JCAs 2011 - Results in on page 6!

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Re: JCAs - Judges aboard, final voting!

Postby Nya-chan Production » Fri Mar 11, 2011 2:25 am

Shameless copypasta from the last year!

So, thanks to our five judges, we finally have the results. We may get some playlist over time, but for now let's just sum it up.
The judges were:

CodeZTM (Code's comments)
Dr.Dinosaur (Comments included in the rating sheet)
Kosmit (Kosmit's comments)
Otohiko (Comments to come)
(+ guest appearance of godix and Ileia)

The judges couldn't vote in the category they had a video in/they were nominated in.

Following are the results in this format:

Name of category (max. number of points a video could have gotten).
Winning vid (points gotten) - marked with an asterisk if I decided it on a tie. Ties on other places than 1st haven't been decided.
Videos on the second and third place, respectively, with points on it.

Btw, at the end of this list is a link to the rating sheets and the comments are linked earlier in this post at the names as well! :>

Well, here we go:

Best Action Video (45)
150% Lobotomy (40)

(Extended) Advent Sword of the Complete Stranger's Children (37)

My Super Girlfriend (29)

Best Character Profile (36)
The Epic of Griffith* (27)

Trial By Drowning (27)

Admiration (25)

Best Collaborative Video (36)
Blame It On 2009: A Good, Good Year (31)

It's Smoky Today (27)

Open Your Eyes (24)

Best Comedy Video (30)
The Cyrus Virus (29)

And Now a Word From Our Sponsors (26)

It's All About The Washingtons (23)

Best Dance Video (45)
Confession to the Dancefloor (36)

nigTHClub (35)
Redona (35)

The Clap (26)

Best Dramatic Video (60)
Greenpeace (57)

The Price Of Freedom (46)

Trial By Drowning (44)

Best First Video (20)
Sugar Voodoo (18)

Post-apocalyptic cookies (14)

Houkago Tea Time (10)

Best Fun Video (60)
coLOLor (51)

And Now A Word From Our Sponsors (49)

Blame it on 2009: A Good, Good Year (47)
Pacific Coast Party (47)
Rah Hey! (47)

Best Horror Video (35)
Paranoia Drift (29)

Curse of My Oblivion (23)

Left 2 Die (20)
Black Death (20)
Going Down Hot (20)

Best Multi-Editor Project ()
Versus (32)

RTSD (26)

Memory Flash 3 (17)

Best No-Effects Video (40)
Spanish Wolf (36)

The Stage (28)

Real Soviet Damage (25)

Best Parody Video (32)
Project Bonklers (24)

Every Anime Opening Ever Made (20)

All Hell Lelouch! (15)

Best Romantic Video (30)
Little Christmas Story (28)

Betwixt and Between (27)

Stupid Couple (23)

Best Sentimental Video (45)
Leave a smile (35)

Emotion... in retrospect (34)

Nara (30)

Best Short Video (16)
107 Little White Sillhouetes (14)

Bruce (13)

Kanon In 5 Seconds (12)

Best Storytelling (40)
The Epic Of Griffith (37)

Cross+Point (33)

The Cyrus Virus (30)

Best Trailer or Commercial (32)
A Walk To Remember (31)

Exploder Evacuator: Part II (20)

GoHancock (19)

Best Use of Instrumental Music (45)
The Stage (41)

Stupid Couple (30)

Nara (27)

Best Use of Lip Synch (24)
It's All About The Washingtons (24)

All hell Lelouch! (17)

A Walk To Remember (13)
Shutting Up with Hinako (13)

Best Use of Multiple Anime (65)
Pacific Coast Party (51)

Every Anime Opening Ever Made (47)
Greenpeace (47)

Rah Hey! (45)

Best Use of Special Effects (48)
Drawn Dream (33)

ty logika 2 (28)

Paranoia Drift (27)

Most Artistic Video (50)
Nara (44*)

Drawn Dream (44)

Trial By Drowning (36)

Most Original Video (45)
DSM-IV 295.3 (45)

Every Anime Opening Ever Made (32)

The Cyrus Virus (30)

Video of the Year (70)
Rah Hey! (63)

Pacific Coast Party (48)
Redona (48)

Blame it on 2009: A Good, Good Year (46)

Editor of the Year (30)
Ileia (29)

