Anime Expo AMV Competition Results

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Anime Expo AMV Competition Results

Postby EvilVegettoZ » Sat Jul 06, 2002 5:16 pm

I must say...This is must be one of the poorest contest I've ever seen run....Although I've only been to TWO this was HORRIBLE...I will review EVERYTHING that happened from the AMV panel and on.

AMV Panel - 6:15

A line forming outside started everything...I was the first in line with Castor Troy and one of my friends where we waited for a bit. We consulted with other Anime Music Video creators and attendees for a while and was introduced to SpPanda (I believe that's how his handle is spelled). We talked for a little while till at about 6:50 they let everyone into the room.

AMV Panel - 7:00

The panel had started.....My friends and I got seats directly up front so it was quite enjoyable.....They were aiming to change the 1 hour panel to a 3 hour panel so the Music Video Contest would be directly afterwards....They succeeded....The panel consisted of Justin "ErMaC" Emmerson, Vlad G Pohnert, Weibelius ( I beleive his name is Eric Kobet, if it was indeed him this guy did a great job running some past AMV contests...Although I didn't attend it looked as if he worked his ass off), And last but not least....Well...I forgot his to remember...But he runs Doki Doki Productions. I must say though...Starting off of course ErMaC wasn't shy at all and went into the conversation having the most to say....Vlad wasn't that shy at all either and discussed his videos and about his life in Canada...heh....By that I mean the prices for Anime DVD's and a lot more.....Just don't have the time to go through EVERYTHING....Eric Kobet seemed the most shy out of everyone.....He stated that he had low self-esteem and beats up on himself but I didn't see it that much.....He was a funny guy although a bit nervous and shy....Same with everyone else.....Although thinking 3 hours would be rather boring just to sit down and watch these people talk for 3 hours but it was very entertaining.....A lot of jokes cracked here and there and I must say it was worth all three hours.

End Of AMV Panel, Start of AMV Seating - 7:00

I must say....I was HEAVILY anticipating AX and this contest....The AX convention SUCKED so I was really hoping for the contest to make up for it all. But I was dissapointed as we waited in line when the seating SHOULD of started from 7-8 pm but it dragged on to about 9:45 till they eventually let us get seated for the contest. After about 45 minutes of waiting and talking to some GREAT people (I don't know if I'm getting this handle right but I hope so.....Mpoch, I also ran into Carlos who is a great guy as well). At about 10:30 we finally are introduced to the Cordinators of the 2002 AMV contest....I was finally ready to watch the videos....or not.....After they introduced there selves they stated that they ran into technical difficulties which "Could not be overcome"....After a lot of arguing by the angry fans who waited so long for this contest....They finally settled a decesion setting the contest for 8 AM the next morning along with a review the day after that......For replacement of the AMV contest to make up for what happened they played the DVD of metropolis on the big screen for all the people who waited in line....But for me...I already saw it...Although my friends didn't we didn't have that much time....We drove down to 3 hotels...The Westin...Renaissance...Then finally the Holiday Inn and got a room for the night so we can actually make it to the contest.....Traffic is horrible from the direction I come from and I couldn't get up at 5 am to leave.....

The Next Morning

Waking up after eating some very tasty Carl's Jr Western Bacon burgers didn't make us feel all that well...Castor and I were feeling quite ill but we had no choice. I hoped in the shower after sleeping on the couch through to the second day still having my hair fully sculpted with gel and somehow keeping it styled overnight (I slept up right on a couch....-_-) I took a shower not getting my hair wet then got dressed in the same pair of clothes as yesterday. Got out of the hotel and checked out...Grabbed some orange juice for a freind at the nearby Winchels and headed to the Competition....


We stood outside which what we BELIEVE was the line for the contest...After looking at some people walking into the theatre at about 7:55 we realized that the line was for Masquerade tickets...Ahhh well...So we headed on into the contest and into our seats where we awaited the contest....After talking to SpPanda and Mpoch the music video finally was underway.....I was praying for a good video but this is how it went...But first...The list of videos and creators...

View or Die! - Jeames Dunne
The Look - Vlad Pohnert
Dragon Bebop Z - Ryan Molina
Chemicals - Daniel Araujo
Radinov's Bad Habit - Steven Rutter
Controlling Afflictions - Binh Lam
The World Loves a Bastard - Ted Papadopoulous
Their Lives - Peter Stoll
Destiny of the Dark - Vlad Pohnert
Path of the Deus! - Senta Miller

Devotion - Tim Stair
Lies - Stephen Cilley
Silent Lucidity - Anthony Bennett
Because She... - Daniel Araujo
Cursed Fate - Charles Bathel
Adagio for Fireflies - Art Smoke
Still - Alvin T. Chang
Enigma - Kamaran Ahmadi (Me)
Rose Rhythms - Jason Tennant
Shell Shock - Daniel Cecava

Spectacular - Jessica Brunelle
NYO is WAR - Tim Park
Death Violence and Hate (in an All-Girls Dormitory with a Hot Spring) - Senta Miller
A total waste of 6min 35seconds - Troy Williams
Cybernetic Eyecandy - Scott Crim
Everybody's Free (To Watch anime) - Richard Cole
X-park - Cassiopeia Brinks
Kung Fubop - Kamaran Ahmadi (Me)
This Video Sucks - Tim Park

Although this is not the 100% list...this is most of it in a way...They added a new category which was called the "Fun" category which my Kung Fubop RELATED to but I won't get into that now till later...

