VDM, MKV's, and Windows

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VDM, MKV's, and Windows

Postby TheJadeArcAngel » Mon Aug 20, 2012 5:39 pm

Hello everyone,

FIRST - Apologies if this is a frequent question and the answer is floating somewhere on the forums. I am not posessed of the time to dig through what might actually not be my direct issue, so here we go:

I have been out of the AMV "loop" for quite a while, yet I do remember the last major program combo was VDUBMOD and DVDDECRYPT.

I am working off a build of VDM that is V. 1.5.10

Whenever I import an MKV 9 with ( DirectShowSource ) the MKV will indeed load. I can scan through the file, however that is when the error happens and perhaps this is because I am not adjusting the file before trying to process it?

The program indeed ACTS like it is reading/converting the file, but it sits there. I had a test clip if one minute running and after 30 minutes, nothing was happening.

Afterwards, the program will not close and it keeps saying "dub in progress", however the program is non-responsive

The test file was only 300MB in size, which seemed like an OK test for the program.

Basically, I am at a loss.

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Re: VDM, MKV's, and Windows

Postby Qyot27 » Sat Aug 25, 2012 7:08 am

VDM's MKV support only applies to VFW-coded MKVs. Which means "not H.264". And despite my opinion that there are still aspects of VDM that are still useful, it's ridiculously outdated and regular VirtualDub caught up with and passed it a long time ago.

The actual solution is to use VirtualDub itself (stable: 1.9.11, development: 1.10.2), and equip it with the Matroska input plugin. Then, so long as you've got an H.264 decoder that can work with VFW output (like ffdshow's VFW interface; not sure if LAVFilters work for this or not), then VDub can open the MKV file and you can seek through it. Not all that well, but you can.

Or, you know, use FFMS2 to open it through AviSynth.
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