Cross/fade (26)

Oro$hi (17)

Most Helpful Member (20)
mirkosp (19)

Nya-chan Production (11)

GloryQuestor (10)
godix (10)

Most Improved Editor (35)
JadeCharm (30)

SilentMan (26)

Maniaki (24)

Rookie of the Year (28)
ReggieSmalls (28)

Kosmit (22)

Glitzer (20)

Special Awards

Code's Old Geezer Award - godix
Code's Favorite Editor of the Year - Cross/Fade
Code's International Award of Excellence - Archivist

Favourite Pony - Derpy Hooves
The Derpy Hooves Award For ... Hey! Muffins! - Kanon in 5 Seconds
The Twilight Sparkle Award for Obsessive Compulsive List Making - 493+
The Rarity award for Simple Elegance - Nara
The Fluttershy Award for Environmental Celebration - Vita
The Pinkie Pie Party Time Award - Hare Hare Youkai
The Rainbow Dash Award for being %20 cooler - RTSD
The Apple Jack Rodeo Pony Award - Redona

Best Dinosaur - Velocisnaptor
Best 4 in 1 product - Nya-chan - One
Best video about sex - TsunamiJones - Walkabout

Best Sound - The Sound

Nya-chan Production
Coordinator's pick - pink haze - Trial By Drowning
Most Underrated Rookie - snegov1k
Best Use of 5cm/s - Thepooh - Meteor Tower

And as for the promised link to the complete rating sheets with judges' comments:


If you find any mistakes in naming or links, please write so, so I can fix it.

It was fun - see you in a year o/

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Re: JCAs - Judges aboard, final voting!

Postby Kitsuner » Fri Mar 11, 2011 2:34 am

Nya-chan Production wrote:If you find any mistakes in naming or links, please write so, so I can fix it.

Yeah, you misspelled the winner of Best Short. It's K-A-N-O-N-I-N-F-I-V-E-S-E-C-O-N-D-S.
OtakuGray wrote:Sometimes anime can branch out to a younger audience and this is one of those times where you wish children would just go die.
Stirspeare wrote:<Stirspeare> Lopez: Vanquish my virginity and flood me with kit. ["Ladies..."]

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Re: JCAs - Judges aboard, final voting!

Postby Nya-chan Production » Fri Mar 11, 2011 2:34 am

Dr. Faux Pas wrote:
Nya-chan Production wrote:If you find any mistakes in naming or links, please write so, so I can fix it.

Yeah, you misspelled the winner of Best Short. It's K-A-N-O-N-I-N-F-I-V-E-S-E-C-O-N-D-S.

Oh, my fau-

oh wait :ying:

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Re: JCAs - Results in on page 6!

Postby Kitsuner » Fri Mar 11, 2011 2:36 am

Your spreadsheet is broken. It doesn't show anything after Best First.
OtakuGray wrote:Sometimes anime can branch out to a younger audience and this is one of those times where you wish children would just go die.
Stirspeare wrote:<Stirspeare> Lopez: Vanquish my virginity and flood me with kit. ["Ladies..."]

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Re: JCAs - Results in on page 6!

Postby Nya-chan Production » Fri Mar 11, 2011 2:39 am

Dr. Faux Pas wrote:Your spreadsheet is broken. It doesn't show anything after Best First.

It's split into tabs for less load on the browser. They should be on the bottom (though some browsers have issues with those, IIRC Opera tends to be really picky with GDocs).

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Re: JCAs - Results in on page 6!

Postby ReggieSmalls » Fri Mar 11, 2011 2:41 am

Yes I won
Best Character Profile
The Epic of Griffith

Best Storytelling
The Epic Of Griffith

Rookie of the Year



Am I the meanest? Sho'nuff !
Am I the prettiest? Sho'nuff !
Am I the baddest mofo low down around this town? Sho'nuff!

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Re: JCAs - Results in on page 6!

Postby macchinainterna » Fri Mar 11, 2011 2:54 am

VCA Results - At first I was like...

JCA Results - And then I was like...

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Re: JCAs - Results in on page 6!

Postby AaronAMV » Fri Mar 11, 2011 3:03 am

ReggieSmalls wrote:Yes I won
Best Character Profile
The Epic of Griffith

Best Storytelling
The Epic Of Griffith

Rookie of the Year

Quoted Image converted to link:


Quoted Image converted to link:

post of the year

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Re: JCAs - Results in on page 6!

