Searching for a lost AMV

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Searching for a lost AMV

Postby Terribru » Mon Sep 23, 2013 4:43 pm

I believe all of us do(es?) not like when youtube deletes the stuff. So I fell a victim of such occasion.

One year ago, in June (2012) I found an AMV on youtube.
Link: (deleted)
Title: Anime Mix - Agony {KOTOKO}
Author: unknown, cannot find out now
Links containing some info: ... otoko+.htm
Some description from there: I found the song on and really liked it. this is an AMV featuring my favorite anime. Although i made this like a week or ...
Song, as title says: Kotoko - Agony

I clearly remember there was Kurokami (0:35 as per my 1year old tweet) in that mix, Shugo Chara, I don't remember the rest, but it is possible to guess from the last link above.

That amv was found on someone's youtube list, but no information could be extracted from there. The only I can do is ask the owner of that list if he/she has a copy of that video downloaded and share with me.

I really liked the video, was desperately searching it for a few times, I remember I was posting it in my twitter. I have downloaded the archive of my tweets and found the link there. It was helpful enough to find the information which I posted above in this post.

I was able to find something like this ... anLucyNana I think there is a chance that this guy was an author of that AMV but there is no guarantee.

Could it be someone of you knew this AMV and by any chance knows something else and could help?
I would really appreciate that.

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Re: Searching for a lost AMV

Postby Terribru » Thu Oct 03, 2013 6:47 pm

Not for bump, just to tell this.
The most I can do now is to send youtube feedbacks from that video page, in text I include link to video and text saying something like this:
"Hi, please let me know why this video is unavailable and how can I contact author/uploader. Thanks."
I sent them already 6 feedbacks or so, I will continue on sending them feedbacks as this is the only option I was able to find to contact them directly. (I hope it's directly)
I am trying to send this feedback daily, but sometimes I forget because of some reasons.

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Re: Searching for a lost AMV

Postby FedericoAlejandro » Fri Nov 22, 2013 10:48 am

Well, actually i was looking for this amv ... p?v=157986 This user has ¨lost¨ most of his work, only 2 of 49 amv´s still remain available. What happended to the rest? Were they deleted? I´d like to know, if possible

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