Round 1 Results Thread

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Round 1 Results Thread

Postby CodeZTM » Thu Jun 09, 2011 11:39 pm

Round 1 Results

Before we get started, let me just say I'm glad to see all of you in our contest, and it saddens me to see any of you leave. :cry:

The Big Reveal

2. Mirkosp
3. Haruka
4. Pwolf
5. flo55
6. Cingiz
7. LantisEscudo
8. ReggieSmalls
9. Silk_SK
10. Ileia
11. Copycat_Revolver
12. Mkid
13. Nya-Chan Production
14. Chiisus
15. Moonlight Soldier
16. 8bit_samurai
17. Sephiroth
18. AimoAio
19. Replay Studios
20. Mycathatesyou
21. Mimilopir
22. VeeBee
23. ShatteredFlame
24. meleechampion
25. Vivaldi


Judge/Coordinator Awards!

And now it's time for the Judge and Coordinator awards! These awards are given to videos that the judges and coordinators liked the most. Or whatnot.


Coordinator's Choice Awards:
Mkid - Video #12 - Rah Hey's Bastard Offspring of Awesome. XD
Replay Studios - Video #19 - Studio Violence at its Finest >:
Chiisus - Video #14 - I Want Lunch Now. Yummy. O:


The "You Made Me Feel Bad About Myself For Lol'ing" Award - Video #17/Sephiroth - "The audio was so stupid it made me laugh."
The "Holy Crap" Award - Video #10 / Ileia - "This was all I could say after watching it."
The "Peruvian Prostitute" Award - Video #11 / CopyCatRevolver - Best voiceover. The award name is a nod to the creator.

Dr. Dinosaur

AWESOMECORE! - Sephiroth / Video #17 -


Mind Blowing - Video #9/Silk_SK - "Mind = Blown"
Tarantino Promo - Video #21 / Mimilopir
- "Its got the feel and somewhat look of Tarantino style minus a bit more grunge and blood of course but the red text makes up for that."


"What's This I Don't EVEn" Award - Video #11/CopyCatRevolver - "No, seriously D:"
Best Use of Coordinator's Profile Page - Video #7/LantisEscudo - "And other project editor stuff."
Best Use of - Video #10/Ileia - "Hey, it actually uses the dang site! And well."


The "Simple and Clean" award - Video #18/AimoAio - "Its simple, cute, colorful, has a nice flow, and matches the theme of this round. It also advertises not only the site, but also project org editor."
The "I see what you did there" award - Video #20/MCHY - "Its funny, interesting, and even thought it uses a overused movie trailer as its audio, its still creative."
The "Pro Promo" award - Video #4/Pwolf "This video feels like a real professional commercial that you would see on TV."


Gentlemen! Behold! - Video #2/mirkoSP - "Corn!"
Badass Seal of Approval - Video #9/Silk_SK - "Subliminal messages, oh, how I love thee!"

The best. The best. The best award - Video #10/Ileia - "It was simply the best. The best. The best."


The Elimination/Scores

Spoiler :

So that means that Meelechampion, VeeBee and ShatteredFlame are eliminated from the competition.


The Comments

Here are the comments that were made about your videos. More specific questions should be sent to the "judges" thread.

Video 2
Spoiler :
Cute, though I think you really squeezed this source too far - shorter, more variety, and better sync would be helpful.

The corn joke is so old. But I laughed anyway how lame is that?

Kudos for using toys. I'm a sucker for toys. Although kind of disturbing, giving the use of "corn" in AMV Hell. O.o

That was kinda unexpected and fits perfectly with the theme of the site it's advertising. The editing/synch is a bit lacking though.

If you didn't already know about the AMV Hell corn thing, then this video would make no sense. If you didn't already know about AMV hell, then you still wouldn't know anything after watching this. Also, since the corn thing came from Hell 0, they actually have less corn since a 0 hasn't been made in a while. just sayin.

"Little to no editing done once I found out more about the source...overall, it made sense I guess. ""Corn"" really is one of the most well known segments from the AMVHell series so it was an pretty good idea to play off of it . So...good idea, very little effort.

Video 3
Spoiler :
Seems rather random, and I think even with just 'various' footage showing off editing it could've used the dramatic music more effectively. Some of the editing and masking was also a bit awkward/lazy...

Is this video a comedy video? o__O Also, why did they set their homepage on they not like it? I think it wants me to take the video seriously, but the a poorly done roto of some chick's camel toe shows up within the first 10 seconds... I guess forums come out of giant eggs? Oh's over...I'm honestly not sure if I was supposed to laugh or be "immersed in teh dramaz"... it's a very messy video but I guess it advertises AMV France?

