Review - Dreams of Red - Aluminum Studios

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Review - Dreams of Red - Aluminum Studios

Postby godix » Tue Dec 28, 2010 8:41 am

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I've only seen one episode of Sailor Moon in my life. Long LONG ago, a friend told me of this new anime being shown on the local TV station that came on at 6am. At his urging, I agreed to watch it. Since we both usually went to bed at like 3am, getting up at 6 to watch a fucking cartoon wasn't gonna happen. Instead, we stayed up to watch it. You know how commercials fade to black just as the show comes back on? By accident, I stretched out and hit play on the VCR remote exactly as the commercial was fading to black. Up pops some porno. We were both so tired we just stared at it for like 10 seconds going 'Sailor Moon is the most awesome show ever.' Then we realized what happened, stopped the porno, and watched the rest of the episode. So, in my mind, that's sailor moon in a nutshell. Something for fanboys to wack off over, but nothing you'd actually watch for plot or characterization.

Much later I saw this video (yes, I know the video was made in 2001. Like I said, the above story was LONG ago). If that episode I saw was nearly as cool as this video was, I would have stayed up till 6am every fucking day for however long that station played it. The video has everything that Sailor Moon doesn't, an interesting character, entertainment, and it captured my attention.

It's now 9 years since the video was made, and probably 8 years since I first saw it. I still like the thing. I can see flaws in it that I didn't before, and of course given it's age it is very 'old school'. However, I think it still works well. It would be quite easy for it's main trick of PIP to be cheesy and just ugly, but William made sure that the scenes blended well together so the background and foreground compliment each other rather than fighting for attention. The washed out background with a texture on it, while nothing to be impressed with today, still give the video a nice atmosphere to it. Really, my only complaint is the video is about a minute and half longer than I'd like. In the end though, the best thing about this video is that it makes me enjoy and care about an anime so bad that I remember the prono better than I remember the one episode I saw.

For the record, despite how much I like this video, if given a choice I'd pick the porno over it. I am a man after all.
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Re: Review - Dreams of Red - Aluminum Studios

Postby Castor Troy » Tue Dec 28, 2010 9:16 am

I remember seeing this video when it first came out and I was blown away.

The video has everything that Sailor Moon doesn't, an interesting character, entertainment, and it captured my attention.

My sentiments exactly :P
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Re: Review - Dreams of Red - Aluminum Studios

Postby JaddziaDax » Tue Dec 28, 2010 1:31 pm

it's still one of my favorite sm videos, also probably one of the earliest amvs I ever saw.
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Re: Review - Dreams of Red - Aluminum Studios

Postby McDirty » Tue Dec 28, 2010 7:12 pm

To tell you in honest truth, I actually didn't care much for this vid even when it first came out. But it has been popular over the years and that does tell of how successful it is. I do like however that the vid is a good tribute to the character and the vid does have a very mesmerizing visual to it. There's not too many Sailor Moon AMVs that i've liked, and this vid is definitely one of the best.

My personal fav Aluminum Studios vid though, would have to be his vid. To this day, it's still the best Serial Experiments Lain AMV i've seen so far.
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