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Postby chambeyc » Sat Jan 05, 2008 2:57 pm

===========3rd January ==========

So here are the latest news from the froggies:

***** French online tournament *****

And the fight continues! The versus matches of the first round are now all done and the some results are already available there: ... php?id=25#
With Christmas and stuff, the tournament has been paused a bit, so participants have now to be patient … and yeah, I personally still waiting for the result of my own match ^^.

***** Iron Chef 15: the results! *****

Terrific music chosen by the winner of the previous edition, perfect proof of the natural sadism of the girls :p!
The participants were: Tyler, Atvaark, Nostromo, Kragdrim and …. Not Yonda. His computer preferred to burn its mother card rather than going through these intensive 24 hours of labour. So R_1 replaces him just in time for the fun.
This edition was broadcasted during all the 24 hours using a webcam, but no cameras in toilet nor shower, so no fun for stalkers :p.

And here are the results:
1/ Kragdrim with The Next Iron Chef
2/ ex aequo Tyler with Rodriguez Dreamy Sodomy
2/ ex aequo Atvaark with Made Of Sun
4/ R_1 with Bad Week-end
5/ Nostromo with Hypnostro

***** The foxhound MEP *****

Who the hell are these foxhound guys? Well, it’s a small group of French editors who have created their own studio recently, and they inaugurate it with a MEP:

Though it is perfectible, it was a quite nice 1st MEP. I think we can expect some good stuff from them soon ^^.

***** This month’s creator: Reznic *****

He is a creator I particularly want to introduce, since he is almost not coming on the org at all, but is IMHO the best improvement within French editors from last year.

The first videos Reznic delivered, “Lili” and “Exile” were already showing great editing skills. Though technically quite simples, they all got a really deep ambient and quite unique source combination.
Indeed, almost all his videos use material that tends to be rarely used in AMVs, either concerning audio or video sources: Renaissance, TitanAE, Studio4C OVAs… in fact I often saw these videos without knowing the actual sources ^^”…
Concerning the songs used, they are quite various, though Reznic tends to use more electronic tracks.

He then did a quite incredible technical improvement by showing a really impressive AMV for the Japan Expo contest occurring at Paris: Exo-perfection. The way sources were blended to obtain a really artistic and harmonious render was just great. Both the jury and the audience like the mood created - it finished at a quite good 11th rank. He recently obtained the 3rd place at the TGS contest too with “Butterfly’s rising”.
His terrible bad habit of doing way-too long credits is not eradicated yet though ^^”!

Sadly, most of his videos are not available here, but you can download them either on foxhound studio website:
Or on his personal site:

Profile on the org: ... _id=751114

Small description of some of his works:
Image Image Image
It reminds me a lot of a video from NetTroop russian guys. It focuses on artificial human beings, using FF and GITS Innocence films.

Image Image Image
Done within 3 days, it shows us the story of a girl … on drugs. A really good flow here, and smart use of 2 very different sources.

Butterfly’s rising:
Image Image Image
Done for a contest where the theme was the 80’s, Reznic combined Roxette’s song with several animes, for very efficient result.
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Postby geraldhelios » Sun Jan 06, 2008 6:36 am

:D Nice french retrospective ! I hope you'll enjoy the foxhound mep ^^
et Reznic is a very interesting editor ^^ Nice choice chambeyc !
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Postby rody » Sun Jan 06, 2008 10:41 am

Thanks you, Chambeyc.
Disturbed Heaven is the first video project of our team, it's not free of imperfections, however, we are happy to have bought it to fruition .

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Postby Fadoo_sama » Fri Feb 08, 2008 12:21 am


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Postby chambeyc » Sun Feb 10, 2008 10:53 am

===========10th February==========

Not a lot of events occurring during last month, especially since the FanFestival event, a convention organized in the Cannes’s festival palace (yes, the very same used for films nomination) eventually didn’t manage to organize its own AMV contest. Still, here are the recent news from France:
(PS: thanks Fadoo for the online tournament update)

***** French online tournament – take a nap? *****

“Judges are lazy. And cruel.”
Of course, this is not my own comments (since I didn’t get my result yet :P ), but it’s understandable remarks when you heard some of the chosen music…
Results take some time to come too, but it looks like they got their asses kicked enough by Tyler to deliver some:
Too bad to see some very good editor giving up for IRL/personal reasons, looks like it was the case in 1st round of previous edition too though …

***** Iron Chef 16 – Per team ? *****

As you may now, Kragdrim won latest French Iron chef and consequently is in charge of organizing the next one. And he got an interesting idea: since there are more and more people interested in participating to an IC, why not doing a team IC? Looks good to me, and I want to see how this will be handle by the participants and by Kragdrim.

***** AMV-France: ongoing *****

Some movements on this side too, concerning the merge of fantasy-movies and amvdefans websites. While the webmasters are discussing about the site contents, a logo contest in on the way: ... php?t=2276
Nothing’s decided yet. I personally like a lot Solene’s creation:
And you, which do you prefer?

***** This month’s creator: DarkKirua *****

On a side note, Reznic (the editor I talked about last month) has just released another video, and is doing well in the rookie category of VCA.

DarkKirua is known here as kiruazoldik:
Link to his profile

He’s an editor who tends to specialize into drama vids. His latest videos turn to be very dark and dramatic, especially Agony which focus on the hard path taken by the Elric brothers. Fans of comedy videos shall search somewhere else: here his aim is to make us feel the sadness of the anmie character he used, and he’s really good at this.
He also has participated to the Memory Flash project, and managed then to create a very surprising track using …. Card Captor Sakura! While other editors feared that the track may damage the overall flow of the project, he did an outstanding job and managed to keep a good atmosphere.
Though he started to edit videos quite along time ago, last year was his most active year with only 3 videos. As he generally presents his video only on francophone website, I think I should introduce some of them here:

Some of his works:

Image Image Image

Image Image Image

Image Image Image

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