The fan service in the beginning is a little random, and the website overlays could have been better. The scene selection as a whole feels a little random as well.

Abrupt ending was abrupt. Some poor masking too. At least it is clear about which site it is promoting.

This one left me hanging...the music built up and then...piff. Nada. It was okay.

Orteil de chameau. Achetez-moi bonestorm ou allez à l'enfer.

Video 4
Spoiler :
Interesting use of the site logo! I thought this generally worked well, although the music was a bit eerie and I think the whole thing was paced out a bit too slowly. It'd be cool to make it just a bit more dynamic, but still focusing on the logo.

I thought this was actually really cool. Like a artsy ad for sophisticated people

Great job with the theme and explaining the Org, but not much in the way of actually editing. I think they limited themselves with the editing because of the small masking space allowed. Maybe if they had reversed the mask...? Still, great job with the theme itself.

Cool idea with playing stuff within the site logo. Explains perfectly what the site is about.

This video does a great job at explaining what the org is, and the theme is perfect. It also looks very professional. I'd vote for it to be the official promotional video for the org.

This video actually does a good job of getting it's point across and doing it in a unique way. The only real complaint I have is that I don't like the edges of the videos featured inside the images. Would've been nice if they were feathered a bit more to give it a more fleshed out look. With the way it currently looks, mostly visible in the eye and filmstrip, it may as well just be a PIP view with hard edges. But yeah, if the images were fleshed out a bit more you'd have a kick ass video.

Video 5
Spoiler :
The source combination meshes well, but other than that, there's really not much happening with the theme. And the editing is kind of random.

It's a poorly done AMV with a studio name thrown in. In addition to the fact that the text at the end looks really bad.

This video doesn't explain what "Eden Team" is at all. It completely misses the point of the theme. Also, I don't understand the ending. And since the phrase "hajimemashite" is used to introduce and start conversations, its kinda weird to end your AMV with it and translate it as "end".

I don't feel like it's promoting anything. The ending makes no sense. Why is it even there?

Extremely meh. This didn't do anything for me whatsoever. Totally random Gorillaz scenes, with totally random anime thrown in at the end, and totally random engrish subtitles to finish it off.

Best Engrish.

Video 6
Spoiler :
I actually found this one (probably unintentionally) creepy o__o

I think it was a neat little story...but I couldn't quite follow.

The story is kind of cute, but reading the text takes away from watching the visuals, so it wasn't immediately obvious what was going on until the inclusion of the website until the very end. Could have been a lot tighter, time-wise. It's okay--not terrible, but not terribly good.

Story of the girl = joining the site. Nice idea, but kinda too long and the editing isn't very good.

It would have been awesome if the anime scene selection had actually been about AMVs, but the theme is nice.

"ASPECTRATIOSASPECTRATIOSASPECTRATIOSASPECTRATIOS!!!! DO U KNOW THEM? D: Why is her breakfast stuck in a little box that's floating in the air? Someone likes Sony Vegas stock effects... along with terrible looking text... So...she met new friend that cut her into pieces and gave her a necklace?... I don't really think those people are her friends D: ""Would you like to make your own?"" NO! These people obviously do horrible things to their friends ;__; Cute idea of their first experience how they made an AMV and wanted to pass it around to their friends and such...but the overall execution was incredibly poor. Bad jump-fades and
stock effects, in addition to ugly text floating around in black feathered bubbles... Sorry, but this was a mess.

Video 7
Spoiler :
Haha, way to suck up to the coordinator! It covers the theme. I didn't think it was exceptionally creative or well-edited, but definitely relevant.

*insert Charlie Brown yell* While it gets the point across very clearly...the video itself is NOT pleasant to look at. If you at least did something with the giant black spaces it would've looked sooo much better... I like the little compilation of the logo at the end but for some reason the text of "Celebrating Ten Years" bothers me...maybe "Celebrating Ten Years of *insert something the org is proud of here* would look a bit nicer. Overall, cute idea, poor execution...

It shows what the org has to offer, bit it could use some better editing.

OK, it follows the theme, but is incredibly dull.

Great job following the theme, but zzzzz. It kind of made me think of a 7th grade filmstrip.

"I got dizzy from the org shifting back and forth. But it did do a good job with the theme.

Video 8
Spoiler :
Laziest mask ever on that screen! :O Other than that, uh... boobs? That's about all that's happening here.

