What Are You Editing? II

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What Are You Editing? II

Postby Kionon » Tue Oct 02, 2012 9:38 am

Two and a half years ago, Prodigi started the original What Are You Editing thread. I decided not to necropost in that thread. I felt that a significant enough time had passed that if someone started at the beginning, the information would be so out of date as to not be worth reading.

For myself, I found out I essentially hadn't done anything. :down: I need to get this crap off my harddrives, so... Finish or scrap. I also have a few ideas storyboarded but no actual editing has begun. They are not included on this list.

Title: 泣くないで
Source: Aoi Hana
Song: No More Cry by The Corrs
Started work: April 18, 2010.
Status: Progressing.
Betas? Only if you are Otohiko, GQ, or Mewn.
Info: Nearly finished. Will meet Oct 5th con deadlines and then be released on the Org.

Title: Sakura's The Girl I've Been Telling You About REMASTER
Source: Card Captor Sakura
Song: That's The Girl I've Been Telling You About by Blessed Union of Souls
Started work: June 28, 2009.
Status: On Hold.
Betas? No, because it's pretty much just a remaster of the 2001 video done with the BDs.
Info: None, really.

Title: I'm on a(n Inter-Island) Ferry
Source: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Song: I'm on a Boat by The Lonely Island
Started Work: Eh... May 2009? Maybe?
Status: Progressing.
Betas? Maybe later.
Info: Making clips... LIKE A BOSS. Rotoscoping... LIKE A BOSS. Jumping on the bandwagon years too late... LIKE A BOSS.

Title: Strawberries
Source: Ichigo Mashimaro
Song: When I Grow Up by Garbage
Started work: Feb 3, 2008.
Status: On Hold.
Betas? No.
Info: I still think this song/video combination has a lot of potential.

Title: Utena (Story of a Girl) REMASTER
Source: Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Song: Story of a Girl by Nine Days
Started work: Feb 14, 2008.
Status: Probably scrapped.
Betas? Betas!
Info: Probably deserves an entirely new video.

Title: Lucky Charms
Source: Lucky Star
Song: Party Affair by DJ WoozyBoozy
Started work: Sometime in 2006, probably.
Status: On Hold.
Betas? Yes, but...
Info: Now an SBS studio project, not just mine. I don't want to let the cat out of the bag on the editing unless Jeeks agrees.

Title: Robot Girl REMASTER
Source: Boku no Marie
Song: Robot Girl by Was (Not Was)
Started work: December 16, 2008.
Status: Scrapped.
Betas? No. Go download the original.
Info: This is a remaster of someone else's video, and as such ranks pretty low on my priority list.
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Re: What Are You Editing? II

Postby Animated » Tue Oct 02, 2012 9:48 am

Well, here it goes:

Title: The Seed of Discord
Source: 15-20 different anime
Song: In the Shadow of the Valley of Death by Marilyn Manson
Started work: September 16, 2012
Status: Around 15%
Betas: Too early.
Info: Rain, anarchy, depression, corrupt, censored sex scenes.
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Re: What Are You Editing? II

Postby TritioAFB » Tue Oct 02, 2012 10:15 am

This one:

Spoiler :

Making AMVs by day, Going to Gym by Night
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Re: What Are You Editing? II

Postby ZephyrStar » Tue Oct 02, 2012 12:00 pm


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Re: What Are You Editing? II

Postby LantisEscudo » Tue Oct 02, 2012 1:05 pm

I just checked what my response was to the old thread. Of the five things I listed as working on, only one actually got finished, the other four are still in some form of semi-doneness. Other projects stole my brain and got done instead.

Since then, I've added a few to the list, also in some form of work on them.

Title: Draco, Draconis, Draconem (working title)
Source: Record of Lodoss War TV (SD sections)
Song: Puff the Magic Dragon by Peter, Paul, and Mary
Started work:
Status: About 50%
Betas: Probably not enough time.
Info: A theme entry for AAC 2012. Silly and a bit slapped-together.

Title: Pro/Masters 2013 A and B
These two need to be kept blind with the new rules (which I heartily approve of), but one's an old idea I've been kicking around for years, the other is one that came to me on the drive back to the airport from AWA this year, and started coming together in my head during the flight.

Title: Gaelic Secrets (working title)
Source: The Secret of Kells
Song: Time's Scar from Chrono Crusade
Started work: Not yet
Status: Clipping for scenes, storyboarding
Betas: Far too early
Info: A non-anime video for Connecticon.

Title: MG Trailer (working title)
Source: Multiple
Song: Multiple, original voice work
Started work: October 2011
Status: Writing script, clipping for scenes
Betas: Not yet
Info: An original trailer for a crossover movie. Need to find VAs for it still.

Title: Untitled
Source: Original footage
Song: Original dialogue
Started work: Summer 2012
Status: Script in progress
Betas: Not for a long time
Info: An original short film I've wanted to do for a long time for the TV station I work for. We get a lot of nonfiction and local events, but very little original fictional stuff to show, so I wanted to do something that might inspire some more people to bring us stuff. Writing the script now, then I need to figure out costumes and sets, then shooting it, then editing it. If it's done in the next two years, I'll be shocked.

I've probably got four or five more in various planning stages, but little concrete completed yet.
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Re: What Are You Editing? II

Postby Otohiko » Tue Oct 02, 2012 1:10 pm

My own shet :bzz:

AMV-wise, next thing I'll be doing will be with Uchuu Kyodai, as soon as more footage of that is out.
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Re: What Are You Editing? II

Postby macchinainterna » Tue Oct 02, 2012 2:00 pm

Spoiler :

And if I can keep motivated then this will shortly follow O:
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Re: What Are You Editing? II

Postby Taite » Tue Oct 02, 2012 6:12 pm


All the projects on my computer, oldest being recessonal, ruyshtogther, samuraix, neversaynever, myshadow, marchinon, losingmemroy, and hearume, all created 8/25/11. Red x's are completed; some of them are on the org, most on yt, others made, uploaded, then deleted. Blue x's are projects started, never to be finished. Yellow x's are ones that I'm still interested in, will probably finish sometime (some are currently being edited (sky, undeniable), but most are on hold.) Pink x's are projects I like, but I'm done editing, and may or may not upload/do something with them.

Before my hard-drive crashed I had about 80 projects, then with my new one I had 30, then I deleted them all last February, and now I'm here, and I'm still only editing two projects (and by editing I mean I'll open it for a few minutes, may or may not do something, then close it and not touch it for awhile. But they're still the only projects I'll ever open.)

And I have 9 ideas all written down that I want to do, but have not started and likely never will.
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Re: What Are You Editing? II

Postby Kionon » Tue Oct 02, 2012 7:02 pm

On the subject of written down/storyboarded ideas, anyone who follows my Utena videos should know I have plans to release videos for all of the Black Rose duelists, to be considered a "set."

I'm debating Kanae altogether. She only exists for a limited timeframe essentially and is not well fleshed out as a character. Compared to the complexity of the characterisations of the others, she's not even in the same league. Maybe if I hit upon something that just screams to me, or if I feel compelled to keep her as part of the set...

I admit, I like the Black Rose crew way more than the Student Council. I'd totally watch a show where their positions were reversed...

From left to right: Wakaba, Kanae, Kozue, Keiko, Shiori, Tsuwbuki. Mikage Souji and Mimiya Chida are seated, but will likely not be given their own videos as part of this set. Maybe a combined video to highlight their relationship.

