JOURNAL: BakaOppai

  • Here We Go Again 2015-04-23 05:50:21 Let the last minute video commence... 
  • DONE 2014-12-01 19:24:11 The sequel to the controversial Animu Stew!

    I noticed a surge in amv-hell typed videos after Animu Stew so it was obvious that I would have to step up my game.
    People commented on how most of the things in Animu Stew have been done before, so it gave me the idea for this video. A few Amv "inspirations" among the madness (don't keel me).

    Anime 404: 
  • How to make an AMAZING AMV 2014-11-14 21:40:44 Step 1. Mask
    Step 2. ???
    Step 3. PROFIT!!! 
  • I'm Alive 2014-11-04 14:15:12 IM ALIVE YAY!!!! sarcastic cheers

    So I've been working on a video for a few months but I'm not sure if I should submit to Akross.
    We're allowed to upload the video on our youtube channel 7 days after the premier on Akross, but during that time people are allowed to download our video. I'm afraid that others will just upload it to youtube first.

    I'm ok with others uploading my video as long as they give credit and link back to my channel, but I think that the creator should have their video up before everyone else. Then we get into the issue of copyright. If a user decides to say, upload your video under a different name and doesn't give you credit, you want to take it down right? If they uploaded the video first, how would youtube know that you made it and not them.

    Not sure if it's worth it, although I always wanted to submit to Akross. 
  • It's Official 2014-05-31 04:52:02 Registered to go to my first Con! (AX in LA). Will be going with a bunch of friends all who are also con virgins.

    This should be interesting...

    Hopefully I make the finals this year.. (◉◞౪◟◉) 
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