Every time i heard the "oh yeah" sample I could only thing of ninja baseball bat man.

First thing that bugged me--the angle of the org inserted into the computer is ALL WRONG AAARGH FIX THAT. Okay, got that out of my system. Although the synch was nicely done, it seemed to be just a lot of mainly random fanboi images. The Org is way more than that. Meh.

OK, it's a cool AMV, but what does it have to do with the Org besides the logo?

This video is edited nicely, but it seems like the org logo was added as an after thought. Its clear that neither the org or the theme of this round were the main focus of the AMV.

Ah! Terrible start D: Something is seriously messed up with homeboy's monitor >.O Might want to get that looked at... While the middle of the "video" wasn't terribly edited...beyond showing someone at the org and a low res version of the logo at the end, it wasn't that great of a tie in. I get the fact he's going to the org and finding all these kooky and krazy things, but the connection isn't made well enough. He really should get that monitor problem looked at first though...

Video 9
Spoiler :
Good god. It's not creepy per se, but wow. It's a pretty eerie way to advertise the .org alright. Got my attention; I don't think it was as relevant to the theme as it could be, but it is pretty out there.

I actually really liked this one. I'm more a fan of subliminal propaganda videos and this one was done rather well. The audio really complimented the imagery to get a trippy looking video that kinda feels like something from out of the Matrix. There were only a couple things that I feel were missing: 1) was at the very end when only the logo is showing, a bit of larger text such as """" could have been featured. If I had never seen the logo, I wouldn't know where exactly I was supposed to go to get my brain infected ;p 2) With only the logo showing (I know there is text at the bottom but it's incredibly difficult to see/read) it looks more like an add for an anime streaming website, meaning actual anime episodes. Not AMVs. Sneaking in more AMV related propaganda would've really benefited this video. Maybe a flash or two of Euphoria or something? But yeah, overall enjoyed the general editing and visual quality. Just don't think it reeaaallly did a great job with making the viewer realize that it's AMVs from the org that will infect your brain >.>;;"

I loved this. Its fun, creative, and is very well edited.

The org indeed messes with your head... Perfect editing.

LOVED IT! Super-creative, used a lot of interesting visuals, integrated the AMV logo in a lot of creative ways, interesting audio, used some of the more "atypical" animes (in terms of styles, like Dead Leaves), and I think it really represent the wide range of what the Org has to offer. *And* also gets across what a well-edited, creative amv can do---affect your brain. Two thumbs up from me.

Now THIS is a commercial! And one of my faves of the round!

Video 10
Spoiler :
Best entry of the bunch IMO. It's not super-creative, but it does exactly what the theme asked, and does it rather well.

I hate the ending. I will smash that song with the fists of one thousand mildly irritated housecats. That being said this is my pick for winner.

Holy crap. Okay, well...holy crap.

Very good promotional video with a sense of humour.

The beginning started off too serious, but everything else is great.

Great use of text, great video quality, grade a sync, overall incredibly solid and my favorite video of round 1.

Video 11
Spoiler :
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha. Okay, this is the video I'm going to remember this round by. Not the best one this round, but really made me stand up and say "what". Some of the visuals and editing are incredibly lazy/clunky/meh (and that's what cost it a lot of points from me), but that's an acceptable price of admission. The take on the theme is very... left of field. That's both a plus and a minus for this one.

The recorded audio quality was rather low...Gotta say, a pretty good parody of some pretty horrible commercials, some of which were frighteningly familiar to things I've seen in my past D: Not amazing but I giggled occasionally. Very interesting idea.Now where is my raccoon hat?

I didn't find this video very funny. The beginning weird-ed me out, and everything really dragged on.

What the hell did I just watch? It certainly is creative. Odd, but creative.

This one made me rofl. I have a pretty good idea who did it, thanks to the fact that I recognize the voice-over from one of their studio's other videos I watch incessantly. As soon as he started talking, I started laughing, because their other video makes me pee my pants every time I watch it. Anyway, this was really funny. It fits the theme in a really creative way, and I really enjoyed watching it. Anything that makes me laugh is always a good thing in my book.

Amazingly creative. And two great parodies in one. The first a great parody of pretentious image based flower water, the second of cable access ads from accross the heartland. A double parody all the way! What does it mean?

Video 12
Spoiler :
I think it over-relied on the movie source a bit too much here. Fun, but gets a little tiresome after a while - and then there's just random boobs etc. I'd keep it shorter.

I'm not sure what was going on here.