Duelist: Shinohara Wakaba
Description: Utena's best friend, and the token super-energetic Japanese school girl. Her crush on Saionji is the catalyst that launches the series in the first episode. Wakaba's duel is called "limite."
Title: Currently Untitled
Song: Bitter by Jill Sobule
Status: Storyboarding.

Duelist: Takatsuki Shiori
Description: A "friend" from Juri's past, she returns to Ohtori just in time to duel as a Black Rose Duelist, her duel being "jalousis." She's the source of of Juri's torment; as Juri puts it, she's "cruelly innocent." As much as Juri loves Shiori, Shiori hates and despises Juri, using Juri's own feelings against her.
Title: Shadow
Song: Beautiful by JoyDrop
Status: Completed.

Duelist: Kaoru Kozue
Description: Miki's twin sister, and a particularly manipulative character. Her past with Miki is up for discussion, and her obsession with possessing him is probably accurately defined as psychotic. Her duel is called "attache."
Title: Boy at the Piano
Song: Eric's Song by Vienna Teng
Status: Completed.

Duelist: Tsuwabuki Mitsuru
Tsuwabuki is, simply put, one of Nanami's more valuable minions. With serious maturity issues which mirror those of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, he will do anything to be "grown up" like Nanami's big brother, Touga. He acts like a servant to Nanami, and when he finally snaps, does so as a Black Rose Duelist, his duel being "impatience." He is my favorite Utena character (Miki is my favorite of the Student Council members), and I use his name on several other websites (I was also called Kiobuki on Alt.Fan.Sailor-Moon and Alt.Fan.Utena for my supposed similarity to this character).
Title: Untitled
Song: Currently considering options.
Status: Pre-planning.

Duelist: Sonoda Keiko
Description: One of Nanami's three henchmen (the other two being Aiko and Yuuko), Keiko's teen girl crush on Touga causes her to wait on his overbearing sister like a slave, in the hopes, small as they may be, that Touga will catch a glimpse of her. Her Black Rose duel is titled "dépendance."
Titled: Untitled
Song: Unchosen
Status: Not planned.

Duelist: Ohtori Kanae
Description: Kanae is the daughter of the Chairman of the Board of Ohtori Academy, and engaged to Akio. She harbors a concealed hatred of Anthy, due to the alienation she feels around her. She senses there's *something* between Akio and Anthy that she just can't seem to get out of them. This frustration comes out of her in the Black Rose duel "aliéation."
Title: Untitled
Song: Unchosen
Status: Possibly scrapped. Depends on how interesting she can be made to seem.
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Re: What Are You Editing? II

Postby ngsilver » Wed Oct 03, 2012 12:07 am

Wow, I have been really shitty at finishing videos I had planned. Just checked through my posts in the other thread and the only video I've actually finished from that list was Dance 7.0

From the old list, the only video I know for sure I am still going to complete is:

Title: Pizza Power! (Dedicated to Mirkosp)
Source: Code Geass 1 & 2
Audio: TMNT - Pizza Power!
Status: Working on finding where I put the source files, if I cannot find them then status is re-encoding source
Info: Isn't exactly a getting feet wet with 1080p footage project anymore. It's more or less just a fun project that I need to finish.

I am only listing this video because I don't plan to enter it into Pro or Masters for AWA. My other planned videos I'm keeping a secret just because of this.
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Re: What Are You Editing? II

Postby Melanchthon » Wed Oct 03, 2012 5:06 pm

ngsilver wrote:Wow, I have been really shitty at finishing videos I had planned.

I don't plan. :P

Currently editing a video using a rather more mellow cover of Xiu Xiu's 'Apistat Commander'. The anime has the emotional tone to be able to work with the highly-strung original, but the footage itself is all wrong for what I want to do.

Source: Trigun (series)
Audio: Sunset Rubdown - Apistat Commander

I've gotten about 1.20 done after fifteen days, the last two of which were spent trying to think of what clip/object to place next. Betas are not an option -- that 1.20 is scattered over 6 minutes, some clips have been left to run long simply because there's nothing to put after them yet, some parts haven't had the in-scene cuts properly timed... I'm not too worried about that. The first video I did had a character(?) roaring and finishing off clawing her way out of an enemy as the instrumental started, and I wasn't much impressed with it, but rather late in the editing that was replaced with a cut to her roaring during a different battle and leading into a thematic section for the instrumental which I think went very well. So, you know, something presents itself sooner or later.
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Re: What Are You Editing? II

Postby ngsilver » Wed Oct 03, 2012 5:34 pm

Melanchthon wrote:
ngsilver wrote:Wow, I have been really shitty at finishing videos I had planned.

I don't plan. :P

I don't either, at least in the sense of actually planning out what is going to happen in a video. The most I generally plan is, ooo, I have an idea for a song and anime pairing, sounds good, let me write it down and plan to work on it when the mood strikes me.
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Re: What Are You Editing? II

Postby Kionon » Wed Oct 03, 2012 6:51 pm

I actually do plan. A lot. In fact, I should do a sticky on storyboarding. In an ideal setting (which isn't always possible considering contests), I have way more than vague ideas. As a song first editor (primarily), what happens is a hear a song and my mind "chooses" a show for background video in my head. Usually, if it's anime I know very well (like Utena), I can actually be very, very specific. This allows to me jot down the scenes for each lyric I need.

This is followed by snapshots during scrubbing of the footage to make sure what I imagined really is in the anime. This is how I build a storyboard. After storyboarding, comes clipping. I usually prefer to fill timelines prior to editing based on the storyboarding, but this isn't always possible, especially when working with deadlines. Only when the timeline is filled do I go back and start addressing the issues of beat sync, transitions, and effects. Lyric sync is almost always my primary motivator.

If the video matches what I remember seeing in my head (within reason, allowing for the fact human memory is flawed and as a creative endeavor, such "mind-storyboarding" creates scenes not in the original source), then I have been successful and the video is completed and released. One of the biggest mental "humps" I suppose I have is my problem taking very good beta feedback because the feedback calls for altering "the vision."

...I've also been known to rotoscope or draw scenes not found in the anime just to make sure my vision is not too compromised. The biggest issue there, especially for drama videos, is to make sure such additions are not obvious.
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Re: What Are You Editing? II

