Toronto Fan Expo '08

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Toronto Fan Expo '08

Postby EkaCoralian » Fri Nov 28, 2008 10:38 am

In August of '08, I went to my first Anime/Gaming/Comic convention! =D It wasn't exactly a full anime convention, but it had a pretty huge selection of anime merchandise!
I was able to film my time there, but I seem to have deleted the video from my computer. ^^;;

Basically, I went there on Saturday with my older brother (unfortunately I didn't cosplay as anyone) and we mainly stayed around the general merchandise-and-autograph-signing area. We didn't have Double Delux tickets, so we couldn't go see Anime shows and stuff (I wanted to get an autograph from Stephanie Sheh so badly. D:) Anyways, so it was insanely fun, and I bought 3 bookmarks (a Zelda, Bleach, and Furuba one), one Kirby plushie, one V for Vendetta mask, and one Renji (from Bleach) poster. :3

I also got an autograph from Heroes artist, Tim Sale. =D

Is there anyone else that went to that convention? ^_^

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