Cute idea, but it promoted the office worker idea more than the Org idea.

Cool idea with the office worker, but you kinda dropped it at some point. Also, letterboxing and blended frames hurt my eyes >.<

I really liked the concept.

Interesting idea...poor execution and super frame blending D: Also, LEARNABOUTASPECTRATIOSU! >:| By the end of video it almost seemed like you had forgotten about your everyday office worker and opted to go with Dancy Boob Yoko just for the hell of it. So started off ok, ended with random boobs. :/

Video 13
Spoiler :
Cute! I enjoyed this one, although the editing was minimal at best and it seems like almost everything here relied on the source having matching scenes. So not really impressed with the editing or originality, but I like the simple impression it leaves.

Kinda reminded me of Douggie's "AMV Technique Beat"...only a lot slower and kinda boring. It was cute, it got the point across, and was visually high quality. Nothing stunning, but I guess it got the job done.

This was really nice, and had a great mood.

Really cute and focuses on the community aspect of the site. Lipflaps kinda annoy me though.

Cute, but kind of boring. Could have moved it up a few paces. Maybe offered some more slogged a bit there in some places.

Very simple and cute. I liked it. Goes for that whole sentimental approach.

Video 14
Spoiler :
What the heck. Yes, this is slightly disturbing. Or entrancing. Or disturbing. I think the site showings got a little irrelevant against all that background, and maybe a bit more video content.

I am so hungry right now.

Um. Kind of creepy.

The smexy voice is absolutely hilarious!

No offense, but the voice over made me feel very uncomfortable. And it didn't really give me any real information about why AUN studios is about.

This is a comedy video? I'm going to judge it as a comedy video because it made me laugh really hard. :D Silly text tie-ins to popular videos served in a delicious menu-style way. I'm a fan of the super cheese so I enjoyed it quite a bit. Good job :3

Video 15
Spoiler :
I think it's stretching the relevance here a bit. In the end it still seems pretty random.

Find your balance...and then watch the pros start up Drama? o_O Text is was done in a bit of an...odd fashion...Overall, I really don't see any connection with the footage and idea. It was like "skating yaaay, and then text...and let's go ahead and slap this sticker on some random chick's ass? Or was that her tit? I couldn't tell..." Convoluted , didn't make any sense. Pointless...

Promoting the org should have been the main focus of the video, but it wasn't.

OK, rollerskates. And your point is?

This felt more like a sub-par contest intro.

Hmm, as much as I want to slap org stickers on breasts I think I might get in trouble.

Video 16
Spoiler :
This is really long and really random.

There's not really much actual editing going on here. They randomly inserted the Org logo a couple of times, and that was it. Plus, way too long.

Heading to the org, I get it. But it's too long for an ad and doesn't really focus on the subject.

This video has so much unused potential that it really makes me sad. If you had actually used scenes that suggest that people are trying to get to the org, or are enjoying watching AMVs on their computer, this video could have been amazing. Almost all the scenes that you used seemed completely random, and this video needed a lot more editing. But the song choice was awesome, and I think that you were aiming for a truly amazing concept. I only wish that you had done a better job at executing it.

Lip flap >:| NO! The first logo on the side of the building could've really used some better blending effects in addition to some special filter to really make it look like someone graffiti'd a wall with the org logo and not someone roto'd and threw it onto a scene where it totally wasn't in the first place >.> The overall editing I felt was really lacking. Scenes dragging on for way too long, no real sync with the song, etc... The video really felt like someone chose their favorite scenes from the Animatrix, randomized a bit on the timeline, threw an upbeat song in and then said "ohyeah, I'm supposed to be advertising the org...better stick some logos in here and there throughout the video..."There really was no connections between the video, audio and theme... I am disappoint.

Video 17
Spoiler :
LOL. No, really, this was kind of hilarious. Nothing outstanding, but the audio is well done.

I can't tell if you're trying to be funny and are horrible at it or if you have a mental defect. That's all I really have to say.

I didn't find this funny at all.

This was incredibly lazy.

The audio made me lol, but that's about it.

I actually found this really funny. :shrug:

Video 18
Spoiler :
So basically this is an intro for a compilation of these tracks, right? Thanks, now someone doesn't have to make it :P

The colours were soft. I felt like i was in a nursery made from pasteries.

I liked seeing my own name.

Is this video sucking up to the contest coordinator or something? Also, I'm not sure if it's promoting Project OrgEditor or the org.

This video was simple but very effective. It advertises not only the org, but also this contest. And it does a good job at showing what the site has to offer.