Postby trythil » Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:51 pm

T̶̸̡̨̙̪̪̖̙̝̬̱͚͈̺̜͖͎̮̳̝̭̟̗͇̫͍̝̠̹͉̑ͪ̊ͣ̌ͮ̅̽̈́ͪ̈́̎̆ͮ̂ͩ̑͋ͬ⃧ͦͭ̽̏̅̄̆̑ͩ̃̊⃧̍́̂ͨ̌͛ͤ̓ͤ͑́̕͘͜͡҉̴̧̢̨͖͈͍͚̖̬̝͕̲̦̤̲̥̩̟̲̥͙̫̪̺̳̰͈̖̺̝̥̲̳͔̻⃧ͫ̅ͧ̇̾̾͆ͩ͋̋̉̐̏̊⃧̓ͥ̐̍̏ͫ̈́̃ͬͣ̀͒̒̒̓⃧͐̊̓͌̆̐̿̄ͫ̎⃧͗̈́ͤ͋̌͛̓͂̌̋̆̅̕͟͝ͅͅ҉̴̢̯̲̬̩̻͕̟̹͕͍̟̙̗͈̲̻̮́⃧ͮͨͦ͌ͬ̏ͤ̍͘͜͟͜͢҉̙̺͕̼̣⃧̇͐͆͊ͨ̓ͭͦͪͧ͐̄̍̌̅̚͏̸̡̛͕̭̭̺͉̤̤̥̗́hͨ̄̏ͥ͒͋͗̾̒̒͏̴̡̢̢̧̬͎̜͓͎̱̻̜͙̼̦̺̦̳̬̳̞̻̬͇̜͕̜̘̲̞̳̦͈⃧̀̔̈̎͌̑̒̆̉̓⃧ͮ̃͂ͮ͂̇ͧ͌͒̎ͥ̉̈́̀᷅̆͗͋͐̀̚̚͟͢͢͜͡͏̴̵̶̶̸̵̷̸̵̴̢̨̛̛̬͕̬̘̭̩͉̞̜̞̯͙̦̟̙̦͔̙̺̪̗̱̘̺̪̳̫̞̩͙͓̠̱̮̫͔̲͚̞̪͕̻̬͍͖̱̺͚̠̱͇̥̞͔͔͓̥̦̼̮͕̩̪̲̳̖̙⃧͂ͬͫ̍̿̔̃̂ͤ̾⃧̽͂͒̃̎̿̓͛͐⃧̐̌͛̎̑̈́͋́ͬ̏͊̎̄⃧͑̌̈́ͤ̋̀ͨ⃧͑͐̾ͬ͒̓̄ͪͣ͆ͩͥ͗̾̉͋̌⃧̿ͭ͊̋͒̂̒̑ͦ̉͐ͮ̑ͦ̅ͨ͘͘̚̕͟͡͞͞͡ͅͅȋ̶̇̋̐ͤ͢҉̶̵̸̵̛̭̦̭͔̻̻̹̠͚̮̲̗͕̰̯̟͈͍̞̜̺͖͍̩̳̱̦͇⃧ͧ͊ͯͥ͛ͥͤͦ̆ͨ͆⃧̀̈̈ͫͥͤ̽͋͌̽̿̊̊ͨ͑ͭ̏͗̃⃧ͮ̇̂ͪ͒̈́ͨ̃͐͐̅̏ͬ̈ͮ⃧̈ͨ̓̂͋̑ͪͮͤ̒́̚̕͘̚͢͜͟͝ͅ͏̷̸̴̧̡̢͚̖̤͍͓͓̞͕̠̘͚͖̼̦͈̳̙̗̞͎̥͚̱̼̲̮͉̬̬̤͕̝̠͖͇̩͇͎̥̰̥̫̠̦̞̜̤̖̼͚⃧̅͛̍̉̈͌͛̀⃧̇͛ͦ͂͊̓̂̃͊ͯ̒̓⃧̋̋̍̋ͭ̾̒ͮ͌⃧̇̽̽̒ͬ̅ͪ̒̚̕̚̕͟͡͝͠ş̸̴̸̵̧̛̛̬͖̘̣̘̪͎̯̞̠͍̫̖̻̳͖̰̦̮͕̰͈̥͙͉͔̺̗͕̯̟̥̖̪̰̩̰̼̫̬̫̟̮̻͕̱̟̠̰̞̹̯̰̱̻̟̭̟̼͍̥̳̦̰᷿̓͊̏ͯ͛ͬ̉͒̔͂ͩ͛̃̈̍̉⃧ͨ́͌̀ͪ̽͗̓ͨͮͬ́⃧̓͒͛͑̈ͬͤͯ͆͒̈͐̀⃧́ͨ̂̂̎̑̎ͭ̀⃧ͤ͊͆̇̀̃̓ͪͧ̑͒̇̒ͨͤͫ̈̐ͣͧ̋̕̚̚͢͢͢͡͝͝͞ͅͅ͏̴̸̷̧̡̡̫̼̟̱͚͉̤͉̬̲̥̩̩̼̘̪͈̻̲̰͎̰̲̠̜̥̦͎͖̬̲͕̪̥̪̼̣̤̘̹̞͕̲᷊̜̺̬͍̠̫͓͇̪̭̦͖̪̼̥̦̙͓̮̦̺͕̼̦͚̮̰͕̙⃧͊ͣ̅̉̏ͮͫ̋̆͗͋̆⃧̑́̋̽ͧ͛ͪ̉͌̆ͣͭ̑ͩ̔ͤͩ̔̍̀͌̎̌̿͗ͭ̈̽̏ͤ̄̈́⃧̐̓̃̿̌̊̈́̊ͥ̄̔͋͂̀⃧̽ͩ̔͗ͧ̔ͯ̒ͪ̚̕͢͢͜͠ͅ ̄̒̋͌̅̚͏̷̡̡̛̯͙͉̭̠̗̗͖̥̬͓̩̦⃧̀̈́̆̾ͩ͐͑̆̈́ͧͥ̀͘ͅ҉̸̴̷̴̡̨̧̧̼͔͉̣͕̫̗̰̠̳͈͚̟̮̭͇̼̰̜̪͚̬͍̭̤̰̙͈̮̹͍̙̝̩̻͕̤̩̼͚͈͕̜̼̮͇̘͙̺͕͔̭̣͚̫̻͔͖̖͇̣̦̮̘̖̳͇̙̮⃧ͧ̏͒̐ͥ͛̄ͥ̒̎̊ͧ̏̐ͧ͋͌̅⃧ͦͫ̅̍͌̒̏̍̏͛ͮͦͤ͐⃧̂͂̑ͫͥ́⃧͊ͯ̓̉ͧ̓̿ͫ̎͗̑ͥ̆̽̆ͨ̌ͥ́⃧̽͋̎̌ͨͭ̌̉́̚͘̚̚͜͢͢͠͠͝͡ͅ͏̵̧̧̡̡̡̛̮̠͙͖̖̱̹̞̫̜̫͉̥̙͉̝͉̭͇̳͇͔͓͓̩̰̳͓̜̻̘̬⃧̀̾͑͊͑ͯ͑ͨͤ̀⃧͊͌ͫ̒ͮ͌̑͌̇̀̕ͅͅi̷̴̴̶̷̴̵̡̡̛̺͎̪͇̗̺͖̭̻͇̳̝̹͓͙̹̭͓̰͔̯̣̺̹̜̠̮̦̬͍̯̮̜̱̜̩͈̗͙̖͚̰̩͇͕̥͙̫̱̪͇̙̩͈᷂͕̙̘̼̰͎̳̹