Final Fantasy Unlimited episode 23 and up...

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Final Fantasy Unlimited episode 23 and up...

Postby leathelanime » Sat Jun 29, 2002 9:07 am

Hey guys iv been looking for episode 23 to this series for what seems like ages....Can someone gimme some directions on where to find it!?I know some Fansub jerks subbed it already I need to see more!!!!! :twisted: So if anyone can help id be greatful.

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Postby Hitori » Sat Jun 29, 2002 9:26 pm

I cou..... Nevermind...
You can try looking for those episodes on some of the file sharing programs like Kazaa, WinMX, etc... I "had" episode 23 of the series but it became corrupt and so I deleted it.... I only saw it once... GGggggrrrrr... Oh well, you'll find it eventually. Best of luck! :)
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maybe I could get it if....

Postby Rising_Shadow » Mon Jul 01, 2002 5:35 pm

is FF unlimited any good?
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Postby Dugan » Sat Jul 06, 2002 9:03 pm

It was subbed by Chikara Fansubs. That's #chikara-fansubs on

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Postby mckeed » Mon Jul 08, 2002 2:11 pm

I really didn't enjoy FFU....i watched 12 episodes and just stopped as it really wasn't holding my attention or interest at all.....seemed very repetitive and such. But i know other ppl liked it, so i guess it depends on taste.
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