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    I might even wake up early just to wait for the postie so I can try and squeeze a little gaming before I need to leave for work.

    " - AimoAio

    Guess I'm gonna have something to steal tomorrow. 8'D Thanks for the info, May! 
  • Iron Solari 2013-07-24 01:06:14 Hi. 
  • Quickening_Day 2 2013-05-20 10:42:10 I was having trouble finding my anime source(And playing League at the same time)... but... luckily, after searching for a bit, I found an anime source I think will fit the song.

    I still have a shaky idea of what I want in my head but... heck, its better than nothing, so here goes nothing! 
  • @ Iron 2013-05-17 04:20:38 Hai :3 
  • I was examining something. . . 2012-10-15 07:37:22 I was curious about the community and the reason this community still exists... Especially since I was watching Demetri martin xD But, after hearing about his own examination over his own life, I decided to do the same for myself and the community as well:

    We usually want to argue whether or not the AMVs we make can be considered "Art". And this is the little rant I came up with:

    Whether its artistic or not, I wonder is there any real value to gain from all of this?? Sure you got creativity boosts, good ego plus and, if you love doing it, then it makes you feel good about yourself, not to mention, if you win a contest, you get a nice little prize so those are some positive values, but the amount of time consumed, the amount of planning and making these AMVs only to get a moment or moments of praise... To fill an ego or to boost your creativity and have a higher standing in a community = people will listen to you more. The values are nice, especially if your looking for something intrinsic and self-fulfilling... But to have little external value makes us volunteer promoters of music and no money to show for it. Is there some goal for making these music videos?? Are we trying to change someone or something?? I get that we do this for fun, but the time consumption that it takes to make these unless your really good, feels so large and unproductive unless theres a goal that is stated. What are we really trying to accomplish as a community by making these AMVs?? More than just self worth or anything like that, what is it that we're trying to achieve is what I'm wondering essentially... 
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