̼͈̘̗͗ͤͩ̇̒̍̍ͭͥ̓⃧̂ͭ̆̂̒͆̀ͭ͆ͦ̀ͦ̋̓ͮ⃧ͪͩͬ̍͛ͫ͐ͭͨ͌ͫͪ̀᷁͋̿ͬ̓̉͛́́̌̓ͩͫ̓͋̃ͧ͒́́⃧ͧ̋ͧ̓̑ͤ̽ͩ̓ͥͭ̓͊͋͑̌͋́͂⃧̂͊ͪͬ̏̿͒̿̾̊ͤͩ͐͋̏̑̂̒ͫͮ͐̎͌̄̄̉̍̽̉̊́̿̒̄⃧͊͌͆̀͛ͧ̌ͬ̌̀̿͛ͧ̈́̌̉ͤ̄̀͘͘̕͘͟͟͢͝͡͝͝͡͡ͅͅ҉̷̣̯͎̳̥̳̲̱̰̱̺͖̹͎͉̪⃧̉ͮ̈̾̄̕͢ͅ͏̗̞̦̩̪͔̩⃧̿̈́͑ͯ̉ͦ͊̍͟ͅ͏̷̴͍͕͙͙̩̥̩͕̘͈͙͙⃧ͭ̓̈̏̔̎̓͊̚͞s̶̵̵̵̸̵̵̢̨̡̧̨̢̡̨̧̛̛̫̭̥̘̰̗̩̪̲̯͙̟̻̦̳̹̭̦̫̞̩̯̣̹̪̠̟̝̦̙͕̥͚̱͎̰̪̥̲̩͎̣̯̗̜̯͈͖̻̠̩͓̜͈͕̹̺̩͈̮̠̮͇̻̺̹̮̞̰̮̦͉͇̘̦̲̰͎̙͓͎͖͓̜̟͍̬̬̞̘̖̹̮̤̪̘̜̖̠̳̪ͩ̽̔͒ͤͭ̉͆ͨ͗̇̋⃧̎̄ͯ͑͂̑̌̉̌͐ͣ⃧͗́̎ͣͭͧͯ͛̒⃧ͩ̊͆ͭͣ̅⃧ͤͬ̃̾ͦͬͥ̑ͩͫ̎ͨ̀̓͒̏́̀⃧ͤ̍ͨͣ⃧̅̃͛ͤͨ̌ͮͦ͑ͮ͌̈́ͦ̀⃧͆ͦ̅͛̓⃧ͯͪ̿̉̒ͥ̒̕͘͘̚̚͟͟͢͢͞͡͡͠͠͡ͅͅͅ ̴̵̴̢̢̨̧͈̜͇̤͈̩̲̹͕̲̞̫̹̼̭͎̪̘̲̼̫̹̮͙͈̰͚̣̰̞̼̜̼̞͙̯̟͕̭͇͔̲̰̳̪̳̘̫̼͍̋ͦ̎̋̊̆̃̊ͥ̔⃧̆̐͌̏̀⃧̾̀ͤͬ͂̌ͣͣ͂̉ͮͬ⃧͊̏̌͂ͣ̒͑͑̈́ͩͭ͑́ͪ̌ͦ⃧̋̀̀ͣͧͩͣͭͣ̚͟͢͠͠͡ͅ҉̷̷̡̮͓̥̩̲̣̥̮̞̱̼͔͔͇̺̬̠̬̥͕̦̺̳̤̥̟̭̲̳͈̟͖⃧͂̆̀͗ͦ͛̾̓͌͒̅̆̊ͬ̍̽͛̐⃧ͩ̎̀̆̐ͭ̂ͭ͑ͤͪ̀᷉͌̐͆̓̅͗̊ͤ̓ͥͣͫ̾̚̚͞͝͝҉̢̢̛̖͍̗͇͚̘̭̠̦̖͈͎̩̭̖̩̹͍̼̝̥̱̳⃧͌͌͌̈́⃧̇ͦͮͮ̚̚͟a̛̲̫͈͇͇͙͚̥͋̅ͫ̽̍̀ͬͭͨ́ͭͩ̍̍ͥͣ̑̀⃧̽̓ͨͧ̏͘͢͝͝͏̵̢̭̰̱̤̣̳̣̥̪̪̱̘͖͎̟̱̭́⃧͋̔̇͗̋͆ͤ͏̷̨̟̙̝͈̬̟⃧̑̂̍ͣ͗ͮ̑̑̉̅ͬ̄͛̽ͥ̿̀͡͏̷̵̴̵̴̴̢̡̧̙̹͎̮̯̺͖͈̲̞̭͇̫̘̝̰͓͙͎̭͓̭̜̳̩̱̘̜̣͖̘̰̹̼̜͎̲̹̣̺͕͉͕̺̞̻̟᷂̳̘̱͈̱̜͎̞̟̥͍̦̹̤̙̱̭̬͕̗̯⃧̉͑̓ͮ͗ͭͣ͂̈́͆⃧̋͆͋ͥ̏ͬͩ͋͑ͨ⃧ͩͫ͗͋̅̂̏ͤ͛̾ͧ̇̓̌̅ͭ⃧ͭ̽ͨͧͣͭ̏̔ͦ̀⃧͛ͮͤͦ̐ͣ́̎͗̅͌̿̒́͆ͩ͛̿̏̕͘͜͜͡͡͠ͅͅͅͅ ̊̒̒̌ͩ̅͏̷̷̳͔̻͕͉̖̲̰̙̪̟͚⃧̓̀̌ͫ҉̴̷̵̡̢͓̝̪̣͈̥̲̫̬̺̭͚̝̟̬̻̫͙̹̖͖͕̤͚̱̣̮̞̣̹⃧͒̉ͯ̌͌ͭ̀⃧̐̆͛̆⃧͂ͭͨ̈́ͪ̂̒͛͊̿̊ͭ̌́͜͝͝ͅͅ͏̸͔̳̪̦̰͙̬̣͙̳͉̩̟͔̯̗̗̩̭̯̰͕⃧ͧ̆͌͂ͬͧ̃ͥ̿ͧ̍ͮ͛̊̍͂⃧͑͗̅ͩͮͨ̔̀͐̒̿͒̎̄̊̔̋ͬ͜҉̷̡̢̡͍͔̣̲͉͚̭͙̪̞͇̱͈̹̯̝̭̟̝⃧͒̑ͫ̆̌̾ͣ͂ͮ̏͗̂̊̾̐ͤ͂͠͏̷̡̱̹̙͎̙̞̰̞̲̩̩̭͇̹̖̦̖̪͚͓͔̜̤͖͉͚͕̳̩͇̰⃧͂ͥͧ̋̐b̔̍̄ͮ̿̆͌͒̀ͯ͒͆͋͑̿̊̕͠͞҉͏͇̝̪̼̦̻̜̟̬̼̬͍̥̞̼̮̯⃧ͦͮ̊̒ͮ̿ͭ̃ͮͬ⃧̋͂͗ͫ͐̌̀̐̈́̓̒̍͢ͅ҉̷̵̷̢̨͎͙̟̦͖͚̲̻̲̦̱̜̘͓̫̞̹͙̣̗̖̭̹̫̺̻͎⃧ͨ͊͗̉̑ͫ̅̓ͣ̌ͧ̄̆̎̐̑ͤͣ̀⃧ͪ͑̾̈́⃧ͮ̍̓̏̊̆̀ͯͮ̍̂̆̏̕͜͡͡ͅͅ҉̹̜̱̞͓̤̰̙̮̥͓̺⃧̑̄ͫͭ̑҉̛҉̵̛̗̙̦̰͇̼̭͕̩̥͓̲͕̦̥͍̤̤͔̯̬̮͉͚͖⃧ͩ̅ͧͪ⃧́̏͗̅̏̀́͗ͧͤ̑͘̚͘͝҉͟͏͚͍͈̩̤̼̞̰̰̹̥̟l̏̔̑͆҉̛́͏̷̸̢̨̨̛̛̻͚͕̭̘͚͔̮̼̮̲̳