Best Way to make amv - sony vegas - AE

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Best Way to make amv - sony vegas - AE

Postby hackhaseo » Mon Feb 08, 2010 2:18 am

lately i have been watching aLOT of amv. and i detected that most of them are made in the AE aplication, but the audio sync in AE is a pain in the as* so i was wondering, do you think is better to make the "basic" video(by basic i mean select the clips and put them together and adding the transition effects(or not XD)) in the sony vegas, and then use the result and add al the rest of the effects in the AE. its that ok? how do you ppl make ur amv? plz answer :P i'm out of ideas T_T need help whis this...

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Re: Best Way to make amv - sony vegas - AE

Postby Kitsuner » Mon Feb 08, 2010 4:45 am

First off, this topic is probably better suited to either the General AMV forum or maybe Video Editing Software. Posting in the appropriate forum gets better answers.

Second, a lot of people do exactly what you suggested and edit the majority of their videos in programs like Vegas or Premiere, using After Effects for additional effects and tweaks and such. The benefit to using Premiere in this case is the ability to import the actual video project into AE, whereas Vegas/Magix/Final Cut users have to export their video for AE manipulation.
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Re: Best Way to make amv - sony vegas - AE

Postby Sora no Honou 空の炎 » Mon Feb 08, 2010 6:19 pm

.aaf I think allows you to put a project into ae, but you cant do it the other way. With vegas, you have to render from ae to put it back into vegas, but if you are doing it lossless you should be fine.

I dont know how much experience you have, but if you just want to make a basic video start with windows movie maker. If you want a more advanced video do vegas. If you want a complex and really impressive video, use ae, but you can still make some pretty amazing stuff with just Vegas. Like all of Shinnie04's stuff is made with Vegas, with little use of other things, so that is an example of some of the impressive things you can do with just that.

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Re: Best Way to make amv - sony vegas - AE

Postby shawnnm2 » Fri Feb 19, 2010 5:30 pm

The best for me to make amvs is Photoshop CS3, Adobe After Effects CS4, Sony Vegas 7.0 And Riot Gear With all those you could make any amv you could think of but you have to know what you are doing :)

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