JOURNAL: ClaudiusValentine ( michael valentine)

  • Space Dandy amv coming this summer. 2014-02-11 01:01:57 come this summer the new anime being duded in english the same time its being done in Japanese (ya i've read the news online its being double dubbed) i've also read it is a Japanese anime but because its a comedy its being played on adult swim im waiting till most the 1st season is done this series dont look like it will be that long so when its finished by normal 13 - 26 episodes im a make a AMV.

    Space Dandy: What if the world ended?

    Axl Rose: if the world "high quality instrumental & acapella"

    the instrumental is better then the original its heaver the entire song sounds like your flouting in space with axl rose plus with dandy as the main amv is gonna be AWESOME!!  
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