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  • And it continues... 2010-10-19 12:43:27 Right, so after AAC 2010 I finally uploaded Fiends & Friends. Thus I'm happy - yet quite pissed off... but that's for personal reasons. (Hehe...) Also entered Fiends & Friends for Kuro Kiiro, AnimeUSA und Nekocon.

    Next up is an Elfen Lied AMV I'm working on. First attempt = disasterous. Second attempt... well, so far it has something brewing. I simply need to find out what exactly's brewing and expose it like a strip of b&w film in noon-sun.

    I need to buy more anime... seriously. Having only Hellsing and Elfen Lied at my disposal whilst I'm so optimistic about editing is torturous. But, for the love of all things good & evil, China doesn't seem to have many places that sell genuine anime. I bought Naruto Season 1 the other day... And then I happily whistled all the way back to my apartment, visualizing a Haku profile AMV I badly want to do. What do I get when I watch that legendary Nine-Tails opening scene? Quality shittier than a fansub that had been spread around and re-encoded numerous times... with Chinese hardsubs. Well, one of my students nearly wet himself with excitement when I gave the dvds to him, so at least that made me feel good about buying the crap. -sigh- (same happened with Starcraft II and Spore... it was all "chinesified", so that same student ended up with two brilliant games because he actually did his homework - wish I had a teacher like that)

    Fun Fact: I discovered technical death metal band "Dying Fetus" the other day. -headbang- Brutal. Expect an AMV in the distant future. ;) 
  • And the journey begins... 2010-09-28 02:33:40 Right, so I have my account pretty much in an acceptable state at the moment... especially following the dafty choice of having a "The" in my original username, The Undane. (Proving that great ideas conceived after 3 in the morning are actually horrible ideas)

    Furthermore, so far I've entered my first-ever AMV, Fiends & Friends, for Another Anime Con 2010 & Kuro Kiiro Festival's AMV contests. Also have a few other probable participations pending (hehe, alliteration... You know, they say one the first signs of a person going insane is that he/she'll start using alliteration in his/her speech more often, thus, watch the verbal habits of your friends closely - before it's too late! Hehe...). -excitement/nervousness/twitching eye-

    Lastly, I made the top 5 in the logo contest! -joy-

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