Postby MimS » Fri Mar 11, 2011 3:06 am

VCAs results suck but JCAs one are worse :uhoh:

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Re: JCAs - Results in on page 6!

Postby CorpseGoddess » Fri Mar 11, 2011 3:08 am

MimS wrote:VCAs results suck but JCAs one are worse :uhoh:

I have to disagree. The JCA's were much more in line with my own personal voting choices---the VCA's were nearly none of mine, so I'm far happier with these results. Plus, my husband won here, so yay!

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Re: JCAs - Results in on page 6!

Postby Nya-chan Production » Fri Mar 11, 2011 3:24 am

MimS wrote:VCAs results suck but JCAs one are worse :uhoh:

Like every year, someone complains :>

But as I said, I plan to change the judge's selection for the next year - probably 7-9 judges, each from a different country. US, Russia, France and Italy will each get 1 place for sure :>

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Re: JCAs - Results in on page 6!

Postby CodeZTM » Fri Mar 11, 2011 6:10 am

Because my comments are mysteriously absent....
Spoiler :
JCA Comment Sheet [Complete from Code]

Before I begin, I just wanted to comment that ALL the videos here were extremely well done. While the scores for the videos I ranked higest and lowest are obviously indications of which ones I felt were "better", it was more or less like picking between a Picasso and a Mona Lisa in a famous art-judging contest. NOT EASY. So please don't take lower scores personally. In many cases, it came down to nitpicking when I actually judged it based upon the category requirements.

Best Action

#1: To The Fullest : A wise editor once said that there is a fine line between drama and action. To me, this video captures that line on photograph. Action is not my favorite genre to begin with, but I can appreciate videos well edited. To The Fullest gave a REASON for the action. Contrary to popular belief, action videos can have a story! That's why I ranked it so highly. IT gave that fast paced action, whilst also giving it a purpose!

#2: Advent Sword of the Complete Stranger's Children : A wise editor once said that drama can shove it and let action get its groove on by itself. That's what this video does it. Great action, great sync and fantastic pacing. The concept of utilizing two completely difference sources in a compelling and action oriented way is why I decided to give this the #2 spot.

#3: 150% Lobotomy : A wise editor once said that having extremely pretty footage, a foriegn song and great/unique sync/editing... Ok, that farce is getting a little old. Like #2, this video had fantastic sync and great pacing, while capturing the music and video in a compelling and interesting way. Also, the sheer fact that an FMA video kept my attention for longer than 2 seconds was a nice reason as well.

Best Character Profile

#1: Trial By Drowning : It's one thing to create a profile of a character that already exists. It's another thing to create an entirely new character using imagry/music. Trial by Drowning was a fantastic view into a character of pink_haze's creation. Fantastic editing and sync that helped bring about understanding of a character that wasn't necessarily in an already-established anime. That's why it received my full support.

#2: Emptiness : I'm not a Bleach fan. Period. That being said, I have little to no understanding of the character base. Emptiness was extremely well done, in that I was able to connect and understand with one of the main antagonists in the series and see his plight beyond what the series might have let on. I also compared to Wikipedia my assumptions of the character AFTER watching the video, and was remarkably close to the site's character profile.
#3: Admiration : There's just something about this video that makes me rethink what Ippo's actual plot was. It both reflects AND adds to Ippo's character, which I felt was extremely original. More importantly however, is that it utilizes action and drama together and does it extremely well.

Best Collaborative

#1 Airplanes: I honestly felt like it was an extremely well done collaborative work. Yes... Yes.... I've heard the comments. LOLANOTHERFFVIIVIDJA. And yes, that would be slightly correct. It's originality and concept aren't unheard of in FFVII videos. That being said, it was extremely well done and extremely well executed. To this day, it's a permanent part of my AMV playlist both on my ipod, work and at home. The sync, the flow, the atmosphere. It was was all there and all together in a great combination.

#2: Blame it On 2009: A very good use of multiple anime, a unique concept and a fantastic integration of two people working together to create a seemless AMV that doesn't feel like two editors.

#3: Open Your Eyes : Again, another video that had fantastic flow/feel/story. Moreover, it didn't feel like two editors. It felt like a fantastic collaboration using the talents/emotions of two people.

