Spider Man 3

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Postby JaddziaDax » Sat May 12, 2007 9:22 am

we went to see it last night, i would have to say i was entertained... O:

Topher Grace as Venom was kinda funny to me O:

as for the emo haircut and stupid dancing...
the haircut was funny to me because it came across as emo=bad lolz and to me emo is bad O: so i found it ammusing O.o

i thought the dancing fit the character well i doubt peter parker would be a good dancer...hes a total uber geek... and he was doing total uber geek dancing in the street..

DivineQueenYeiweh wrote:I know MJ should've died five times in that part and never did :/ booo....
but I guess the film people want Spidey to actually marry her :roll:

1. i was having jurassic park flash backs during that "hostage crisis"

2. my spiderman obssesed friend said they get married at some point (in either the cartoon or the comic-i donno if this is true or not) but Kirsten Dunst/the writing made her out to be a whore.. :/

i agree that the movie would have been better if it focused on one villan instead of both, there was a whole lot going on in this movie...

i was also dissapointed that there was no follow up to what happened to sandman when he turned into sandman, wtf were those people doing out there? ect. did they even realize what they had done? you know?

i do like that it resolved the peter/harry thing cause i was getting sick of "goblin jr" showing up O.o

i was actually going to see this movie for Venom cause dude just is creepy O.o and i wanted to see how they pulled it off.... i like how he was defeated too...

the stan lee cameo ammused me :)

overall i liked it but as in every comic book movie they continued to butcher the original storyline..

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