Here are the 50 most downloaded videos with the fewest opinions left for them. Shame on you all... ;-D

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 AMV Hell 5: Dedicated to Dio by
     ssgwnbtd (Brian Moore) 
 Dance Dance Revolution Project 2: 2nd Mix by
     Kusoyaro (Hsien Lee) 
 bleach blowing me away amv by
     asdfgasdfg (john ) 
 Clash by
     KalugaGhosT (Vladimir ) 
 Naruto Shippuden Sasuke Arc AMV by
     summerose (Summerose ) 
 FLASH! by
     Vlad G Pohnert (Vlad Pohnert) 
     Padreman (Padre ) 
 Lonely Tamaki stuck In Ouran (Ouran High School Host Club) by
 Inuyasha - Bittersweet Romances by
     Maegan (Maegan ) 
     Douggie (T.Y. Rusiyanadi) 
 Sexy Back by
     Frofro (Caitlin S.) 
 Princes of Ouran High School Host Club by
 Loveless Night~ by
 E-Rotic Ecchi: Forever by
     Aria Mournesong (Jessica ) 
 Naruto vs Sasuke part 3 by
     Dark_Scorpio (Jeremy ) 
 AMV Comedians 5 by
     Rubix89 (Eric ) 
 Hinata and Naruto by
 Naruto- Gaara Avenger by
     Naruto-senpai (Edgaras S) 
 Gundam Wing - Godsmack - I stand alone by
 MegamoMEP - Never Give Up by
     FarmXD (Felipe Riquelme) 
 Death Note by
     Digitaldragon5000 (Joel Sampaio) 
 Evangelion 0.22 - Shinji does (not) Mean Business by
     l33tmeatwad (Elite Meatwad) 
 Find the Way by
 Bleach - The Last Stand by
     DanSonOfJacob (Dan ) 
 Bleach  by
     animepyroman (Nathalie ) 
 L∞P by
     mirkosp (Mirko SpanÚ) 
 Fate Stay Night--Stand Alone by
     Nakandakari Yuuki 
 Ouran Host Club - Simply Being Loved by
 Kingdom Hearts Tribute by
     Majin Gogeta X (Eric King) 
 Love Love Ouran by
     shiroi_tsuki (Erein Kuririn) 
 Sailor moon by
     NightDream (Crystal ) 
 Shy Love - Naruto and Hinita by
     Naruto Fan 
 Act of Genesis by
 Video Game Project 5 - Revival of Heroes! by
     Castor Troy (Ryan Molina, A.C.E) 
 AMV Hell 4 Trailer by
     ssgwnbtd (Brian Moore) 
 CBR Heck - Studio Killer by
     AMV_4000 (Matt Diehl - Addiction Music Videos) 
 Sailor Moon in Russia by
     Flota (Luis/Beatriz Serpa) 
 Naruto VS Bleach by
     animepyroman (Nathalie ) 
 Empty Mosaic : Into Nothing by
     MimS (Karim ) 
 Bleach - "Distorted World". by
     4n0th1n9 (Ivan ) 
 Bakadance! by
 Anime Nations of the World by
     Zarxrax (Alan ) 
 Naruto Tribute by
     Deadrocks (David DeRuvo) 
 Britannia [Expletive] Yeah!  by
 Fullmetal Alchemist - Desensitized by
     Lycan Link 
 PoLish your Memories MEP (PL) by
     Arczi (Artur Kujac) 
 Angelus by
     Kain-x-spirits (Kendryck ) 
 Now She Knows Hardship by
 One Piece feat. Inu Yasha  by
     Shasty (Adrian ) 
 Gundam Seed Destiny - Pride ( Full Version ) by

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