After watching the first Action videos I was somewhat disapointed...Not to insult everyone but if I look to my memory of this contest Dragon Bebop Z and Chemicals were the only good videos.....These two videos ended up in a tie for first place and had to have a tie breaker for the voting.....I knew both the creators of this video....Castor Troy (Ryan Molina) and SpPanda (Daniel Araujo)....I must say....Castor Troy's video got a better reaction the first time it was played....Although Chemicals video beat Castor-Troy's video.....A LOT of people thought that Castor was robbed....Even SpPanda thought Castor should have won...One thing I hate....Whistlers......I went def....The applause meter of course rates the noise level...When someone whistles the applause meter hits a MUCH higher rating since the ear peircing whistle behind me was so high....After watching Castor get robbed I don't believe in this rating system anymore...They must find a MORE accurate way to rate these contests...Cause one person who can whistle extremely loud and beat a entire croud...I find that extremely lame...

After being pissed off we roll into the "Fun" category...First video up...."Bebopin"...But wait...Why is my video playing?..."NO! STOP IT!".....They played HALF MY GOD DAMN VIDEO until they finally stopped it and told everyone it was the wrong video....That ruined mostly everything and I was VERY angry.....The fun category finally finished and I wasn't THAT pleased at this years contest so far AT ALL....It was a MAJOR disapointment...Although I don't remember which video won that category I'm sorry to announce that....When it comes to AMV contests and watching them I can never recall these things...I apologize....

Next we go to drama....Ahhh...I was happy...Finally Enigma would be shown..We went through the Drama category as I discussed to my friends and we didn't really find ANYTHING THAT GREAT.....All the videos were mediocre...Expected....And my friends and I thought that the person who used Grave of the Fire Flies (I believe that's the name) is KIND of a cheap Drama video to make....Not in a bad way or anything...But that anime is sad no matter what....Any sad song with just clips of that Anime is sad....So we found it kind of cheap to enter something like that...Hell...I worked my ass off for Enigma....Although the Kenshin OVA's are bloody and very sad It would be much harder to make a video for it......Finally we continue on and I watch SpPanda's video and a few others....Mine comes on...I'm happy with it...I get a good applause and I was satisfied....We go onto judging...I didn't win but ohh well...I didn't care....Most people can't even notice that my video is more of a Artistic approach....Which Vlad mentioned that more people should do in the AMV panel....The Drama category came to a tie with the videos "Silent Lucidity" and "Because She...".....I enjoyed the Because She video but I really didn't like Silent Lucidity......It was done to Card Captors Sakura but I must admit...Some scenes were executed exceptionally well and I congratulate that person for winning the contest..

Finally we go into the "Comedy" category.....Compared to AX last year...It wasn't all that great...They have a few good videos...Tim Park made some exceptional videos....X-Park had a good idea but was poorly executed when I think about it..........Not to be rude to the person who made Cybernetic Eye Candy but that video got on my nerves...It was so long and the SAME thing over and over....Same lyrics and same lip syncing...I was going crazy along with some other people...Therefore it didn't get such a loud applause....But one video in my mind stood out the most...."A total waste of 6 minutes and 35 seconds". This video was completely original and I must say I enjoyed it very much...One problem though...It had NO replay value at all....But it was still entertaining the first time....Spectacular by Jessica Brunelle was awsome video as well....I'm just wondering who she is....I'd like to congradulate her.....Besides that I can't remember too much....I don't know if there were any other good videos but the contest was coming to an end...After replaying the 4 winning category videos the winning video came down to become.....

"Silent Lucidity"....

Congratulations to whoever made the video....Although I think Troy Williams should of won....I didn't even think that Silent Lucidity should of won drama against "Because She" but that's my opinion.....

Worst part of all...No PRIZES!......They didn't even have anyone come up after each video like last year...Although I must admit there was a hot girl as the host for this years AX but it didn't make up for the lack of quality in this contest....This is my second con...and I must say....AX SUCKS.....Atleast this year.....They didn't even know if there were Judges Choice awards and the people running those had to tell them and get up on stage....Tim Stair who made "Devotion" wasn't there....Carlos (MindWarp) Offered to take it and give it to him since he knows Tim but they said that Tim had to be in person or have a registered Proxy there in person...So they are holding it I guess.....The other winner was Troy Williams for "A Total Waste Of 6 Minutes And 35 Seconds". The contest was over now....One good thing did come out of it though....Troy Williams has ran the panel for a few years now....He asked everyone to give them their e-mail addresses so he can contact them...I think he noticed my video or something but he called me up as well so after the contest I gave him my e-mail address.....I just hope he can read my sloppy

Besides all this I'm going to TRY to get in contact with the coordinators and let them have ME work WITH them for next year to make up for everything....What they have done was just not acceptible...A few videos couldn't play do to technical difficulties and a few other stuff....I must say.....This contest was POORLY organized.....But hopefully next year it will be better....If I do get in contact with the coordinators I'm going to request to run it like last year....Have a little something for each contestant...Have them called up and come on stage.....Have prizes for christs sake.....And a bunch of other stuff that they could do to make things better.....

