JOURNAL: BakaOppai

  • Youtube Recommendations 2014-03-09 17:12:40 YOGSCAST Martyn:
    A Popular gaming commentator with over a million subscribers just tweeted out "A Piece Of Toast".

    This is amazing, I've been enjoying his content for a while now and I'm glad that he enjoys mine!

  • Music Artists 2014-03-06 01:21:15 2/26/14
    sssShawnnnn, the creator of the song "Pizza Rolls" used in my video
    A Piece Of Toast:
    comments on my video!

    Joman, the creator of the song "Daymanstep" used in my video
    Magi, The Dayman:
    and also the more widely known "Night Magi Cometh"
    comments and likes my video!

    It's so awesome for the artists of these songs to actually watch and enjoy my work xD 
  • It's Happening 2014-02-27 14:57:00 After a little over a year of editing, I finally got a video on TheBestAmvsOfAllTime.

    I've been subscribed to him for a while and his uploads were the reason I got into editing in the first place. I was totally shocked when he asked me for permission, and actually a little scared that he thought my video was good enough for his channel.

    I hope I continue making more awesome videos in the future =] 
  • Approached By A DJ 2014-02-26 01:42:57 So the guy who made the music I used in A Piece Of Toast, liked the video.

    Apparently he told his friends about it, and I got approached by another DJ to make an AMV to his song.
    Unfortunately I already planned out my next AMV so I had to turn him down.
    Sent him to the forums, hopefully someone will make a video for him.
    Will ask around the private Skype Chat to see if anyones interested.

    GL Paul Atrocity 
  • Team Update 2014-02-17 15:56:03 So I was told all the leaders of Team Nero accepted my application to join. Unfortunately I was worried that I wouldn't have enough time to edit MEPS with them. They said it was ok as long as I put their intro on my solo vids. If I'm not participating in MEPS, I don't see the point of joining the team.

    Only difference would be that they'd be getting free advertisement from my solo projects. I decided not to join, but wish them the best. Check out their site if you're interested: 
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