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Postby stormychef » Mon Jul 08, 2002 4:09 pm

That's the second time that's happened to me, I enter it once and it comes up twice... :cry: :evil:
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Postby candre23 » Mon Jul 08, 2002 4:42 pm

With divx, anything between 800 and 1500kbps is usually fine. I have a cable modem, so I have no problem downloading files in the 50-75meg range, if what I get is actually good. When somebody makes a so-so vid with poor quality clips, then encodes it at 2500kbps, that's when I get annoyed. If your video doesn't have a lot of fast motion, lots of quick clips, or just isn't all that good, then don't make us download a huge file.

I put a lot of importance in file type too. I dislike Realvideo, and I HATE Quicktime. I realize there are still 2 or 3 people who's AppleIICs can't handle divx, but we can't all revert back to VIVO and animated GIFs just because these people are broke.
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Postby OmniStrata » Tue Jul 09, 2002 12:32 am

I'll get anything MPEG/DivX.

If it's dance, I'll get it no matter WHAT file type.

I'm only for those two major ones though. XviD and DivX also work fine for me.

I MIGHT give leeway to WMV/ASF files in case somebody couldn't use Premiere...

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Postby merrow » Tue Jul 09, 2002 2:29 pm

I'm completely unbiased.

I download .rm, .mov, etc, though I have a preference for .avi and .mpg simply so that I put it in the same playlist. I get irrationally annoyed at people who won't even attempt to view such files but thats just my own bias showing I guess. (Suppose I'm not *completely* unbiased). For filesize I prefer not to see people with a huge filesize to crappy footage ratio. Overall, I'm pretty forgiving on filesize since I do have a relatively fast connection and rarely have a problem getting hold of stuff. For my own videos I cross platform as much as possible often encoding .rm, divx .avi and .mpg versions (with varying results) and trying to make all three available.
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Postby SarahtheBoring » Tue Jul 09, 2002 10:59 pm

- Song that matches the theme / mood / pace / idea / statement of the video. #1 importance. It starts with the song, for me, and radiates outward.

- Interesting idea, insight, concept, or mood. However this is accomplished. I've seen videos with zero special effects that nevertheless did what they set out to do, and that's what I'm looking for.

- Since AVIs tend to lag on my machine (the video lags behind the sound), I prefer MPEGs. Slightly low quality is fine, when it gets to be Quicktime quality, though, that is a bad thing. Even so, I'll watch them for the concept, but I'll be less inclined to keep them unless I REALLY like them.

- When it comes to audio quality, that depends on the song. I can stand a little muffled unless the lyrics are hard to understand or I need to hear subtle sounds in the background in order to understand the video, but that aren't coming through.

Pace depends on your mood or idea, as does music genre and what anime is used.

Pretty easy. :) It all depends on the idea.
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it depends

Postby the Black Monarch » Wed Jul 10, 2002 3:11 am

It depends on how fast your server is. If you can send me the info at a decent rate, crank up the resolution and watch the gorgeous graphics fly! But if you send me something at lower than 10k/sec, I'd rather watch a tiny screen than watch nothing.
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Postby Arekuru » Wed Jul 10, 2002 1:15 pm

Can I clearly see what's happening in the video? Then I like that compression. If I can't make out anything, if it's blurry, or if it's going to give me a headache watching it, then I don't.

Of course, this is not to say a high-quality looking videos won't get oohs and aahs from me. But if content is there, I don't mind something less.
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Postby OmniStrata » Thu Jul 11, 2002 12:27 am


I see he too likes Onegai Teacher...
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Postby The Wired Knight » Fri Jul 12, 2002 2:34 am

Large quality size for good video quality. I like to know what's going on when I watch it.
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