̱̠̪͍̦͕̝̘̗̯̲͕̤̱̗̖̳̖̬̫̦̬̥̦͙̝̰̩̳͚͈̬̞̠̗̪̩̙̼̺͖͚͇͚⃧̅̏͊͆̂̀⃧͌́̇͊̏͑̃ͥ̀⃧̈̈́ͩͦͨ⃧ͦ͆̎ͭͭ̋ͧ́⃧̒ͫ̿̿ͭ̿͂̕͢͜͜͟͠͡ͅͅ҉̸̴̸̧̧̡̞̱̜͇̘͓͖͚̻͈̣̘͉̟̼͉̫̜̫͖̬͓̻͓⃧̎͂ͩ̒ͧ͒̈ͤͬ̔̓̅̀⃧ͩ͆ͤ̈͋̓ͤ̓͂̿ͯͮ͝ͅ҉̧̹͖̮̺̪̹̦̺͈͇̪̹̻͈̲̹͇̮⃧̊͋̈́͗ͦ̓̌̅҉̜͍̳̝̺̖͈͔̘̗̙̻͙̣͔͖̟̕͢o̸̡̡̢̥͓̙̺̘̝̯̜̯͈̥͈̳̗̘͈̘͓͚̱̜͍̣̝̬̺͔̙͙̼̙̤͍͖̞̠̻̝̳̣͓̤͔̣̻̫̯͉̜̻̗̙̤̯̜͚̙͓͉̝̮̗̣̝̫̗̭ͭ̔̋ͤͥ⃧̋ͮͦͮ⃧ͣ̌̉̀͗͆̎̓̈́ͦ͊⃧ͧ͑͂̍ͨ͆ͩ́⃧ͫͮͨͩ̐ͫ͋̂͌̀̀̂̚̕͢͜͢͞͝͠҉̷̶҉̴̶̧̢̙̯̪̙͎͉̬͖̘̺̫⃧ͨ͑̃͐̀́ͩ⃧ͨͩ̈́̈ͤ̉́̏͑̓̍͋͋̈́̑̈́̋͢͟͜͡ͅ͏̵̷̨̡̛̻͍͚̠̳̮̪̭̦̳̭̞̣̤͚̭̮̰̰͉͙̼͙̤͔͍͔̖̩͙̭̺͕͓⃧̈́̃ͧ̾ͬͥ͂̉̉͗̅͐͒⃧̽͌ͭ̀͘͞ͅç̵̞̳̣̟̹̬̣͇̖̘̙̺͎̳̦̥̭̦̟̰͔̲̣͓̙̩̦̤̬̆̊ͭ̌̀⃧ͨ̓̌ͬ̊ͪ̌̀⃧̀ͩ̔̓̿ͨͫ̊̽͡҉̷̛͓͎̭̝̼̜̫̘́⃧̎̆ͮ̓̏̅ͥ̀̄͂̎̏̏⃧̓͆͐ͫ̅̋͑̄̂͊ͩ̈́ͬ̕̕͟ͅ͏҉̶̢͍̣͔̙̼̩̙̫̭̬̥͙̫̱̙̻͉̟̣͕̥̜̯̝͉̙̥͓̻̻͍̳͈̳̦̤̦̤̘͈̖̳̦⃧̏̀͗̈̔ͫ̓̆̿͆̀̽̐̓͊̆⃧ͤ̎̈͑̀̒ͣ̋̉̉̌̃ͨ̃͋ͣ⃧̊̀ͩ̃̐͊̚͘͟͡͡ͅͅ҉̨̦̭̱͎̼͙̜̩̮̤̠͚͓̬̮͖̪⃧ͣ͆̐ͫ̅ͨ͗ͣ̋͏̷̡̺̗̮̥̩͍͈̦̩͖̱͚̺̼̭̗́k̴̷̷̶̵̷̛͖͙̜̞̼͔̘̙͓̙̝̰̳̮͉̲̮̩̬̠̘̟͓̩͇̣̫͇̗̤͇̟̮͖̫̗͓̺̬̱̳͔͔̜̙̙͉̾̽͐̐̐͆̄ͣ̇̋̈́̇ͫ́͗⃧ͥͪͣ͒̾ͦ͂⃧̿̃͐̉͑̓ͭ̽̂ͧ̽̊́᷉͒ͥ͗̈́⃧̽̑̑̒͂̾̌ͪͦ̍́̓̽͛ͯ̓̕̚͟ͅ͏̷͈̰̟̬̙͓͖̳̻̬͖̣͓̹͙̙͚̝̮̱̮̟͉⃧ͪ̑̒̀̀⃧ͣ̿̓̽̚͠ͅ҉̷̶̶̢̡̢̢͙̙̯̱̹̮̪̜̮̰̙͖̩̳͇̬͓͓̣̰̮̙̘̣̪̳̖̱⃧͋̓͗̃̎͊ͨ̊̎̍̓ͩ̀̔͆̓͋͛́⃧́͛͗ͪ͡͠͝ͅͅ҉̙̙̤̻̙̺̬̟̜̪̲͖̩̜̣̯̗̗͍̭̣̮͕̺͉̩̞̼͔̬̦̖̯⃧̿͐̒̀ͨ̇͐ͥ̓ͬ̑̅̃̑͢͢ ̡̡̛̟̝̬͙̩̹̻̟̱̒ͫ͆̽͛ͨ͊͌ͤ̽⃧ͤ̄̉̅ͧ̇͗ͪ͛͑͗̆̂̕͟͞҉̸̵͉̭͓̹̯̮̝͚̙̼̜̘̰̝̖͔̮̝̱͈̭͚͚̠̜̗̱͚̝̣̩͓⃧ͬ̋̊͋̆́ͨͯͫ̐͛⃧ͩ̾ͤ̃̄͂̊̿̐́́⃧ͥͥ̐͋̉̔̾̚̕͜͞͞͡ͅ͏̴̵̵̡̢̨̛̝̜̜͔̘̯͍͔͖̲̻͎̥̺͔͙͍̲̤͓̘̘̱̥̻̳̜͉̣⃧ͯ̅͐͗̊⃧ͧͯ̈⃧̽͌ͦͭ̊̑̈́̿͆ͣ̐ͮͤͧ̆̑̈̾̑̚̕͜͞҉̢̢̢̧̨̳͓̬̮̰̥̱̞̜̻̮̤͕͚̥̼̝̹̫̤̣͍⃧̽̒͐ͯ̍͋͑ͬ̅̈͗̈́̈́͑́̕͠o̶ͦͪͫ̾̆ͬ͋ͭ͏̵̢̟͕̮̣̭̩͉̗͍̠͍̱̠̜̭̝̀⃧ͩͨ̓ͨ͋͌̑͐̎ͨͭͦ͠҉̷̛͈͉̳̦̞̯̟͙̫̥̤̤̬̹̜̦̺̪͔͈̮̳̠̬̥̗⃧ͭ́ͮͮ͂ͦͫ͊ͤ̾̓ͯͧ̒ͩͧ̈̀⃧ͫͪ̏̎̇́̈́̐ͪ̔ͩ̽̿̀⃧̒ͦͥ͋ͮ̿͑̅́̚̕͢͞ͅ҉̷̵̧̨̨̡̢̛͇̰̠̩̯̯͙͈̱̙̜̥̟͚̖̣̘̖̭͍̺̖͚̙̣̠͖͓͖̯̰̰̜̲̫͖̣͖̫̗̩̭̫̪̗̩͇̦̳̼̯̥͓̙̱͈̹̹͍̹̠̗̼̙͉͔̳᷅͐͒̐̎ͥ́͑̏ͭ͋́͂̀⃧ͧ͗̅̌̊͗͌⃧ͧ̓̆̊͆ͧ̎̓⃧͌ͨ̀̅̃̐̆̄̈̎ͫͮ⃧͐̊ͮ͐̄̏ͧ́̕͘̚̚̚͜͝͠͠ͅͅͅf̶̶