Media Player Classic HC Won't Open

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Media Player Classic HC Won't Open

Postby Infinity Squared » Thu Aug 29, 2013 9:09 am

So I've removed an old version of CCCP and have recently installed the latest one. All of a sudden MPC-HC has stopped working. I thought that I'd revert it back to the previous version instead but now even that doesn't work either. Apart from watching stuff through it, I use MPC-HC for viewing my .avs files too so right now this is a bit of an annoying problem for me.

For whatever kind of video or even if I just try to open the program itself, nothing happens. The window doesn't pop up at all. It appears in my Task Manager for maybe 3 seconds and then disappears. So yeah, it's not that it won't play videos but that it won't even appear at all.

Anyone else had this issue before? Short of re-formatting my computer, I've tried most things I can think of now (reinstall in different directory, try other outdated versions, install standalone, run as admin, even go on Safe Mode).
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Re: Media Player Classic HC Won't Open

Postby mirkosp » Thu Aug 29, 2013 12:09 pm

Have you tried the "Repair CCCP" button in the CCCP Settings software?
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Re: Media Player Classic HC Won't Open

Postby AMVGuide » Tue Dec 17, 2013 4:31 pm

There's a possibility of conflicting registry entries.
Something like ccleaner may help for that.

First uninstall CCCP,
then download and install ccleaner.
Run ccleaner, click Registry > Scan > Fix

(You can also enhance security on your computer by running the Cleaner from time to time on Windows/Applications. This can clear your internet history, cookies, and passwords-- just makes sure you know what your passwords are otherwise you'll lose them. )

Once you do that, reinstall CCCP, and hopefully videos should play. Otherwise, VLC works most of the time.

Regarding passing .avs scripts onto MPC for playback, I've found that newer versions of MPC may not play them unless in RGB colorspace. This can be fixed by adding converttorgb32() or converttorgb24() to the end of your script and saving.
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