Jubei-chan 2 - Episode 3

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Jubei-chan 2 - Episode 3

Postby Garylisk » Thu Feb 26, 2004 4:21 am

Quite enjoyable, I must admit, but I am wondering one little thing...

Spoiler - Hightlight to read wrote:Okay.. .at the end of the first series, Jiyu's dad found out that his daughter is Yagyu Jubei's successor, and was not happy about it at all. He also showed that, even though he was never the brightest character, he wasn't a total idiot. So in this episode, when the door gets broken in, and a voice is heard screaming "YAGYU JUBEI, I KNOW YOU'RE HERE!"... don't you think he'd get a little suspicious? Bad enough that the excuse that was used was that Jiyu was going outside to take a whiz instead of using the bathroom... I just am wondering.. do you think he knows that Jiyu is still being attacked and changing into Jubei, but is doing nothing about it... or do you really think he just plain doesn't know?

I just thought that was strange. Of course, this show never takes itself too seriously, so I wouldn't be hurt if they were just trating him as an idiot... :P
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Postby Savia » Fri Feb 27, 2004 11:59 am

I'd imagine that you're right- he's not exactly lucid at the best of times, and with all these females around... :P

Incidentally, Jubei-chan 2 is rocking right now. I hope they can keep the pace up!
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