresses once they're up. 
  • Yay! Everyone gets to graduate! 2006-05-27 01:34:00 Summer's going great so far, my teacher for Marketing is really crazy, in an awesome sort of way. Not only will I be graduating at the end of the summer, but one of my cousins has already had the pleasure of doing so at Grinell. She's going to be going down Ghana to work in the Peace Corps. Pretty cool. I'm trying to look for a new job and quit the boat, but I need to post my resume on websites and send them to local businesses. I got a copy of Word 2000, but I'm having problems installing it. The computer can't find some of the features on it. I don't care if I can't get the whole thing, just the essentials. Still frustrating, last time I buy a piece of software off of ebay.

    I've been telling people I'm going to be writing a novel at some point in time. Guess I better. I've been bumping the idea around for a long time now, but as soon as I finish up my video, it's going to happen...which is another reason why I need to get Word on my computer, I don't want to trek to the library all the time to work on it.

    I didn't go to ACen. Deal with it, see you at Anime Iowa.

  • Back from the grave! I mean...hey, been awhile. 2006-04-05 00:37:12 Been a while since I wrote anything in here. Better get some stuff off my chest. Olympics were alright, whenever I watched curling, I kept mentally screaming, "Yes! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!" Made it more exciting. Figure skating singles, womens. Russia bronze, U.S.A. silver, Japan got it's first gold in the event, so fitting. Oscars, not upset Moving Castle didn't win, just upset Wallace & Gromit got ANOTHER Oscar, 'cause someone else deserves them too. Was rooting for Corpse Bride, awesome movie. Still working on video, blah, blah, blah.

    If everything goes well, I will be graduating in the summer. After the spring semester, I just have to take Photoshop II and Principles of Marketing in the summer, and I will be done with classes...until I realize I need more work skills. So I should be getting my 2 year degree (worked 4 years part time to get it) so I can quit the casino boat. What I'm going to do with my degree is another story.

    You know, now that I'm fully regestered for ACen, I'm debating on wheter or not I will actually go. Thing is, finals happens around the same time and depending on how many test I have will determine how much I'll have to study. Also, interest in going is beginning to drop. I really want to meet anyone from the forums who will be going and there are a few guests I want to see, but the reason I wanted to go this year is because everyone I know went last year when I was doing a play production, and now hardly anyone is going this year. So I may decide to forget about it. Guess I'll have to cancel that hotel reservation.

    Wow. George Mason. Even though they didn't make it to the championship game, it was still pretty cool. I really should have entered the pool at the country club, where my dad works. 'Cause mom got first and dad got second. Nice.

    If any Iowans are reading this, join up at Show the Hawkeye State some love. 
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