Ridiculously basic AE...I can't see this taking more than 30 minutes to throw together :/ Congratulations! You know how to...use text?

Video 19
Spoiler :
Haha, pushing the Portal reference a bit far here (to the point where by the end it's like "okay, I get it, DO SOMETHING ELSE"), but it works well and is mostly clever.

Cute idea and nice parody. Would've been a bit nicer if it was longer...kinda felt like a joke that someone gave up halfway through telling. But not bad.

I like the concept, and I found it funny, but I think that you could have spent a little more time showing what re-evo is and why you should join.

Portal parodies never get old. That being said, the beginning is awesome, but the second half looks like the author ran out of ideas.

Beginning was great...then...what happened? Nuthin'.

Oh Re-Evo. I like how this took the stance of a recruitment as well.

Video 20
Spoiler :
I would keep this a lot shorter. Once you hit a couple of ironic connections with inception/the .org it just gets kind of repetitive.

The inception trailer audio just didn't click for me. I didn't make the connection even with the AMV logo plastered all over the place.

Very clever, but I was torn on how much it was promoting Project Editor as opposed to the Org itself.

Clever idea and solid editing.

I really like the idea behind this, but it could have been greatly improved and edited better.

Interesting idea but executed poorly. Low quality footage and low quality audio didn't help it.

Video 21
Spoiler :
Pretty stuff that is unfortunately kinda random. I wish you worked with the theme a bit more closely.

*sigh* More incredibly basic had no connection to the video, wrong aspect ratios, and it looks like your camera man has the shakes...might want to get him something to eat :/

This video feels like its advertising AMVs as a whole instead of advertising any particular group or site.

Video has little to no connection with the audio. Which site is this advertising for anyway? I saw 4 different logos...

Good editing, but weak on the theme.

I Know who made this one. Michael Bay made this one. It did alright on the theme ... but man gotta lay off that shake.

Video 22
Spoiler :
I like this anime too. I have no idea what this has to do with the .org though...

That's some pretty cool nichijou you got there

Doesn't fit the theme at all.

I'm sorry, but this does not promote anything at all. it's just a typical AMV with the studio logo slapped in at the end.

I don't feel that you made this AMV for this contest. And it doesn't advertise re-evo at all. Lastly, you really should have cropped your footage to get rid of the tv logos.

Nice logo in the top right corner...we love to know where you get your footage :/ Once more, it appears that a poorly made AMV was created and then a logo was thrown on to the end.

Video 23
Spoiler :

...Really? Why would you join if this was all you wanted to do? Pointless and it seems more like you're trying to talk about how the org is shitty. Poorly made in addition to being condescending..."

is this what you really think of the org? And even if this was a joke, its not actually funny.

This video does exactly the opposite thing to promoting the org - it makes the org look like 4chan's /b/...

This video made me want to eat babies.

I don't think this video was done right.

Video 24
Spoiler :
The forum moderators who deal with those newbie posts pimping youtube channels approve of this. The minimum-30-seconds rule does not.

heh heh heh he got kicked in the balls.

I understand what this video is getting at, but it doesn't change the fact that it does not work as an advertisement for the site. Plus, it's not 30s long.

I laughed, but this video is too short and doesn't promote what the site is really about.

This video should be automatically DQ'd. It broke a basic rule and isn't :30 long. Also, it was incredibly lazy.

Video 25
Spoiler :
Those are some straaaaaaaaaaaaange visuals. I don't totally get the connection to the theme. But against the other random animatrix video here, this certainly looks creative.

"What the fuck did I just watch? I want to say it was neat but I don't even know...I'll give you points for creativity with the Animatrix bit though.

I don't understand it, but it looks good.

I don't get it. Interesting editing though.

I think I missed something important here.

I loved this thing. It's neat and works as an ad in that kinda weird post-modern way.


Just a few notes:

1) Meelechampion was disqualified from the contest for not meeting the 30 second criteria of the contest. This realization came after the fact that some judges had already judged, so that explains the zero point scores.
2) The rules have been amended to include that having your name visible in the AMV is now against the rules starting in round 2. They were not in the rules previously. Only improper "sharing" of AMVs was illegal.
3) Voice acting will remain a legal part of an AMV, as we do not restrict audio sources. The editor will live with the consequences of that choice, for better or for worse.
4) Judge 2 did not get his scores in a timely manner, and would not have time to properly judge, and therefore his points was ignored.

