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  • The VCAs and The Academy Awards Analogy 2012-02-27 22:53:21 EDITED SO IT'S EASIER TO READ

    [10:25:42 PM] Tiff Tiff: Oh yeah. So I was watching the 84th Annual Academy Awards yesterday, and I have come with an analogy or two. Okay, so "Fate Matrix" is just like "Hugo" because Hugo won most of the awards and nearly raped the Academy Awards with its awesomeness. "PencilHead" is just like "The Artist" because of its original concept and originality. The Artist also won "Best Picture" and PencilHead won "Video of the Year" :I
    [10:28:19 PM] Tiff Tiff: Shin is like Maryl Streep because she has won three Oscars and three Oscars is the equivalent to all the awards Shin has won at AMV contests.
    [10:29:09 PM] Shin: lol
    [10:29:34 PM] Tiff Tiff: true story (y)
    [10:41:10 PM] Snap: *claps*
    [10:42:39 PM] Meatwad: heh
    [10:42:42 PM] Meatwad: shin's a old hag
    [10:42:51 PM] Meatwad: nice one tiff
    [10:43:02 PM] Shin: O:
    [10:43:50 PM] Tiff Tiff: hehe
    [10:47:31 PM] Summer (GuntherAMVs): xDDD 
    safety dance whaaaaaaat?
  • Safety Dance 2012-02-07 01:13:20 Thanks to Bobby, Shin, and the rest of the guys in the VC, I have Safety Dance stuck in my head... .-.  
  • PROCRASTINATION TIME 2012-02-01 23:58:45 Listening to Owl City's version of "Enchanted" by Taylor Swift while reading about angst/rape...What the heck is wrong with me.

    It's 11:57pm and I really should be finishing my homework
    -runs off-

  • Bootleg Bummer 2011-10-02 01:42:16 Note to self: Chinese bootlegs or any bootleg product are evil. ;; I was planning on buying a REALLY old anime DVD box set on some unknown, unreliable site but when I looked closer at the box, the box had the Chinese name on it, not it's original Japanese name..It was freakin imported. Just like bootleg DDR, bootlegs are evil, EVIL. And why is this anime so hard to find? I have to watch it in Chinese (which is still pretty good since I don't like the Japanese voices and I can at least understand most of it). ARGH why are some old animes SO hard to find (on the internet), not to mention watch and buy. Thank goodness I got the whole NGE box set (old anime) since that was pretty hard to find as well. Sigh.. I LOVE old anime (Macross, NGE..) I need to watch more of it if I can..They bring back old memories that I wish I had. Well this is what happens when you can't sleep at 1 in the morning lol. I'M SAD NOW. Btw the anime is Cat's Eye and it's one of the BEST oldies I have watched. Well at least I can read the manga since that's probably better than the anime but the anime is cute and funny. 
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