JOURNAL: sayWut (Chris B)

  • Time to update again!!! 2015-01-28 17:13:45 Been inactive for a while, I mean hell takes time to make these amvs, especially thinking, the plot where you want it to go, then there's the scene placement, and after that the flawless effects and transitions.

    After a "year-ish" of inactivity , I just released a new AMV, just to get back in the game. thought this was not the best of my works even though I did put a lot of effort into it but hey practice makes perfect!

  • time to update 2012-11-22 07:37:13 I guess I should update my journal as its been a while!, made a few mavs since my last update, I guess that can be seen from my profile ;)

    Ive made good strides I think in the overall quality of my amvs aswell as the use of effects. What I am having problems is telling the story of an AMV through emotion and power, probably because I am generally more of an emotionless person hehe. Thus its hard to relate feelings :O

    But im sure I can work on it I think :p

    Thanks for the OPs and such left on some of my vids btw !  
  • what to make 2012-07-13 09:43:50 ok so after roads untraveled and in my remains I believe I have syncing to the beat more or less covered. After watching other AMVs in which the creators have been using only vegas I am amazed at what could be accomplished.

    I cant believe that I have barley been using 10% of what Vegas can use! I guess I need to play around more with it so to speak, as hey practice makes perfect.

    With my next AMV I wish to add a lot of more different effect styles, I don't know exactly what but im sure it will come to mind. Now I need to find a song, which is the harder part! I was recently watching

    Haruhi no Yuuutsu
    Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika

    thus I think I will base my AMV around these anime as well I really do like them and some scenes that can be used will be very powerful! now a song I shall find :)  
  • Getting there 2012-07-06 16:51:43 well after a somewhat successful amv to linkin Park roads untraveled I decided to make a more of a faster paced amv in which again I chose another linkin park song from there new album "Living Things" the song being "In My Remains" (such a linkin park fan! :p)

    For this i decided to try a few different techniques I played around a lot with a kind of stop motion effect, concentrating on getting picture shots of clips to help sync with the beat. Over all the sync I thought was ok. Again this was the first time I have tried going for and syncing up with a faster style of song!
    in total I believe I used about 210 clips / shots to make this amv.

    Its on the site for anyone who wishes to view!
    "AMV Linkin Park - In My Remains" 
  • Journal Time - Linkin Park 2012-06-27 12:04:40 Well I thought I should start making a journal, ya know as I can monitor my progress and so on. Anyway finished my Linkin park amv to there new album living things.

    I think ive pretty much sorted syncing and all the main basics of Vegas, transitions editing the contrasts and masking. Oh and the tv simulator is a nice touch. Of course I have a long way to go but ill get there! 
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