ZeWrestler and Iserlohn's Guide to Opinions - Part 8



I got a inapproprate opinion. What should I do about it?

Make a better video next time. Seriously, if you find you got an unfairly poor opinion (ie you left negative marks for someone and feel that they did a opinion of your work in retaliation) email the person and ask them to change it (unless they provided enough of a solid argument to show that it was clearly not a vengeance opinion.)

Most importantly, you should never take these things personally. As far as anyone else on the org is concerned, you are a nameless faceless. They are opinioning your VIDEO, and NOT YOU.


Someone has posted a videos opinions on another web page.

This happens sooo rarely that it is handled on a case on a case-by-case basis. If someone has posted a opinions for a video on a web site, please check with that person, to see if he or she has permission of the people who wrote it for posting it up. If the person does not have permission, then politely ask them to remove. If they do not remove them, then inform an admin of the situation.