JOURNAL: Abaddon_Archangel (Sean Fox)

  • Wow, lmfao 2005-12-08 01:15:54 That... was hillarious.

    I swear I'm never reading journals again... lmao...

    Jesus... jesus indeed... really can't think after that.. just laugh and laugh. 
  • Edit 2005-12-06 11:01:48 <A HREF="">"Infinity Theory RPG Project"</A> is finished in it's BETA form, and sign-ups are available!

    Let me know if you have any questions/comments. 
  • Whoo... 2005-12-06 09:56:09 Currently Working on the Infinity Theory RPG Project (a Forum-based RPG).

    I will have more info up when the boards are ready.

    Would anyone here be interested in a future-esq, illegal-based, RPG?

    (Concept is: Near future, all characters are into some kind of illegal business trying to make money.)

    give me a pm on the boards if you're interested. 
  • AIM... 2005-12-05 21:11:44 Well, apperently AIM is working for me right now. Just to let anyone know.

    Not sure if it'll cut out again, but it's working for me now. 
  • Jadd... 2005-12-02 16:58:28 I sent you the AVI of my file... I really am pissed at my laptop at the moment....

    Anywho. I had to send two PMs cuz I forgot to give you the link in the first.

    Boku wa baka, ne? 
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