ZeWrestler and Iserlohn's Guide to Opinions - Part 2

How do I get people to give their opinion of my video?

A specialized method of requesting video opinions is planned for the future of the site. Right now the only way to get them is to beg at the forum. Now there are two ways of begging. The right way and the wrong way:

Wrong Way

This Newbie asked for an opinion in the wrong form

Yes I know I'm in the wrong forum,

Apparently it seems people must Like the concept of my video.

I've around 90 dl's in the first day it was up, but, I've yet to receive any opinion's.

granted some of the dl's probably failed or people didn't want to wait, but anyone who got the whole thing surely watched it, or most of it.

all I ask is for some input, it's the first vid I've been able to share with every body and I'd like to know what you thought.

NEVER EVER ASK FOR AN OPINION IN A FORM OTHER THAN THE VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENT FORM. If you leave an opinion in a form other than that like the newbie did, you will be flamed. You do not want to be flamed. And people may be tempted to give you a lower score if they decide to watch your video. This is not good. Also notice that this newbie doesn't even give the link to his video. When someone says watch my video, but doesn't give the link to it, it shows a lack of professionalism.

Almost the Right Way

This is the almost, but not quite the right way.

This is my first vid, so I would like all of you to check it out and tell me what you think of it. The anime is Akira


Short and simple. The person said what the video is to. Kindly asked for peoples opinions and the person GAVE THE LINK! However, they forgot to include the music (potentially leaving someone to find it's a group they thoroughly dislike.)

Right Way

This is the right way to do it.

I have just finished my newest video. It is <insert anime> set to <insert song and (at the very least) band.> The URL for it is http://www.animemusicvideos.org/members/members_videoinfo.php?v=****. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

As you can see, this post (which didn't actually exist) has everything necessary in it to get attention to your video. It has the anime AND music, so you know exactly what you're getting, the URL so people can go right to the video, and is polite and to the point.

So to sum it up, request opinions in the correct form, be polite, include a link to your video, and state the anime that you used and the song that was used in the video.

Opinion Exchange Form

One of the more recent mediums of getting opinions is the Opinion Exchange Form. This form was created because there are growing numbers of people who are volunteering to give video opinions. Hence, the creation of the Opinion Exchanged Form as a centralized location to do so. Because this form is more vigorously moderated than other forms, two styles of exchanging opinions developed.

The Offering

In this method, people offer their time and service to review other peoples videos. Basically, the reviewer says, "I am willing to give X video opinions up to 2 videos per member." And people respond to the post saying that they want him or her to review a certain video. When the slots are full, the member giving the opinions should post in the same thread something along the lines, "All opinion slots are full. Good luck next time. ^_^"

Here is an example:

Yo. Wassup. I'm willing to do 5 reviews for people. Here's the catch. Nothing over 50 megs, no rms, no dbz and no more than one video a person.

This basic example shows the basics of offering reviews. The person states that he is willing to review 5 videos. and names a few rules that the video must follow in order for him to review it.

Review Swapping

In addition to offering to give out reviews in the form, people also offer to swap reviews. This method, know commonly as review swapping has its advantages and disadvantages. Both creators make out well by getting a review, but the reviews can be biased at times, or if one creator gave the other creator a bad review, the other creator will give a bad review back. To help prevent this, here are some tips for review swapping.

  • Be polite. No one wants to swap reviews with someone who has an attitude problem.

  • Do your best to come up with constructive and helpful criticism no matter how bad you think the video is. If you find something wrong with the video try to give a good explanation of the problem so the creator can do better next time. All flaming a video does, is hurt feelings and cause anger which is totally unnecessary and pointless. Treat other people's videos as you would like yours to be treated when writing your feelings about them.

  • If they leave a opinion before you do, try to avoid reading it. This can help prevent you from being biased when you return the review


Here is an example:

Work is boring me today and I need some contestants for the RVP review so, I'll take the first 3 vids with working download links (no AIM or Kazaa transfers). Any format is cool as long as I can see it. My reviews are pretty lengthy so be sure to give me some time to finish them up. In exchange, please review either of my reviews. Let the entries commence ^_^...

This example shows the basics of setting up a review exchange. The creator states how many reviews he is willing to make, sets up a few base rules, and kindly asks for a review in exchange.