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  • Frame Blending 2012-01-12 15:17:16 Apparently Sony Vegas (at least 8.0 build) defaults this.


    Learn something new everyday. Now to go back and change EVERY LAST VIDEO FILE to get rid of it. It's a good thing it's the weekend, (at least in terms of school)...A real good thing. And it's a good thing that there's a dentist appointment in the near future to get these f'ing wisdom teeth removed and get me off these pain meds.

    I'll also have a beta for the Gaga MEP tonight, guys, I swear. ;-;

    Also, Beauty and the Beast this Friday in theaters. Heck yes! :D 
  • MEPs, A Multitude of Madness, and a note @OtakuGray 2012-01-04 00:04:05 If nothing else, I've come to the conclusion that MEPs certainly make a person less lazy when it comes to video quality. >.>; While most of the time I tend to rip my DVDs to save space, (soo, it's 'okay', but not shiny and impressive looking), working with others has caused me to reconsider the idea of 'what looks good'. Within two days I've read over more ripping tutorials and spent more time cleaning footage than I probably ever have in the four years I've edited. (Which is why, Gaga MEP, I haven't gotten that third beta to you guys. ;-; Sorry about that). Hopefully it's a step in the right direction.

    Speaking of right directions, I'm working on putting more videos on here. I'll admit, I had one of those, 'but I don't want people to take my stuff' attitudes back in the day, but over the years I've grown out of it, knowing that people will find a way to take a video and hack it to bits if they want to. (It seems it's become relatively easier as well). Since my computer is around five years old and probably only has a gig of space left, however, this is going to take longer than I hoped, lol.

    Started school today, getting only about an hour and a half of sleep before orgo this morning due to face pain. I can already tell this is going to be an interesting semester...but at least there's no Logic class this time. XD

    @OtakuGray - Welcome back! :) It's always nice to see someone want to edit again, even after a long break. As for motivators, I know I always listen to various online radio stations, (such as the stuff at iheart radio), to get ideas. If you have the time, maybe you can pick up an anime/movie that looks interesting that you might want to edit to as well. Either way, good luck and hope you have fun again! 
  • Happy Times for a New Year 2012-01-01 06:49:36 So since my wisdom teeth pain is keeping me up for the fourth night in a row, despite how much champagne I consumed and how many Kinect games I played with friends to tire myself out, I figured I might as well write something. Granted it's probably going be be riddled with spelling and grammatical errors, but I figured 'Screw it, might as well'.

    A happy new year to you all out there in the big, wide open world! Did you all have a good one celebrating the end of the last, or were you disappointed for it to end? I think, all-in-all, that whatever people might have thought of the previous 365 days, 2012 will certainly be an interesting one. Personally, I hope the trending climb of 'things are sloooowly getting better' keeps going. *knocks on wood* For awhile there, I know a lot of people have had some really hard times, so here's to hoping the best for everyone.

    Anyone have any new years resolutions? Now I know they can be seen as added stress to an already pressured life, but for me I consider them a challenge. If I don't succeed? Eh, oh well. If I do? BONUS! Of course, I wouldn't recommend resolutions that, well...determined potential life or death situations, but that's beside the point. If anything, it's more of a way to remind myself to do things. Here's a few I can think of at the moment:

    -Be more active on here. Seriously. There's virtually no one in my group of friends that edits, (only one of them just started maybe a month ago). I mean, they watch AMVs, but not very often. I'd like talking to more people about my favorite hobby, you know?

    -Lose about 20 more pounds by June. I'm not huge, but if I'm going to be wearing more...erm...body-hugging outfits I want to look the best I can. >.>; (Tali from Mass Effect, anyone?)

    -Keep up with my ASL. German kind of went in one ear and out the other, (though I can still read it pretty well), but since there's a large deaf community in my area I want to be able to help as much as I can to translate people, particularly if there's an emergency.

    -Volunteer/Do my externship at the cancer institute nearby. While this is for my honors program, it's more for personal reasons than anything else.

    -On top of this, I need to get on the ball with taking my MCATS and leaving my undergraduate programs finally. FOR REALS. It's starting to get old when I can basically go from one end of campus to the other, end up in the next class, and not remember walking there. >___>

    No matter what happens in this new year, remember to make it count. We have lived this moment and we will live in the moments we have remaining, forever to be imprinted upon the extent of time. Do your best, and if someone or something tries to bring you down, pull them down with you and use that sucker as cushioning upon landing.

    Stay awesome, everyone.
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