NDK in three months whos gonna be there

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NDK in three months whos gonna be there

Postby danielwang » Tue Jul 09, 2002 12:15 pm

In 3 months there is Nan Desu Kan (www.ndk.cc) coming up in the Denevr Metro Area. There was this unofficial habit of having AMV creators sit around the dealers room/panels and talk. I was wondering who from a-m-v.org is coming and where they will be.

Being an unofficial "habit" the place usually just "happens" and usually the AMV guys have a heck of a time finding whever it is. I know this is not as major as the Otakon gathering but still of theres anyone coming I'd be glad to trade vids. Usually the place is around the amv contest entry area.

Oh wait, I forgot, I am the only person in Colorado that does AMVs...

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