Adobe Premiere Pro Help with Quality and/or Resolutions

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Adobe Premiere Pro Help with Quality and/or Resolutions

Postby Encrtia » Mon Nov 15, 2010 6:58 pm

pAAAHH. I have recently installed This software, and have isntantly gone into a big issue.

I import a video, good quality, and the moment it's in the Adobe Software, the resolution is decreased considerably.When you can view the videos on the panel to the left, compared to preview of your video, the original footage remains perfect when next to preview which has shrunk by roughly 100%.

I am typing here as to hopefully ask for assisstance in either helping me out with this problem (as I have no idea what to do) or point me in the direction of other software that does NOT damage the quality of video's or audio, regardless of the space it occupies on my PC.

I would upload an image, but I don't even know how -.-


P.S. I am more hoping I can sort this out, as I did a lot of editing on this stupid video that I have now discovered to be utterly ruined. Even after exporting btw

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Re: Adobe Premiere Pro Help with Quality and/or Resolutions

Postby Panky » Tue Nov 16, 2010 9:57 pm

You have to check the project settings and set them according to your source (resolution, framerate). Also, the preview quality depends on what kind of codec you're using to preview the video, you can set it at Project settings -> video processing or something along those lines if I'm not wrong. You can try checking which one suits you most, but remember that preview quality doesn't matter at all when the final quality is going to be the same.
When you say that it looks shrunk by 100%, I can also think you mean that there's a problem with the zoom. There's a fit button right near to the preview windows (at the bottom). If it looks like it's been shrinked after exporting, then it's probably a resolution problem.

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