Best Comedy

#1: The Cyrus Virus : Of all the videos, I felt like this one was the most "comical". It might have not been the most "fun", but there is another category for that entirely. Stabbing at Hannah Montana's and then stabbing at the viewing audience to get involved in the virus. Plus, the connection between Summer Wars and a different source of drama was a very nice touch.

#2: And Now a Word From Our Sponsors : Taking such a serious anime like Code Geass, and turning it into such a comical rendition takes a lot of skill. It was a very entertaining video that I still watch to this very day. Although, the difference between this and Cyrus Virus was very close.

#3: Britannia, FUCK YEAH : Such a lovely stab at American culture, and an extremely well executed and well developed idea. [Also, I will never be able to unsee the Brittanian location on the map.

Best Dance

#1: Confession to the Dancefloor : Of the many very worthy videos in this category, I felt like this one had the best "butt-grooving" flow. Then again, I love a dramatic flair in dance videos. That's what this video had, and it was very well created/presented.

#2: Redona : An EXTREMELY AND AGONIZING close second. Probably one of the "catchiest" videos of the year in my opinion. The primary reason for its second place stature was more or less the fact that it lacked a majority of "dancing" movement, and focused more on visual/aesthetic features of dance, rather than "butt-grooving" scenery. Not to say that it was wrong to NOT have it. It's still a fantastic video, irregardless of where I placed it. If I was ranking my most watched videos for this year, it would definitely be in the top 10.

#3 : Sah Huh? : One of the more "classic" dance videos. While many people probably didn't enjoy it, I really thought that the coloring effect was very well done, and the utilization of great scene selections was what put this in my top 3.

Best Dramatic

#1: Trial By Drowning : See earlier statements for generality. I honestly felt like it was the most dramatic. Although #2 was EXTREMELY close. The "pushover point", for me, was the sheer fact that it was defying the gods themselves, and more or less an uncharted/unexplored concept.

#2: Greenpeace: A video that I completely missed when it first came out, and I was very sad at this fact. It was a FANTASTIC video that put reality's problems in AMV form, and more or less the AMV equivalent of "An Inconvenient Truth". Extremely dramatic and excellent scenery choices created a very great flow and atmosphere.

#3 : Ceasefire : In terms of drama, war is generally one of the most dramatic things that life can undergo. [Unless you're an emo teen, in which case high school drama is far more dramatic]. Ceasefire created a fantastic atmosphere and an even more interesting view into war. Loss, Love, Friendship, Comradery... It's all packaged into a pretty bow

Best First

*special note : Several of the videos were NOT first videos, and for those, [while they might have been better videos], were given much lower scores to adjust for their not fitting in the category. Only actual first videos were allowed to be in the top 3..

#1: Sugar Voodoo: Princess Tutu's funny antagonist is always an extremely enjoyable aspect of the anime. So seeing him integrated into anime as a central singing character was extremely enjoyable video. Moreover, the video integrated several unique aspects that typical first videos do not think of using. Internal sync, unique scene choices and fun "music video" aspects. Overall, just extremely enjoyable to see.
#2: Post Apocalyptic Cookies : A very short, very odd first video. But very unique and interesting in its own way. Instrumental videos are hard enough to begin with, but this one seems interesting enough.

#3: You Gotta Grab the Sky : A very well executed TTGL video with some great scene selection and great editing for a first video. Not much more to say. It was interesting enough.

Best Fun

#1: And Now a Word From Our Sponsors: [See earlier comments for general statements]. What ANAWFOS lacked in comedy, it has made up for in the "fun" category. Its very lighthearted demeanor and fun/addicting dance moves can put a smile on anybody's face and get an entire con audience in a better mood. /dansu

#2: coLOLor : This was another video I missed out on. Foreign videos really need to be pimped more! While it was incredibly short, it made up for its length with its amusement factor. The video says it right away. IT's a short fun/experimental AMV that tries to be colorful. The atmosphere is incredibly lighthearted and can put a smile on any DRRR! fan. Plus, BEST USE OF FONT/MOVEMENT EVER. This is how you do it people! More important, it uses the effects in an amusing manner that doesn't overpower the video and adds value to it.

#3: Pacific Coast Party: Nothing better than a day at the beach. The many anime put together and put together in such a light hearted and amusing manner creates a fun atmosphere that anybody would want to be part of.

Best Horror

#1: Black Death: Before the inevitable zombie death that is coming at my #2/3 spots, I just wanted to give a lot of respect for the constraint in this video. True horror is the unknown. We fear that which we do not understand or can physically see. This video took the very silent hill approach, creating a enigmatic figure to be source of horror. We don't even get to see him very clearly, until it's too late and then we..... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

#2: Left 2 Die : Unlike Black Death, this video uses the zombie threat as a means of creating the horror. Granted, an army of zombie mutants would probably make me run for the hills, it's just not as scary as the unknown for me. There's something physical that can be stopped or killed to end the nightmare. But enough about my ridiculously harsh treatment of the horror genre. It had a great atmosphere, great effects and an extremely well put together to create a frightful display, much similarly to the origin.

#3: Don't Feed the Teenagers : Before I get kicked out of judging videos for the rest of my life, allow me to explain why such an upbeat/actiony/non-scary video is in my top 3 picks. The video isn't scary because of the zombies [like the #2 spot was]. In fact, the TEENAGERS are the source of what makes this video so freaking freakish. Like the song says, TEENAGERS SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF ME. Instead of running for their life or trying to find shelter, the main characters in this video... Well... They [without hesitation] impale their fellow students, murder their teachers, and bash the living hell out of the heads of their friends. Even the main adult [the big guy], would rather die than go to such a degree. I thought it was an extremely unique way to display horror.

Best Multi-Editor Project

#1: Versus : I'm usually not one for national boundaries. Moreover, I honestly don't think one region of editors is far more superior to another region of editors. In my eyes, France=Russia=US and all the others out there. That being said.. DAMN FRANCE. In my eyes, there wasn't even a remotely close second in this category. US and Russia GOT SERVED. Had you asked me who edited this, I would have said it was one person using a ton of effects in an extremely compelling and fantastic manner. It was ridiculous how well that all the different editors could come together to create such a fantastically flowing AMV. The theme was consistent and extremely well executed. [Except for one.... Track 5 [to me] had an over-abundance of "pointless" effects kind of broke the flow for me, but EVERY MEP has that "one track".] You should all be extremely proud of yourselves. Can I get a French editor to keep me in the loop of fantastic releases?

#2: NITERIDER : I think that Chii and the youtube AMV community has proven [without a doubt] that youtube is no longer the weaker of the two communities, and can stand on its own two feet on par with a-m-v.org, AMVNews and AMVFrance. You can find quality wherever you look nowadays. A fantastic collection of MANY studios and individuals, working together to create a fantastic video, utilizing the other send of the AMV spectrum [AKA: Effect whoring]. An extremely enjoyable 9 minutes of many different talented [and versatile] editors. Whoever coordinated this sucker deserves a medal working with this many people and still keeping a pace/atmosphere and flow. Although I wish they'd give us a local download. ;_____________;

#3: HUNsecutive AMV: What a fantastic piece. Not so much that it had one specific thing about it that was fantastic, but tha tit combined so many different genres together to create something genuinely interesting. Action, comedy, drama, romance... IT all came together with a great soundtrack and a fantastic flow/beat.

Best No Effects

*Note While It's All About the Washingtons would have probably won this category [HANDS DOWN] with my top 3 picks, I felt like the overabundance of masking could be construed as "an effect". The category clearly states that only "very subtle masking" could be counted in terms of the category. The masking wasn't only NOT SUBTLE, it was the entire basis of the AMV to create its fantastic lip syncing. My apoloizes to our resident Doctor. You're just too damn awesome at masking for your own good. XD

#1: The Stage: Probably one of my favorite videos of the year. [Guess which video is getting Best Instrumental?] Combining two completely different anime, utilizing a real life scenario [A stage for drama to unfold], and telling a fantastic epic without a single lyric is something that most editors couldn't have done. Moreover, the pace and flow of the AMV was extremely consistent with the very beat/flow of the music, and looked as if it was the original source of the music and the video itself. It didn't feel like 3 completely different elements coming together. Oh, and all without a single effect. THATS EFFING AWESOME.

