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  • 'Butterflies of God' is the most underrated vid on 2016-01-20 17:23:32 Watch it! Few video clips have managed to touch my soul and this is one of them. 
  • Man of sorrows is available by LOCAL download 2010-01-25 13:26:08 To all who requested a high quality version via e-mail. 
  • 2005-2007 2007-08-03 17:14:55 It's been a while since I visited here. During the past 2 years I checked my org profile 3 or 4 times tops. Since some people (well, 1 person :P) asked what I've been doing for these 2 years I decided to answer her:


    Yep...:P.Other than college and everything else that goes with it (parties, chicks,crab lice, stress etc.) I got interested in other things other than amv's and anime. I practice guitar every day and have an ambition to publish an album :D. Rock album, of course. I also started writing poetry and short stories. My professor at college encourages me to publish my poems although I still think they aren't anything special and want to wait a bit before my first book. I stopped going to the gym. Got sick of it to tell you the truth. I rarely watch anime nowadays.Recently watched Monster and I have to say it freakin rocks! Best new anime as far as I'm concerned. That and FMA. I watch a lot Japanese movies though, namely Kurosawa's and Mike's.Yeah...

    I have at least 10 great ideas for a new AMV, but I don't have enough willpower and aren't motivated to make them since they, as well as my old videos, will require a lot of effort. When I look at things from this perspective making AMV's is useless. A prolific person should find some other form of art or area of knowledge to express himself. Making AMV"s is remaking the already finished products and I realized that only recently when I started writing. Anime Music Videos are nothing creative, but making Anime and composing Music is. For some reason AMV's seem to me like some sort of an 21st century DADA and DADA sucks as well as most art groups and movements of that time. Yeah...

    Still, making AMV's is a good hobby....for adolescents. It's beyond my understanding how can anyone over the age of 25 or even 20 for that matter be obsessed with AMV's and want to be some sort of Creative God of the Org. The reason why I kept working on my videos so much is because I can't let anything I make unfinished and can't do it mediocre. Once I start something I need to do it to the fullest. That's about it. However, I'm glad I have other interests now. It's better to read books and stare at guitar strings 12 h a day than stare at the monitor and read net sites 12 h a day. Yeah...

    That's pretty much how I feel now after 2 years. And I don't care if you disagree :P. Yeah...

  • Flint_the_dwarf 2005-02-08 11:01:00 New Kamelot album? I must get it then. :up: 
  • New vid 2005-02-07 06:59:40 Yeah I finished. Short, fast and crazy. If you like such videos and FLCL you'll like this one as well:

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