Encoding DivX3.11a VBR in Nandub

Like the TMPGEnc guide, this guide has been completely rewritten since the previous guide.

If you want to encode to DivX3.11a, then Nandub is truly the only way to fly. Or.. encode... or something. Anyways, It's a very, very complicated tool, so we've mostly just picked settings that we think in general circumstances will give the best results.

Once you've got your AVISynth script all setup, load it up into Nandub. Then in Nandub's file menu, load up the "Nandub-amv.vcf" file included with this guide's filepack.

This will setup all of your video settings and turn audio encoding off. You should be encoding your audio separately, and that will be multiplexed in later after you've encoded your video (see audio guide).

Go to the File menu and select Two Passes. Then specify a filename for your AVI file, and then a name for your STATS file. This will setup both passes at once, and then you'll have your AVI file once you're all done. Just Choose File > Two Passes.

Some words about the settings:

The bitrate setting is meaningless. I've set it to 1000 but really it means very little because of the anti-shhh settings. What those do is basically enforce a minimum quality on every frame, regardless of what bitrate you have set. And when the MinQ settings don't kick in, we've set the "Freeze" value to 16% which basically tells the DivX3 encoder, "You've only used up 16% of your allotted bits," regardless of how much it's actually used, so it's basically going to ignore the average bitrate anyways.

If you want to decrease your filesize (obviously at the sacrifice of quality) lower the MinQ setting.