̵̶͕̤̲̗͙̮͍̣̟̤͍͇͉͖̮̻͕̱̖͉̹͋̋̃̄́͒́⃧ͣ͛ͩ͗ͣ̆ͬ͛͑̋̌ͫ͛́⃧̈̈ͯ̓᷁͊́͋̈͘͟͝ͅ͏̶̴̶̴̴̶̷̴̡̨̢̨̛̛̯̮̝͍̟̭͓̳̥͔͕̝̳̭̬͍̞͔͚̗̥͙̫̭̣̳̱̭͔̠͙̱͎̹̻̮͇͙̗̣̩̙͎͕͚̭̞̝̩̘̩͖̯͖̞̺͙̻̺̻̣͚̯̱̖̠̰̘͎⃧̃̿͊͌ͤ̍͒ͥͫͬ́ͩ̏͋̽̍̂⃧͐̄̾ͬͫͩ̃ͨ̀̽̔̾̂̔ͥ⃧ͬͤ͋͗͑̇̊ͫͥͣ⃧͊̓́͊̉͋̈́ͭͤ͋ͧͮ̈͗̌⃧͒ͤ̽ͩ⃧̊̓ͦͨ́̚̕̚̕͢͢͜͞͡͝͡͠ͅͅͅͅ ̴̢̡̧̧̨̛̳͉̠̹͚̰͙̺̺̠͉̣͓͚̝̺̤͇̼͔̬̮̬̖̬̰͇̬̭̹̩̤͎̗̖̰̟̦͚͖͉̰̘̪̃ͣ̀͋ͩ͛ͨ⃧̓̔͋͂̂ͧ͊͆̅̇̂ͤ͐ͥ̔͑⃧̍̍̄̒ͣ⃧̌̎͆̓͐͐̐̋̉͋̄ͦ̔́⃧ͯ͒̐̒͋͆̑ͧ̿̓͊ͩ̈̀̚̕̚͢͢͞͠ͅ҉̷̵̸̷̨̧̛̛̥͖̳͖̻̬̭̺̘͔͍͎͈͍̬̼̻̹̹̣͇̗͇̭͙̰̪͖̞̤̠̰̟̗͎̝̥̘͉͉̺͓͍̩̱̗̞͓̳̯̺̦⃧͑ͪ̊̽̒͆̌̃́̇ͭ͆͆̋ͩͨ⃧ͪ̉ͮͯ̎͊̅̿̉̿ͬͭ͗̔⃧͋̀͗͒̌ͨ̽̍̉⃧͛̊̊͛͌̇̄͆ͧͩ͜͟͢͟͝͞͠ͅͅͅt̸̵̷̝̼̤̦̼͔̦̙͎͍̜͙͉̰̙ͯͣ͐ͭͣ͒⃧͆̃ͯͩͥ̓̓̈́̕͡ͅ҉̸̹̹̟̫̰̦͔̦̦⃧̄͊̉̅̚͜͝͏̵̬̳͚͈͕͙͚⃧̆̈̌̿̋ͫ̉͂͂̃̓̄̊͡͏̡̡̛̦̠̰̥̳̩̰̤̼̠̞̮̙̮͙̻̳̪͇̣͚͎̺̬̳̬̥̙̙͕͎̦̼̥̫̙͉̟̖̦̱͇͇͕̩͙̜̥̰̻͕̻̀⃧̾ͣ͌́͂̃̽̀ͧ̋͌̓͗ͣ́⃧̏͛̆̒̂⃧̓̽̊͋͐̎̌͗͌̆́ͩ̌ͩ͐̊̆⃧̄ͦ̀̄̓ͪ̑ͪ̈́ͫ̈̕̚̚͜͜͢͠͡҉̸̢̫͇͎͕̠͇̟̥͎̬͈͈̰̮̬͕̱̙̖͖̯̥̼͉͎͓̘⃧ͬͦͯ̾̾̋̎̎̋ͮ͛ͫ͐e̸̷̷̷̶̢̧̧̛͇̩̻͖̖͖̜̟̹̣̥̭̣̖͖̺̮͓͙̹͓̩͇̜̭̼͉̤̙͓̬̻̰̞̩̹̮ͮͫ͊̒ͧ̐̀̉⃧ͣͫ̂͐ͫ̑͊̓̂͊ͭ̂̆̑⃧̿̽ͯ̐ͭ̉̽ͤͩ⃧͗͑̊͊́ͩͭͩ̓̉ͪ͆⃧ͫ͗̇͆ͬͧ̌͗̉ͧ̐̐̚̚̕̕͟͜͝͡ͅͅͅ͏̵̶̷̸̷̵̢̨̢̡͙̺̳̝̖̳̭͍̬̭̪̦̘͎̩̜͎̯̱̱̦̼̩̝̹̼͔̰̬̘̼̝̹̘̻͙̹̣̦̘̬͍͉̣̼̤̬͇͓̱̘̖̘̺̼⃧ͮ͌ͥ̓̉ͩ͆ͫ͛̃̔⃧̿̒ͩͦ́̽᷃̂ͣͭ̈ͥ͌̒͆ͯͦ̏̀̊ͬ̆̿⃧͛̓͐̎͑ͧ̍⃧̒ͩ̍ͩ̊̌̄ͤ̊̀̚͘͟͟͟͡͝͠ͅͅx̵̸̵̢͕̞̤͔̩͈̩̠̜̗̙̭̟̟ͥ̆ͦ̆͐̔͊̃⃧ͦ́̑ͫ͐ͦ̒̾⃧̾̿̽̂ͭ͐͋͗͗͐͛́̐̕͟͠҉̦̣̺̦͙̹̩̣̯̻̙̳͇̹̹͓͔̼̀⃧̇͒̅̉ͪ̀̍̏̈́̀͗ͦͨͥ͆́͢͠҉̸̨̧̢̥̟̺̝̰͎̗̤̝̻̭͓̼͈̬̟̲̼̜̭͉̰̖̹͍̦͚̭͇̪̘͔͇̙͇͔̮͇̥͔͙̤̘͕̘̬̼̥̖̳̯͇̗͉͇̰̜̪̜̻͔̟̭͖͓͇͎̲⃧̊͌̾̋̿̾͐̄̋̊ͥ̿͒̆̍⃧̂̽̃ͦ̓⃧̉̾ͯ͂͑͊⃧̑̓̍ͫ̅ͦ̇̏̑͊̍̈́̃ͩ͑̈́̾̊⃧͋̇̎ͣ͜͟͠͡͡ͅͅͅt̷̵̷̵̘̼̬͔̝̙̰̪͕͚͇̳̳͕̲͖͕ͪͩ̽̽̐͆ͭ̅̍̏ͥ͋͗͂ͬͫ⃧ͦ̅͂̇̾ͣ́̑̿ͪ͆͂ͯ̐̾̂ͧ͋̌⃧͐ͦ͐̓ͤ̏̎̎̒͘̕͢͡ͅ҉̵̴̶̢̡̭̝̫͙̼̬̱̱͈̠͔̹̗͙̞̳̥̫̪̟͉̻̫̩̗̬̼̞̞̫⃧͑̊̔̌ͬ̂̄ͬ̔̂̋̃ͭ́⃧̄̂͋̒͆ͤ͗͑ͩ̅ͩ⃧̾̎̈́̈́̍̆͒̕͟͢͝͏̶̵̴̸̛̛̛̼̫̮̳̟̯͚͉̹͍̝͇̰̳̪̦̮͕̫̜̺͖͇̖̣̣͔̥̹̯̥͇͕͙̞̜͕̦͉̭̹⃧̊̽̽ͣͩ̅͂ͣͭͮ̆͂͊⃧ͮͭ͂̾̎͒̀⃧ͭ̄͆̄͋͌͑̌͆̆͊̀́̚̚̚͢͞ͅ ̷̸̡̧̡̤̦̰͙̫̥̥͈̞͓̠͉͕̩͖̼̺̤̭̖͉̠̥̙͎̪̞̤̣͍̞̱͙͖̪̂ͮ̍̿ͥ̄͒̽͋̈ͫͭ́̅⃧͛̃̎͆̂ͦ̑̓̿̋⃧̐͐ͮ̊́̍ͧͣ⃧͌̐̈́͊̐͟͝͝҉̷̶̡̧̡̢̨̛͕͎̼̺̯̬̬̹̳̯̭̫̘̫̥̳͉̖͉͓̜̝̙̳̗̪̗̞̳̫̘͈̤̱̩̫̖͔̩̻͍͍̲̞̙͖̮͈͇̰̹͍͔̗̣́⃧̑͌̇͌̒͆̿⃧̌͂ͮ͑̋̿̀⃧͌͛ͭ̋ͥ̈͂ͣ̀͗͛⃧̎͑́ͩ͛ͬͯ̅͌ͫ̓͐̒̉⃧ͫͭͦ̈́́̎̀͌ͭ̿̌̄͊̌̂̈̐̽̕͜͠͠ͅ͏̲̬͕̖̙̻͇̺̻̬̙͔̱̭̱̩͡ͅͅţ̸̶̸̸̷̸̨̨̧̧̨̧̧̛̛̦͍͚͚̲̙̞̼̬̦̻̝̳̱͎̯̼͓͓͙͉͉̱̲̠͕̤̘͓͍̼̟̣͓̙̺̙̥̭̜̯̝̱̺̤̪̘͍̲̩̯͖̺̲̻͙̱̬̫̝̺̤̠̲̼̥̜͉̖̥̳̪̙̙̻̣͉̪͔͇͇̰͇̠̯̦̜͈͉̞̼̯͉̺̯̘̰̬̙̰̞̮͖̻̩̳̲͎̱̥̰̞͉̣̪̹̥͙̤̝͉̝̙͔̣͕̝̝̞̦͖̏̓̎ͩ⃧ͥ̉͛ͤͫ̓͐̀̉̔⃧̀̅̍̏̾ͬ̓̎͂͌ͤ̌ͬ̈ͭ᷆̑̃͌͋̉̿̏͐͛̒̀̃̋̍́⃧͌̇̃̈͊̊̅̽̆̒͂⃧ͬ̌̾̂̆̆ͨ͐̑ͬͧ͛̅͗̎̈́͐ͩͨ⃧̈ͣ͆ͪͤ͌̊̓ͭ̏⃧͂͊̋̈́͂̃̿͒ͮ⃧ͭ̿͒ͮ̾̃̓̑ͫ̅͌̈⃧̋́ͧ̊ͧ̑ͩ̀ͬ͒̇̈̈́̾̎̕̕͢͢͢͠͠͡͠͝͠ͅͅͅͅḩ̶̷̸̴̵̵̸̸̗̖͍͖̫̳̤̠̪͎̬̟͍̼͉̪̰̖͍̹̺̠͈̳̳̼̥̼̝͓͓͚̟͉̦͔͕̲͚̯̘̦̥̖̠̞̯͈̪̰͍̙͉͙̗̯͉̝̱̗͖͍͖̫̯͉͖̰̯̣̲̖ͬͩͮ̽ͨ̽̌͛ͥ̔̽̆ͭ̑ͭ⃧́ͥ͋ͥ͊̊⃧̈́̓͂̍̉ͤ́̽̓ͨ⃧͑͆̓͒⃧̾͒ͨͤ͒̽͊̋⃧̎̿ͥͤͪ͌͛ͩ̊ͯ͑͆̑͊⃧ͧͯ̉̎ͨ̇͆ͭͨ̓́̈̅̀⃧̈̋̒̀ͫ̆̉̀͆̊̈̏͒ͦ̋ͭ̈͘̚͟͜͟͜͜͜͢͡͡͡͞͠͝ͅͅ͏̡̛͎̪͉̤̖̜͈̝͇̠̯̲͎̼̻͇̱̬̝͈̗͚͚͈̗͍̺̟̰̣͔̜⃧͂̃̄̄̄͒̀ͬͮ̽̀͛̂̄̉̄̋̂͜͝ȃ̵̶̵̡̛͖̫̪͔̘̹͉̣̻̠̠̪̙̘̥̼̳̣̥͍̝̭͔̟̘̜͉̟̻̬͈̻̞͉̻̒̈ͣ̓̉́͌ͧ̄̀⃧̂̆̈͌̍̀̒̐⃧͗ͨͪͩͮͥ̇͆̆̽̎̉̃̋̉͊̋̂⃧̀̍͋͋̅͑͗ͯ̇̽̏̿̈̾ͣͨ͘̚͞͝҉̸̷̶̸̡̧̧̜̖̼̟̜̞͕̥̖͎̞̯̱̭̝͎̪͚͓̙͈̻̖͕̦̝̹̰̫̹͓͎̹̞̩̥͔̠̲̼̼̟͓̭̳̻̞͎͍̫̪̩̪̭̳̪̯͓̻͎͕͇͔̜̦̘̫̠⃧͑̿̃̾̌͗͂̑ͯ͆̒͊̉̽͛ͬ⃧͂̒̂̏ͭͦ̐ͥ͋͛ͨ͑̈͆ͫ⃧ͪͧ̈͛⃧ͯ͋̃ͬ͒͂͗̒͊̉̅́͌̅͂ͧ͗⃧́͐̊͗͂ͣ̊ͦ̒̀̚͘͜͜͜͜͞͡͠͝ͅͅt̢̃̋̑ͥ̒̌̿̅̓̒̍̏̉ͮ͏̸̸̵̵̵̴̸̧̛̛̟̦̖̥͇̗̦̹̫̱̳̭̰͚̪͈̭̺̙̗͎͔̤͙͉̠͙̱͖̥̜̜͔̟̰͉̟͔̣̠̖̺̥̥̠̙̞̯̯͖͉͇̻̲̫̥͔͇̻͈͙͈̟̬͖͔̞̗̫̱̟̪̜̳͕͍̻̤͉͔̫̰͓͈̱̳̬̰̘͔̭̝͕͙̙̣̖͚̖̺͇̯̬̤̜̟̻̘͍̮̞̠͔⃧̑̅̀ͥ̓͋ͧͨͥ͐⃧̐̄͐̑̋̓͑̋̅ͥ̃ͭ̐̈́̃ͮ⃧́͗̇̒̓̔ͪ̈́͌͊⃧̋ͥ̒̈́ͫͮ̔ͨ͐⃧͂̏̒̈̈́⃧̈́̉ͭͣ̅̉̒̄͐͂̿́⃧͂̆̏ͧ̔̏̌⃧̔ͫ̎͗́̕͘̚͘̕͢͟͟͟͟͝͞͠͝͝͠ͅͅͅͅ ̛̥̮̩̖̗̭̞̰̰̩̗ͪ̆ͤͨ̈́ͥͧ̀ͧ͊͒ͤ͂ͧ̉ͫ⃧̇̏̉͋̾̑́̀̓͒ͯ̾ͣ̀ͨͨ̏͟͠͏͏̵̵̨̨̨̺͚̣̯̜̦̠͓̲̫̰̹̮͚̹̫͙͇̜̟͈̘͈̹͉̰̭͇⃧̔͂̍̐̈ͣ̍ͪ͋̑̒́̓̂⃧̆͒ͬ̐̊̐̅ͦ̿͆́⃧̓͑̇ͨͭ̚͏̭͕͔̜̯̖̮͖̣̞̰⃧̇ͭͪ̉̌̓̊҉̶̸̯͓͈͕̬̠̯͓͖̱͚͉͈̹̳͍̻͍̘͕̻᷊⃧̉ͭͨͨ̌̏̅̊̎͋̏͛͆̿̅ͮ͂͟͝͏̵҉̷̷̧̪̬̖̫͔̼̲̫̗͓̫̫̙̦̞̞̬̼͖⃧͐ͩ̐͑̎̀ͧ̍͂͏̴̢͉̬̰͙̭͖̙̖̰͈̱͈͉͓̠͍̗̟̲͓̜̝̰̜̥⃧͌͊ͮ̀ͬ̽́̓ͬ̀ͮ̈̎̐͛̏͌́̚͝ͅc̷̵̶̵̴̸̷̴̡̢̨̡̛̛̹͙̤̠̦͍͍̥͍̫͕̘̠̹͍̭͉̖̘͖̪̺̻͉̬̪̙̰̞̖͇̖̮̠̣̼̣̭̭͉̩̜̖̫͙̳̱͈̗̯̖̼̤͔̭͚̣̱̝͓̲͔̳̝̬̜͙̗͙̬̻̱̥̻͉̻̼̝̲͍̞͙̲̱̭̤͚̝̜̙̝̫͎͖̯̩̬̟͇̳̖̲̝͇̟͇̠̼̥͖̰̞̞͇̹͙͈ͮͨͦ̏ͥ́ͨ̑͌̆̽͂̓̋̒⃧ͯ͂͆ͧ̃̒ͩ̃⃧ͬͫ̒̓̿̐̇ͥ⃧̿͛́͆ͪͨ͊̋̐͋̃̊ͥͧͦ̌͂̍́⃧ͦ̒ͮ̅ͨ⃧͋͗̋⃧͊͂̏̍̀⃧̀̿̓̑̓ͮ̎̓ͥ̉̎̏̊ͣͥ̀⃧ͧ͑̿̏ͬ͌͌̓̈́͐͒͑̚̕̚̚͢͢͜͟͜͢͢͟͠͠͠͞ͅͅͅͅͅa̶͌̉ͨͬͫͪ͗̏̿͐̀̈̌̊͏̶̡̨̧̛̗̰̬̠̦̣̬͙̳̙͇̘̤͙̝̪̠̹̮̹̜͓͉̭͇̜̳̱͍̭̮̤̪̜̻͍̣̺̘͔̟͉̜̞͈̝̭̩͉̪⃧̋̌̄͗ͧͩ̀̉̽́͗ͫ̇ͮͫ̃̄̋⃧̊̍ͮ͋́ͮ̃ͯͮ̐⃧̍̈̊̇͑̀̒͊̎ͩ͂̑͑͋⃧͆́ͥ̋͛̏ͥ̅̏̓́̕̚͟͢͜͝ͅͅ͏̵̷̷̧̢̧̛͚͓͔̣̺̰͉̙͉̖̠̳͕̙͕̻͎̝͔̖̳̝͉̟͎͍͉̖͈̙͈̱̹̹̮̣̫̰̜̫̮̳̘̼͍̗̀⃧͐̈̓ͬ̃̏͛ͭ̑ͪ̔ͭ̓͑͊̃͑͌̑̀⃧̐ͨͩ̈⃧̓̌ͯ̀͛̾̌̃̒ͪ͂ͤ͋́⃧ͦͩ̊͊ͧ́́̕͘͜͜͜͝͞͠ͅn̢̔̒̓̇ͮ́̈͗̚͝͞҉̸̷̬̲̩̝̤̥̞͙͙̜⃧̾ͣ̅ͣ̈́͌͂͐ͨ̆̓̿͑ͨ̅̚҉̶̷̨̢͈̤͓͇͕̫̘̠̩͈̘̻̺̫̥͍̹̹̰̼͉̤̣̰̥̗̮̮̼̥͔̣̤̝⃧͊̉ͥͭ⃧̂ͨͣ̊⃧̽̂ͨ͂̔̂͆̚͞͠͞ͅ҉̸̢̛̛͎͉̖̫͔̞̰͖̙̣͚̗̟̫̠̤͍̬͚̱̱͍̟⃧ͦ̉ͦ͂̀̿͂̒̒͆̀́⃧͑ͫ̍̈ͪͪ̔ͦ͂ͥ⃧̅̏͒ͮ́̉̉̾̌́ͭ̆̈̀ͪ͗̚̕͜͠͝͏̨͎̪̲⃧̆̒ͣͤ͋͏̩̲̥͉̠̳̫̠͕̯̦͈͔̫̳̖͇͈ ̴̡̨̡̡̹̻̼̼͖̫̦̩͔̫̪̳̙̰͎͙͈̣̹̦͓͙̖̥̻̙̞̻̝̟̝̯̩͔͚̞̬̩̤̮͖͇̙̩͍ͦ́̎̍͗ͨ͋ͧͨ͗ͫ͌⃧̑̃ͧ͂ͭ̽͂̇͑̇̽̃̒̈̋⃧̂̑ͨ͗͗͋̋̿͒͗ͩ͌̇⃧̾͆ͩ̔ͦ̚̕͟͟͜͜͠͡͏̖̞̦̫͎͇͙͚͉̫̯̼͙͙̯̙̭̀̀⃧̎̌̐͒̇͟͞͞ͅ҉̵̡̡̝̭̘̖̠̟̗̹͎̜̟͉̱̘᷾ͫͭ̔̾̆ͨ͊ͯͫ̈́̑̕̚͘ͅ͏̶̵͇͉̩͍̜͍̝̦̼̞̙͎͔̙̠̳̗͕̥̗͇̠̖͇͖᷂⃧ͦ̓ͨ̈́̅⃧͂̊ͣͥͨ̅ͯͥ̎ͭͧͨ̑̓ͮͣ̒͑ͮͩͣ͊́͢͞͡͡ͅͅͅ҉̨̡̛̞͖̜̼͙̖̳̞̮͚̟̝̹͉̹̟̠̻̦̘̻̼͖͎̭͍̤̣̮͖̬̫̪̺̟̭̯̹͎̮̥̠͍͍̱̲̖⃧̐ͬͨ͌̆ͥ͒͌̈́͂̾⃧̽̍̄̍̅̒̅̈́ͮͯͧ̀̅̓͒ͯ͘̕̕͟͟͞͞
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Re: What Are You Editing? II

Postby Brad » Thu Oct 04, 2012 10:33 am

On the docket for today:
Updated State Farm end tag
Finishing 2 of 8 spots for Associated Bank with Aaron Rodgers
Continuing work on pitch frames for super-secret-awesome main title sequence
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