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  • THE 2013 VCA SEMI-FINALS HAVE BEGUN! You can nominate videos on the nomination page or visit the VCA forum to discuss the contest and the videos. 2013-03-09 02:10:31 EST
  • THE 2013 VCA NOMINATIONS HAVE BEGUN! You can nominate videos on the nomination page or visit the VCA forum to discuss the contest and the videos. 2013-02-23 02:20:26 EST
  • THE 2013 VCA PAGES ARE NOW LIVE! You can find the VCA webpage here. If you are an editor who may have a qualifying video in the contest this year, you should check your eligibility pages and make sure that your videos are listed and that there are no issues noted.

    Also, even if you are not competing in the VCAs, please be aware that you are required to read and complete the voting agreement before you will be allowed to vote in the contest.

    If you have any questions, please let us know either by forum PM to GloryQuestor or by e-mail at admin@animemusicvideos.org.
    2013-02-18 19:37:23 EST
  • * IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - PLEASE READ BELOW * In the past few days, We have been made aware that the site has been hacked. While the database is intact, we do know that the hackers gained access to members' password information and it is possible that all of the passwords may have been compromised. Our crack team of site code monkeys has reviewed the code and changed it to make sure that it isn't exploited in the way it was, and that password information is no longer compromised.

    Because of this issue, however, we will be forcing a reset of all users' passwords effective immediately, and we encourage you to change them for your protection. Also, to those that donated to the site and might be worried, our site does not store PayPal account information, so you do not need to take any action in that regard. In the meantime, our coding team will continue working to implement additional precautionary measures to prevent similar attacks in the future.

    If you have any questions about the above, please direct them in a PM on the forums to either GloryQuestor or Kariudo, who will be happy to answer any concerns you might have regarding this issue.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled AnimeMusicVideos.Org, already in progress.
    2012-09-07 23:15:46 EST
  • Help Us Update the Everything A/V Guide! Mirkosp is working to update the Everything A/V guide, and he's looking for help from everyone!

    Click here to find out more about it!
    2012-08-16 21:44:20 EST

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