JOURNAL: neo eva (Allan Jones)

  • WTF!?!? 2003-08-06 16:20:02 I'm going to castrate whoever made than ManFaye banner!!

    My eyes!!!! WHER DID THEY RUN TO!?!?!? 
  • I'm screwed... 2003-04-29 00:10:18 Koops competing in AX?!?!!?!?


    Damn...just when I started to think I might have a chance this year too...:_: 
  • Wow...400... 2002-10-11 20:07:31 Cool. 400 people attempted to download my meow mix vid (yea, its not alot, but it is for me...). Too bad Angelfire won't allow direct downloads from my page...-_-6. I desperately need a better host...poor me:_: 
  • Jesmaster has one too!?!? 2002-07-15 21:35:58 Uh-oh...another all your base video done to Evangelion. My crowning achievement is being challenged! (or at least I like to think so...pathetic, huh?)
    Hey Jesmaster! If you're reading this, I'd like to see how much better Evangelion-AYBABTU is than All Your NERV. I wanna see what yours looks like...
    (BTW, Jesmaster, I don't know when you posted Eva-AYBABTU, but I just found out it existed a couple of minutes ago...)  
  • AX2002 is not a year you wanna remeber....maybe 2003? 2002-07-10 22:29:24 all the times I have gone to AX (which would be 3) I don't think it was ever this disorganized....High points:Dealers room (which was not at its best this year, considering it had a LINE) ummmmm....I hear the AMV panel was great but I couldn't make it (wwaaaaahhh....maybe next year...;_;)....thats pretty much it. Everything else was either cancelled or delayed or destroyed or murdered or had tentacles involved....well maybe all said isnt true about everything else......

    However, there is promise for AX2003. It is being held at the Anaheim CC (and its not the same CC as in 2000). I've seen this convention center. It is an AWESOME convention center. It is a HUGE convention center (twice as long as long beach's and 5 stories, thats big...), AAAANND, there are maybe 4 or 5 hotels surrounding it, so long walks are a thing of the past! Now all they have to do is make sure the major events don't get screwed up and everything will be awesome again, and maybe I'll make it into next year's AMV contest...^_^ 
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