Well...That's my review......In conclusion...Anime Expo 2002 was the biggest disapointment...After all that anticipation it went down the crapper....I hope this helps you all....I'm sorry about not remembering the persons name who won the "Fun" category...Anyone who went to the contest and rememebrs please post a reply stating the name...That would be great.....

Thank you!
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Postby iserlohn » Sat Jul 06, 2002 5:33 pm

wow. that makes me glad to be an east coaster.

as for castor getting robbed, the man won at 5 other cons. he has no reason to go crying on his way home...
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Postby Fluxmeister » Sat Jul 06, 2002 5:42 pm


Sorry to hear that the con and amv contest were so messed up. I would
have liked to have gone to AX ... but wow... I guess I am glad I didn'! :P

Lol, among those mediocre drama vids you saw mine, Devotion(escaflowne)... which hopefully played right without errors. :roll: Haha, I hope it wasn't toooo mediocre to sit through without banging your head against the floor. :wink:

(Tim Stair)
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Postby Fluxmeister » Sat Jul 06, 2002 5:48 pm

Oooopps, I didn't even read the whole post... hmmm... I might have to
hunt down Machine now... Though I think the prize is just nullified without the proxy form... lol, oh well. :D
I have sinned. I made a video I wanted to make that was music + anime + sync + action + effects/transitions. Oh lordy. :roll:
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Postby AbsoluteDestiny » Sat Jul 06, 2002 5:49 pm

they made a new category???

Wow, I can't believe how unorganised this all seems. Reversed field orders, last minute category additions, 8am showings, no prizes.

It's only one of the biggest US cons, you'd think they'd be able to do a little better than that.

did they actually give title awards for:

Best Song/Anime Selection
AX Staff Favorite
AX Staff Special Merit

Best Style
Best Composition
Best Editing
Best Special Effects

Third Party Sponsor-defined Categories?

I bet the amv contest wasn't in the conbook either and something tells me they don't really care. The amv contest has the smallest section on the AX website for a reason, by the looks of things.

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Postby XbignameX » Sat Jul 06, 2002 5:51 pm

wow, I'm glad in a way that I didn't wake up early to attend the screening, some serious changes are gonna have to happen for next year, and why diddn't they do prizes? I could swear I saw something on the submission guidelines page about prizes....
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Postby AbsoluteDestiny » Sat Jul 06, 2002 5:53 pm

XbignameX wrote:wow, I'm glad in a way that I didn't wake up early to attend the screening, some serious changes are gonna have to happen for next year, and why diddn't they do prizes? I could swear I saw something on the submission guidelines page about prizes....

Oh yeah, so they do:

Prizes have yet to be determined. Needless to say they will be worthwhile and really cool!

Really cool eh?
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Postby EvilVegettoZ » Sat Jul 06, 2002 5:54 pm

No prizes or nothing...and no best editing or anything...This year was shit...They only had Best Drama...Best Action...Best Fun...Best Comedy...And of course the overall winner besides 2 judges awards which one was "Big Cahoonah" award and I forgot the other...But You won it Fluxmeister...Good job on that Esca video by the way...I enjoyed that one...It just came to mind.....You did really well at executing some scenes....I enjoyed it...=D...Got a link?...
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Postby EvilVegettoZ » Sat Jul 06, 2002 5:55 pm

Almost forgot....What are you going to do about your award?...Cause Machine doesn't have it...They wouldn't give it to him..So they still have it....
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Postby XbignameX » Sat Jul 06, 2002 5:58 pm

oh yeah, how many empty seats were there for the 8 am showing?
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Postby Fluxmeister » Sat Jul 06, 2002 5:59 pm

Uhm... I think they just toss it out? Too bad I didn't think to send the proxy form, lol! :oops: x 50

All my videos are linked under my profile (see my sig)
I have sinned. I made a video I wanted to make that was music + anime + sync + action + effects/transitions. Oh lordy. :roll:
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Postby EvilVegettoZ » Sat Jul 06, 2002 6:08 pm

Actually...The play was almost full... A lot of people showed up....
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Postby BigName » Sat Jul 06, 2002 6:12 pm

Balconies and all? glad to hear that at least...
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Postby EvilVegettoZ » Sat Jul 06, 2002 6:29 pm

Yup Yup....I can't believe they messed up playing my Kung Fubop video...And if I KNEW there was a Fun category I may have actually did well in that category...My video isn't made for comedy but that was the only category available for the likeliness of the video...God damn AX....You suck....
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Postby EvilVegettoZ » Sat Jul 06, 2002 6:33 pm

Ack...I mean 3:15 for the starting of the line....not 6:45
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