JOURNAL: GuntherAMVs (Summer )

  • ?? 2012-06-08 22:43:47 So, I've recently discovered we get our own nifty journals on here~
    And I've never really kept one before ^w^

    I've decided that whenever I feel like saying something, I'm going to address this place right here as, "Dear Diary." It seems appropriate :3.

    It will be interesting to see if I ever use it for something ^^'' xDD
    Probably just for fangirling~
    Or dreaming~

    I don't know 9w9...

    I'm kind of just rambling, so I think I would make a terrible blogger x'DD
    It would be like:

    Reader: *squinting at screen* ... wh-.. what IS this?.. What is she trying to SAY!?
    Me: *squeak blog squeak type emoticon squeak*

    ^ LULZ for unreadable journal vomit, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay~! <3 xDDDDDDD 
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