need help with footage

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need help with footage

Postby theDarkSite » Sat Sep 29, 2012 4:55 am

Hello people,

I need some footage for my future project and I will much appreciate it if you could help me :mrgreen:

1. I need footage, where someone gives some drugs to a student. It will be best if that student is the main hero in the anime and the anime if possible should be new. He should grab his own stomach afterwards because it starts hurting (the last one is not necessary, so if you cannot recall such a specific part from an anime, skip it).

2. A desk in an empty room, and the camera closing to it. And then the camera starts showing the top of a desk. Bonus will be if there's a paper on it, or some files/books.

3. A high building, and the camera moving from that building to a next one. If there is an open window, it will be great.

4. A home-made party - it can be birthday party. There should be many people, not only 2-3, and they should talk, drink sth, sitting on a couch or sofas, stuff like that. If the hero from the first footage is part of this party, it will be fantastic.

5. People turning into monsters. This is not that important, if there are no good footages, just monsters, and ugly!!

6. A radio. If possible, in a room. Not an old one, but it must be clear that this is a radio.

THat is for now :) I hope it wont be difficult for you. Many thanks for the help!!!!
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