Film Tape Roll

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Film Tape Roll

Postby jeremyhac » Tue Aug 30, 2011 5:57 pm

How do you do this cool effect using sony vegas?

3:51-3:54 roughly


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Re: Film Tape Roll

Postby BoundariesOfLife_ » Tue Oct 04, 2011 6:19 am

There are several things you can do. The easiest way to make a film tape rolling is probably to just use TV simulator. You do this by first creating the sides of the film tape, which is basically a large black box with smaller white boxes within it – make sure it’s vertical. You can use a program like Microsoft paint or whatever image program you want to make this. You can even make it in Sony Vegas by creating two black boxes, then filling it in with white boxes (by manipulating solids). Once you have the image of the film tape, apply TV simulator and make it so that every setting isn’t doing anything e.g. put aperture grill to 0, interlacing to 0, etc. The one setting you are interested in however is “Vertical sync”. Drag it to whatever value you want which will determine the speed at which the film tape is moving. So that’s how you make a film tape.

You can do the same thing to other media using TV simulator in that way. To make it similar to the effect you indicated in the video, simply put the footage in the timeline (I’m going to assume there are no black borders and your project settings are set in the right aspect ratio, therefore your video, when rendered out, will have no black borders), scale it down then apply TV simulator in the same way to the film tape. After that, insert another video track and copy and paste the media you scaled down under the first video track. On the copy of the footage you made, scale it up slightly so it creates a slight border around the footage on the top video track then make it brighter via “Brightness and Contrast”. Amp the brightness all the way to the top value to make the footage white, which will then be a white border around your other footage.
That’s the basic idea behind it, using TV simulator to create the upward movement.

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