#2: Spanish Wolf : Cross/fade takes the damn prize home in no effects. XD If there was every a combination of two sources [audio/video], it would be these two. Editing fantastically reflected the flow of the audio, and created an extremely great romance to follow. Moreover, not a single effect was used in creating such a fantastic AMV. Basic cuts/fades was used to create what I consider to be one of the best romance videos of the year.

#3: 493+: The concept was extremely novel. Displaying all 493 pokemon through the first four generations of the pokemon anime. NOT AN EASY TASK PEOPLE. Moreover, it created such a fantastic flow/feel without a single effect. It was very straightforward with hard cuts, but utilized creative scene transitions between each pokemon and beat. It's hard to keep someone's attention when you're essentially showing them 493 different little buggers. It's even harder to make it compelling and interesting to watch.

Best Parody

*Note: This category was a bitch to judge. Like in No-Effects, there was essentially only 2-3 REAL parodies, and only the #1 video here was strong enough to hold its own as a parody. While videos like All Hell Lelouch and Saddami Light were far more entertaining to watch and had better editing/flow, they just weren't on the same level of "parody" for this category. They are fantastic videos though.

Definition of Parody: A literary or artistic work that imitates the characteristic style of an author or a work for comic effect or ridicule.

#1: Project Bonklers: When I first watched this video, it was before I'd seen Aggressor's De:Light [I missed all the good 2009 videos. :____;], and immediately disregarded it as a parody, having no clue where ANY of that came from. Thankfully, I was smart enough to ask a fellow judge about the video, and caught on to what exactly it was parodying. VERY CLEVER. While Bonklers didn't have the same level of technical/effect skill as De:Light, it was obvious what it was doing and what it was taking a stab at. In terms of parody videos, it was by far the strongest and most obvious in the entire category. It had a definition author that it was imitating, and even went so far as to imitate the characteristic of De:Light [the screen/measurements], to create a comic effect [AKA: Utlizing Azumanga Daioh].

#2: Every Anime Opening Ever Made: This video's ability to be considered a parody is extremely thin and on the borderline. Many say it's not a parody, but I disagree. I feel like it's using anime openings as its original source, and ridiculing/exaggerating it by showing how many anime opening rip each other off shamelessles. Plus, it's extremely entertaining to watch, and had great scene selection and flow.

#3: Exploder Evacuator : Part 2 : After this video is essentially where the parody videos stopped after the first 2. This got the third slot, because it's at least trying to imitate and comedically exaggerate its original audio source. The anime did a great job of helping it out in this regard.

Best Romantic

*Note: Because my video was considered in this Category, I wasn't allowed to vote here. But if I had, I would have very easily given my support to Spanish Wolf, A Walk to Remember and Longed for Him/Got Him/Shit, as they all did fantastic jobs in showing us a romance that was actually fun to watch and not anything terrible and/or saddening.

Best Sentimental

"Sentimental videos tend to explore themes like nostalgia, friendship, adventure, and wonder."

#1: A Walk To Remember: You definitely can't say that this wasn't the best exploration of friendship and wonder! The video, while still a trailer, can stand up on its own as a work of sentimental art. The very ties of friendship and lightheartedness are the heart of this AMV, and I felt like it did the best job of executing these things. Plus, the lip sync was FANTASTIC.

#2: Emotion in Retrospect: It's hard to top a sentimental category than with a video that explores the very aspects of emotions and feelings in the human race, linking it together with brilliant effects and great scenery. A fantastic video with a fantastic feel with that small element of avant-gardism.

#3: The Price of Freedom: One of those videos that starts out oddly enough... Turning into something amazingly beautiful. The video captures the human spirit in a nostalgic and wondrous manner. It combines the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. Just an overall emotionally draining video.

Best Short

#1: Bruce : For a short video, it did a great way of setting up and creating a character in a fantastic and genuinely amusing manner.

#2: 107 Little White Silhouettes : Interesting concept, great execution, and EFFING ANNOYING TO FIGURE OUt.

#3: Kanon in 5 Seconds: Just a genuinely amusing piece of work.

Best Storytelling

#1 The Epic of Griffith : Despite that nearly 90% of the storytelling came from the audio, the video itself wouldn't have been any good without appropriate scene selection, editing and flow. Otherwise, the same rationale would apply to all videos, and essentially make all videos worthless. Video and audio need to be combined together to create a flow. EOG does this, and does it well.

