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  • New Michael Jackson videos (Xscape album) 2014-05-12 21:52:38 please Excuse my language but this new MJ album Xscape is Fucking killer
    and since i already have 10 MJ videos a few more wouldn't hurt right
    so far the songs im gonna use is the original songs i been checking out early leaks on here's the songs im gonna use


    loving you

    love never felt so good

    place with no name

    slave to the rhythm

    blue gangsta

    xscape (maybe im not sure about it yet)

    I am a Loser (2003 demo trust me its MJ im shocked too)

    dont worry the space dandy amv is still coming up before the mj videos because i have to pic a few series to go with the songs so 
  • Space Dandy Next amv 2014-05-06 06:00:50 ok so the first season has ended at 13 episodes with 2nd season starting this July so im now starting the org's first space dandy amv because no one will think to grab this show yet but i can and will.

    i can convert the episodes from

    now your thinking what band or song would go with Blockhead Dandy Pinhead QT and Bonehead Merowmreowreow (try saying that 5 times fast lol)

    well you remember a few months back i said i would do a few amv's with
    Reckless love but didnt know what series would go good with this band
    that makes you feel like your listing to a 80's hair band like def leppard
    (man i fucking love def leppard)

    recless love is perfect for this wacky series because space dandy makes you feel
    like your watching a 80's space show dipped in marijuana i shit you not by the time
    you get to the plant episode u'll feel like you took a ride in cheech and chong's smoked filled van lol

    i have two songs in mind

    Reckless love: Back to paradise

    Reckless love: wild touch (re-dubbed Wild Side)

    i may save wild side for the upcoming 2nd season
    so im left with back to paradise so here it is

    Space Dandy: Back to Paradise, Baby 
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