Contest for free hosting.

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Contest for free hosting.

Postby Kusoyaro » Tue Oct 08, 2002 6:58 pm

Some goobers I sometimes socialize with by the name of Ere Cell Studios are holding a contest in which the prize is free hosting for one (1) AMV. Want details? They're here

You don't have to sign up there to join the contest, you can just be guests.

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Postby Super Sapien » Tue Oct 08, 2002 7:03 pm

Maybe I'll enter my own contest and win it by making myself laugh. I'm the funniest guy I know.

Read the first post up top, which states the rules. Keep in mind that you can't already have hosting. If you have more than one video and only one is being hosted by some random nice person, like us, then we would probably have no problem hosting a different AMV then the one you have hosting for.

Anyway, have fun. This is meant as a good samaritan type thing, as I know that someone needing hosting for a video is somewhat of a daily occurence.
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Postby DocileWalnut » Tue Oct 08, 2002 7:22 pm

Fancy that.

I have an account here.


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Postby Kwasek » Tue Oct 08, 2002 8:17 pm

Hey Hey HEY!...don't be spreading your filth around here Doc, back from where you came. BACK, BACK! You're gonna kill your bandwidth fool!
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Postby Chriswonderboy » Tue Oct 08, 2002 9:17 pm

Kwasek wrote:You're gonna kill your bandwidth fool!

bah penguin hosting has put us on there bandwidth whore servers so no probs there.
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