So go head over to the second round thread a little later if you're still in the contest. You've got more horrors awaiting you! |:>
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Re: Round 1 Results Thread

Postby Otohiko » Thu Jun 09, 2011 11:49 pm

Haha, while judging, I only was able to guess who Copycat_Revolver, Nya and meleechampion were correctly. Although I should've guessed Ileia as #10 based on how, in usual Project Editor manner, that track just owned the face off the competition .__.
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Re: Round 1 Results Thread

Postby MycathatesyouAMV » Thu Jun 09, 2011 11:56 pm

I guess I'm the only one who liked Shatteredflame's
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Re: Round 1 Results Thread

Postby mirkosp » Thu Jun 09, 2011 11:58 pm

Phew, made it past round 1. :)
Trailers/ads/commercials/stuff like that has always been the stuff I've been worst at, I'm just glad I found some sort of idea to go with. >_>
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Re: Round 1 Results Thread

Postby LantisEscudo » Fri Jun 10, 2011 12:02 am

Middle of the pack for me, about where I expected for this admitted rush job. I'll have to pick it up from here out, though, what with the new scoring system.

And congrats again, Ileia, you've picked up exactly where you left off.
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Re: Round 1 Results Thread

Postby meleechampion » Fri Jun 10, 2011 12:25 am

I don't wanna come in here and cause a big stink, but... come on... really?!

Okay, "12/48 eliminated" planned originally. "Oh wait, we only got 24 videos" so... three less will put you "on pace"? For what?

I guess having their names in their video doesn't DQ mycathatesyou and Mimilopir? It appears only some rules are worth taking a hard stance on.
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Re: Round 1 Results Thread

Postby Kitsuner » Fri Jun 10, 2011 12:28 am

Something about CDVV conspiracy?
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Re: Round 1 Results Thread

Postby Fall_Child42 » Fri Jun 10, 2011 12:33 am

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Re: Round 1 Results Thread

Postby Radical_Yue » Fri Jun 10, 2011 12:35 am

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Re: Round 1 Results Thread

Postby Radical_Yue » Fri Jun 10, 2011 12:39 am

meleechampion wrote:I don't wanna come in here and cause a big stink, but... come on... really?!

Okay, "12/48 eliminated" planned originally. "Oh wait, we only got 24 videos" so... three less will put you "on pace"? For what?

I guess having their names in their video doesn't DQ mycathatesyou and Mimilopir? It appears only some rules are worth taking a hard stance on.

I honestly just noticed their names in the videos... :uhoh:

I was too busy being nauseated by poorly done videos and horribly shaky basic AE camera >.>

But yeah, now that I see them... Not cool. :nono:
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Re: Round 1 Results Thread

Postby Moonlight Soldier » Fri Jun 10, 2011 12:48 am

P.S. Code, next time can you include the name of the person with the vid comments?
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Re: Round 1 Results Thread

Postby Kosmit » Fri Jun 10, 2011 12:50 am

Moonlight Soldier wrote:P.S. Code, next time can you include the name of the person with the vid comments?

It seems that the comments are always in the same order, so I can reveal which are mine - 4th from the top. You can always ask who wrote what in the judges thread.
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Re: Round 1 Results Thread

Postby EvaFan » Fri Jun 10, 2011 12:52 am

I noticed them but didnt say anything cause I thought code reached a decision on it already. A page we view notes from said 24 was the only one disqualified. He was aware of the videos that broke the rules. I'm sure he has his reasons. I'm also guessing he wont permit it a second time, no reason to go overboard. If you wanna be angry, get angry at the people who dropped. We lost half the potential contestants from drops. Someone should have advertised the orgbase as a bunch of lazy bastids.
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Re: Round 1 Results Thread

Postby Fall_Child42 » Fri Jun 10, 2011 12:55 am

Kosmit wrote:
Moonlight Soldier wrote:P.S. Code, next time can you include the name of the person with the vid comments?

It seems that the comments are always in the same order, so I can reveal which are mine - 4th from the top. You can always ask who wrote what in the judges thread.

I don't think they are.

I've seen my comments at the top and the bottom.
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Re: Round 1 Results Thread

Postby Moonlight Soldier » Fri Jun 10, 2011 1:18 am

Kosmit wrote:
Moonlight Soldier wrote:P.S. Code, next time can you include the name of the person with the vid comments?

It seems that the comments are always in the same order, so I can reveal which are mine - 4th from the top. You can always ask who wrote what in the judges thread.

I meant which video went with which editor (like Video 15 - Moonlight Soldier) kinda dealie
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