#2: The Cyrus Virus : This is one of those videos that tells a story and tells it quite well. Using a concept from the anime, utilizing differenet interpretations of scenes, and combining the very song of the video to create a story? It all comes together in a fantastic manner.

#3: Crosspoint: Combining multiple anime to create a solid and amazing tale of love and loss? It was a fantastic combination of storytelling, editing and imagery. Moreover, its one of the few videos that can be devoid of the music, but still being capable of telling its story.

Best Trailer or Commercial

#1: A Walk To Remember: [See earlier statements for general comments] In general, its something that could quite literally lead someone [without any prior knowledge of either Clannad or WTR] to believe they were an actual advertisement.

#2: Exploder Evacuator : Part II: HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE THIS? Such epicness in a small package, using a fantastic anime with fantastic scene selection and fantastic editing.

#3: Advent Crisis II: Inception : As much as I hated the actual film, it was quite a fantastic trailer that utilized the footage in a creative and interesting manner.

Best use of Instrumental Music

The Stage: [See Earlier Comments]

Emotion... In Retrospect : [See Earlier Comments]

Stupid Couple: It's.... one of those oddly interesting videos that is so fun/interesting to watch, you can't help but be mesmerized by it... It was such an interesting take on romance, because of its interesting choice of audio and sync.

Best Use of Lip Sync

#1: All About the Washingtons : To me, this was an open and shut choice. Perfect lip sync, flawless execution of the scene selection and creation of humor, and just a generally enjoyable piece.

#2: A Walk To Remember: A very close second. Minor issues kept it from the first slot [inconsistancies in lip sync[, but it was fantastically done and very well executed in the video.

#3: Saddmi Light: Minor issues kept it from the second or third slots, but it was still a fantastic video that took advantage of lip sync to create humor and wit.

Best Use of Multiple Anime

#1: Pacific Coast Party : When the video created feels as if it is ONE anime, but utilizes many different genres and art styles? To me, that's one heck of a fantastic video in my eyes. Add in the fact that it was fantastically upbeat, had a great feeling and a great flow? That makes it all the better.

#2: Greenpeace : [See above statements for general comments] Combining the hippie-subtext destruction of cross-genre works created the fantastic atmosphere, and more importantly had a singular feel about it to create a great flow and feel to the AMV.

#3: RAH HEY : Anime guessing games are always fun. Anime animations in the org are always fun. Cute/fun sync and a great use of misheard lyrics, with PINK. Also always fun. How can so much fun NOT be a fantastic video worthy of the #3 slot?

Best use of Special Effects:

#1 : RAH HEY! - Effects cannot [and will not!] ever hold a video up on its own. It must be integrated into the video in order to highlight and/or bring out the natural energy of the work. Rah Hey does this. Its effects are intergral to the AMV, and does a fantastic job of creating the fun upbeat atmosphere.

#2: All Hell Lelouch - Like Rah Hey, ALH does a fantastic job of using the effects for a PURPOSE of creating a setting that wasn't naturally in the anime. It does it well and with a fantastic result.

#3: Drawn Dream - The effects are intergral in setting the atmosphere of the video, and giving its concept merit and understanding. Plus, it's extremely beautiful to look at.


[Hardest. Choice. EVER.]

#1: Ileia
#2: Crossfade

I'm lumping these two together because, I honestly think they both deserve high praise. Each of them experimented in virtually every genre of AMVs, and each of them produced high quality and extremely entertaining work. I honestly both think they deserve the title. However... I gave it to Ileia for two central reasons... 1) Ileia had much more releases in the year, many of which were from Project NeoEditor, and many of which were made in less than a week. RAH HEY, my pick for the video of the year, was one of these videos. Ileia is constantly great, especially under pressure, and can duel it out with the best of them. 2) She was pretty much nominated in EVERY category of competition. She's obviously doing something right. Crossfade, however, should not be discounted. The work that C/F churned out was FANTASTIC and all of which were my favorite videos of the year. You should be extremely proud.

#3: Oro$hi: Talk about unique! It takes guts to create such wild and outlandish releases, and even more talent to make them good/enjoyable.


What a ridiculous category. >_> WTF does "artistic" mean anyway? It's completely subjective, even in its most basic definition.

