ZeWrestler and Iserlohn's Guide to Opinions- Part 6

The Creator Reply Field

This is the chance to provide a rebuttal to comments, criticisms, and to answer questions. There are different ways of replying to opinions. Take a look at some of the these comments that were found on the org, that illustrate different kinds of replies.


Example 1:


That's actually from Kodomo no Omocha's 2nd opening. You're thinking of the parody, Kodomo no Evangelion. Sorry, I don't send clips out. Thanks for the positive comments!!

This is a quick reply answering a question about footage used and availability. Most importantly, the creator says thank you for the opinioner's time and words.

Example 2:


Everyone does seem to love the Tasuki/Koji as Terrance/Philip part. ^_^ It was a clear choice though. They're completely foulmouthed and so alike, with the exception of one being blue-haired and the other red-haired (mirroring the red and blue shirts worn by T&P). The Minmei comment: I never saw any other Macross or Robotech shows apart from Macross II. I just chose that image of the singer being overlayed by explosions because it fit the lyric. I can only employ what I've been exposed to. Sorry it failed to meet your expectations. I'm pleased you took into account that this was made with a camcorder. Some people overlook that, and it really bugs me to see 3's for effort on any video I made with that old setup. The fact that you read my comments page before making your opinion is appreciated and shows consideration and forethought.

This is a bit longer, answers questions, and comments on what they liked in the opinion - it helps the opinioner write further opinions by providing constructive criticism on their approach. It is also polite and professional.

Example 3:


Thank you for the compliments. I'm a little lost as to what makes the cuts at the times you specified "weird". If you could be more specific I'd greatly appreciate it.

This creator asked for specifications in an opinion and once again was polite in his request

Example 4:


Wow, thanks for the comments (name cut), and so thorough. I agree, I think this video's probably one of the best ones I've made so far, and I'm glad that you LIKED it so much! I don't usually get such positive opinions for my videos but I'm so glad that I finally reached someone. And I was so surprised (name cut)'cause usually you give shit opinions to people, I mean, I can't believe that you chose me for this honor. Everything you said sort of makes me feel all warm and sunny inside : ) THANKS AGAIN!!! : )

This is an example of what not to do. While it looks fuzzy and warm, it was in response to an overly negative opinion. Responses dripping with sarcasm tend to anger those who left opinions and make them wonder why they wasted their time on your video to begin with.


Added note

  • If someone leaves you a detailed review, please be especially sure to leave them a reply - their time is just as valuable as yours, and thanking them could encourage them to leave more reviews for you in the future.