*Note: I feel like Nara deserves an explanation. When 4/5 judges gives it a 10, I feel like I need to explain. Nara, to me, wasn't enjoyable in the least. It was pretty to look at, and was extremely well executed. That being said, it had no "presence" to me. As in, I felt nothing when I watched it. It's like watching a comic on stage and not laughing. I may be the only person that feels this way, but I honestly feel like atmosphere is one of the most important elements of editing.

1) Trial By Drowning: I took "most artistic" as in a combination of visual appealment, conceptually unique and told in a compelling way. TBD fits all of these perfectly, as my earlier comments suggested.

2) The Stage : Most people can't [or won't] admit that drama can be art in itself. The Stage captured drama in a compelling and extremely well told manner. The art of the storytelling, the art of the feeling and music. It all combined together to create a magnificient peice.

3) Drawn Dream : Visually, it was extremely pretty, and had a concept/atmosphere to it that made it appealing to watch and fun to listen to. It was the whole package wrapped in a neat bow.

Most Helpful

1) Gloryquestor : It's hard taking over administrating an entire site. To have run everything so smoothly, I honestly think GQ deserves the number one spot. He may not have been as up and front about it, but there is a lot of behind the scenes things that require work and dedication.

2) MirkoSP: It goes without saying. Mirko is THE technical support group when it comes to helping members. New, old, annoying or me? He helps them all and does a lot of great work for our site.

3) NYAAAAAAAAAA : As a moderator, an artist and a banner maker, Nya does a fantastic job around the site helping out those that need it.

Most Improved

1) Jadecharm: I remember several years ago seeing Jadecharm for the first time. Adorable releases with great masking, and a lot of potential. Today? She's creating MAGNIFICENT works in her own style, with polish and style. The next Chiikaboom? I honestly think so.

2) Kireblue: Ok, I honestly think people really need to compare and contrast his work from the last year to this year. It was ridiculous how much he improved! The feeling and uniqueness in his AMVs are fresh and interesting to the AMV world, and we are sure to see fantastic things from him in the future.

3) SilentMan: I honestly had no idea who this person was until he got into the nominations. After checking his work, it's something that speaks for itself. Go and compare. You'll be more than a little surprised.

Most Original

1) DSM-IV 295.3 : Mental instabilities aren't unknown to the anime world. Have they ever been done in such a unique, compelling or detailed manner? Not a bit. DSM explores the inner workings of the terrified mind, and does it in a fantastic way.

2) The Cyrus Virus : Who would have ever thought that Summer Wars and Miley Cyrus would create such a great combo? NO ONE THATS WHO. Hence, the originality and the great concept that created the #2 spot.

3) Longed for him. Got him. SHIT. : A unique video size? CHECK. Panel editing that hasn't been seen for quite some time, and done/timed in a great and interesting manner? CHECK. godix? Check. #marksasnumber3

Rookie of the Year

1) ReggieSmalls : The hype is hyped. The reality? He deserves it. Great releases, solid work [both technically and editing wise], and a great future at a-m-v.org.
2) Glitzer: AMAZING work for a rookie. Very dramatic, very horrorific and very fantastic. Overall, you can't get much better.
3) Chained(e)Studio: Solid releases in several varying genres of work.


1) RAH HEY: Rah Hey, to me, represents the world of a-m-v.org, wrapped in a neat bow. Great editing, great scene selection and fantastic atmosphere.
2) Pacific Coast Party : AMAZING masking, great feel and atmosphere, and a great use of multiple anime to create a solid creation.
3) Spanish Wolf: Such a great simplistic AMV that packs a lot of a punch. It shows that subtlety can really create something fantastic.

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Re: JCAs - Judges aboard, final voting!

Postby Kitty-Galia » Fri Mar 11, 2011 8:03 am

Nya-chan Production wrote:Best Romantic Video (30)
Little Christmas Story (28)


Thanks everyone. ))

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Re: JCAs - Results in on page 6!

Postby macchinainterna » Fri Mar 11, 2011 8:22 am

MimS wrote:VCAs results suck but JCAs one are worse :uhoh:


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Re: JCAs - Results in on page 6!

Postby Fall_Child42 » Fri Mar 11, 2011 9:32 am

MimS wrote:VCAs results suck but JCAs one are worse :uhoh:

But AMVHELL did not steal your French MEP award in the JCAs
Well i'm pretty sure Versus is a French MEP.

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